Joshua Kissi : Further adding to not only what it means to be an American, but as a global citizen across the world embodying  integrity and ethics, we are proud to present the Be Bold, Be True project presented  by Nike. A few months ago we were approached to be involved in this project concerning Black History Month (#bhm) project alongside some familiar faces from our very own Black Ivy team to our good friends over at MadburyClub. We connected with the  general theme of  ”Be Bold,  Be True” and felt it resonated with what we’re currently doing at Street Etiquette, also what we hope to continue to push in the future.

Spanning over a three day shoot lead and produced by Sam & Chad of We Are Not Pilgrims , this is one of the more exciting projects we have been involved in with our duty of providing styling visuals for each of the subjects. It’s one thing for a project to feel like “work”, it’s another thing to feel like you’re just creating and having fun with individuals you respect and admire.

The video piece was woven with Joekenneth Museau’s wizardry words, who has been involved in all of our biggest editorials, literally  becoming the mouthpiece of projects such as The Black Ivy and Sewn From the Soul – which was one of our first editorials indented to Black History Month  back in 2010.

His words :

“What are rules to the rebel youth who grow with a gusto for adventure?
They’re imaginary…
Like boundaries in infinite space.
The building begins from within.
Then out of skin.
Onto pavements.
Where you pave the way.
From corner store conversations to revolutionary contemplating.
It takes training.
It requires heart to acquire an absence of fear.
This ain’t no hocus pocus.
You can become potent when potential is embraced.
And your focus causes you to become colorblind to color lines; seeing that there is no mold.
The model for the future is for you to make new.
So spark the rebellion!
Do it with cause.
The power to change your surroundings is right there in your palms.
Go out and pound the pavement.
Pulverize any paradigms and leave no standards standing.
For success isn’t intended to be the possession of a select few.
Don’t ever let them see you sweat.
Just be bold.
Be true” – Joekenneth Museau

Story line : Kilo Kish, Phil Annand and Brandon were the subjects used to represent the overarching theme of showing perseverance to accomplish their goals. The artist FUSE GREEN joined in on the collaboration as his designs/artwork were featured on the BHM product, and also plastered a sick mural dedicated to the campaign.

Nike chose Kevin Durant , Serena Williams and Dider Drogba to represent the theme of athletes being fearless with a purpose  in their respected sport and lives. As we are fans of these athletes individually not only for their great efforts on the  field, but also off of the playing field.


Returning to the ‘blogosphere’ in 2013 in an active way has been one of our focus points for the new year, and we’re stoked that we could start it off with a project like this — you can definitely expect to see more soon. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the project from production crew, food catering, Nike,  and basically to everyone withstanding the blistering cold for those three days to create an awesome project for people to view.

And of course thank you guys for checking this project out and continuing to support our endeavors.

Images by Nick Oken

Behind the scene Images by Joshua Woods