Travis Gumbs: Many of you may have caught glimpse of our Fashion Week coverage via Nordstroms Men Shop’s Blog. This year we had the great opportunity to cover the daily NYFW hustle for the fine folks at Nordstrom. What you see here is basically a composite of the entire week. Its been a year since we brought you guys NY Fashion Week coverage, and we hope this was well worth it.

It was a hectic week to say the least, between all the shows and the after hour festivities it’s all a blur. Fashion Week in New York this time of year is always brutal because of the cold weather. We pretty much saw and felt it all this year, even a snow storm didn’t stop the shows from happening. Some of this years’ highlights include Monclear, Billy Reid, Ian verladi and William Okpo.

This time around we have a short video above that captures the mood and feeling of the eventful week. We had a lot of fun running around and shooting and we hope you guys share some of that enjoyment. We hope to bring you guys some more unique Fashion Week content in the future, hopefully in other cities as well.

Joshua Kissi : Despite what can occur during fashion week, this New York Fashion Week experience was one of the more enjoyable ones for us, specifically partnering up with Nordstrom’s Men Shop –  a burgeoning digital space for men’s style online. We took to their Instagram account, while also documenting our daily run-ins on their blog. We also teamed up with photographer Joshua Woods , a fellow uptowner who assisted on lending his sharp visuals to bring this article to life. You can expect more collaborations between all of us releasing soon.

[During NYFW] – I’m going to be perfectly honest here and say it’s no easy feat to attend various shows, snap photos, meet/greet the usual crowd, have your occasional verbal dispute with PR, attend a few after parties all while still waking up the next morning to view a 9:00 am show. If anything else everyone is working off of the energy and excitement being displayed day by day, making up for all of the sleepless nights and any other casualties experienced.

I somehow managed to lug around my canon 7d  to capture video while we on the ground during the week. I thought it would be pretty cool to give a different perspective from being at the shows, in transit, eating at our favorite places, and just overall the city at its finest.

You have to love it though !

A special thanks to Josh Woods, the folks at Nordstrom and last but not least thank you guys for always supporting, while giving us the opportunity to display things from our perspective.