Joshua Kissi : With spring right around the corner our latest post is giving you a bit more to add to your options this coming season. We first caught wind  of the brand Palladium back in 2011, when they partnered up with Pharrell for their ‘Tokyo Rising’ campaign which included a great documentary on the socio-cutural landscape in Tokyo, Japan. Contrary to what many people may know, (including ourselves at first) the brand has been around since 1920, but with such history  comes with the responsibility of reinventing your image/brand.

Palladium presents the Monochrome collection which features a selection of double dyed canvas boots for the upcoming season. As many may know we’re no strangers when it comes to incorporating color into our outfits, especially the right hue/color of pop. We were asked to interpret the boots from our perspective and how we would wear them normally. We decided to take direction back to Street Etiquette ala 2009, hit the pavement with a few familiar faces and let everyone stylistically interpret the boot on their own.

Details – One of the details I really like about the collection is the color, while you still get the construction of a boot, the light weight and hue gives it a different feel stylistically.

We connected with fellow Bronx compadres Kadeem Johnson, stylist Keino Benjamin and made our way towards the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. We were inspired by the various color blocking from the brownstones, while it  also provided a great backdrop to the color of the monochrome boots. Photographer Joshua Woods took the role of providing the visuals for the imagery in this post, as always it’s a pleasure working with him.

You can pick up product from the monochrome collection on their webstore or at retailers going for the price of  $60.00