Starting off the New Year in the best way we know how, we present brand new content from our good friend MoRuF, who just released his latest EP, “Shades of Moo.”

The first time I heard MoRuf was a few years ago, with a song called “Crooklyn” off his debut EP, “Garden State of Mind: The Prelude.” It was very of-the-era, characterized by hard beats and sharp rhymes. While we all know that music, and even more so, Hip Hop, evolves with time, in the last 5 years or so MoRuf has managed to pave his own lane of lo-fi vibrations with memorable skits that add a unique texture to his artistry. Fast-forward some years later, and an eye-opening trip together to Africa and, specifically, Equatorial Guinea, we had the opportunity to collaborate on his latest offering, Shades of Moo EP.


Inspiration – Upon hearing the song, we immediately thought of the classic jazz age, with inspiring artists like Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis, among other notable and influential acts. Visually, Blue Note cover art came to mind, with timeless and intriguing portraits of jazz musicians.  It’s amazing to think that jazz was so influential on people, and that through this music, they were encouraged to rebel against the conformity of previous generations. We couldn’t help but think about how Hip Hop music and culture has the same capacity to affect today’s society. We thought to ourselves, “What would that look like in today’s vibrant music scene?” Combining tailored suits, oxford shirts, hard bottom shoes and instrumentation, all of the elements we envisioned cohesively came to life.


Listeners will want the song “Buckle Up” to play on forever. The opening skit on this track comes from the cult film, “Love and Basketball,” (2000) and features actors Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps, as they go through the woes of a rocky relationship. The story is one that we can all relate to, and MoRuf uses his gift of writing and lyricism to shed light on his own experience.


Some of you may remember our first video, shot with Jesse Boykins III for his song “Light to Dark,” which was roughly two years ago. We are always looking forward to building with artists, especially those artists who share a common vision in making a story come to life. It was a total pleasure shooting with MoRuf, because we’ve seen him grow into the musician he is today, and we look forward to seeing where his journey takes him.


Hope you guys enjoy the video and visuals!


Special thanks to


Ali of A Noble Savage