When we partnered with adidas about 3 years ago, we signed on as consultants and storytellers for their new line of apparel – adidas Athletics.  What drew us to this project was the fact that the Athletics range was designed not only to bridge the gap between a player’s personal style and their on the field performance, but also to appeal to the stylish consumer who lives an active lifestyle.  This concept immediately hit home for us, as we are perpetually looking for “in-between” pieces that we could never seem to find on the market.

Fast forward to last week, when we found ourselves minding the gap in London, and hosting the London launch of this season’s new Z.N.E. Pulse Collection.  The heart of the collection, the Z.N.E. Hoodie, features an oversized hoodie that was specifically designed to minimize all kinds of distractions and allow athletes to do what they do best – find focus in the zone.

The collection as an entirety features fabrics that are exclusively designed to provide functional advantages to athletes, like using innovative knitting techniques to create breathable merino wool. A unique heartbeat pattern, inspired by the rising heartbeats of athletes before a game, give the new range a distinct look and feel.

Attendees at the London launch didn’t just take our word as to why we love the new collection – they were asked to try on and model the range along with world class athletes in football, basketball, track & field, rugby, and swimming. As the Athletes spoke on the topic of sportswear, and their choice to partner with adidas, they consistently discussed the importance of gear that not only looks good, but provides the opportunity to feel comfortable before, after, and in between their playing time.

For us, London mirrors many similarities of New York City where we both bolster the unique and vibrant cultures that derive from both cities. Join us as we explored the Pulse of the city through London by taking portraits of not only the world’s best athletes but people expressing their personal style take on the garments from the ZNE Adidas Athletics range.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, we all approach life with preparation for the moments that are called to define the future. Despite of what the outcome is, we live for the next moment! To remember these moments we shot attendees with a polaroid film camera to be viewed as a souvenir to remember how they rocked their own style.


This attention to detail on adidas’ behalf is not lost on us, and is why we are excited to share here with you a sneak peak of the upcoming range, which is now available for pre-sale at, and goes on sale globally August 31st, 2017.