On the Move : In Tokyo x Adidas

While 2016 held a lion’s share of surprises for everyone, one of the more pleasant surprises for us was the opportunity to travel to Tokyo with adidas, not once, but twice in one year. On our second trip to the mecca of curated consideration, we found ourselves immediately on the move – shooting content for the new adidas athletic range,  adidas athletics, with adidas endorsed players from the Real Madrid team, as well as the insanely talented French soccer freestyle team.

Shooting Real Madrid was an experience that defines on the move – we had 15 minutes to meet and capture content with the team. The short shoot time pushed us to utilize each second, while carefully considering each frame, and was a welcome reminder of how important it is to do something that constantly challenges you.

Growing up in St. Kitts soccer was a daily part of life, and if you didn’t dream of going pro some day, then you weren’t dreaming big enough. Being in Tokyo, and meeting, shooting, and watching some of the best soccer players of today, reminded me of those dreams, and how much is possible when you dedicate yourself to those things that inspire passion within. – @travisgumbs

The inspirational city of Tokyo is about 6,000 flight miles away from New York City on our second time around there was less time to explore the city but more time to explore the city from a photographic point of view. This trip personified everything I thought of concerning “On the Move” even being based in such a fast paced city like New York City : to fit three different location shoots, various models, a challenging photo session with top-tier players from Real Madrid proved to be an experience. – @JoshuaKissi

Behind the Scenes Imagery