Joshua Kissi :  Working on the shoes for a little over a year now, our relationship with Soludos was birthed out of a organic post Travis did on Espadrilles [ Summer Etiquette : Espadrilles ] about two years ago, which seems like forever in the Internet age. We started to build a relationship with the great team behind Soludos, which started out based on our respect for each other’s craft.

Now fast forward many months later we have great product to show for it and the opportunity to grow a budding relationship. Each time we have the opportunity to work on product in collaboration with a company, we  do not only value the end result, but the process and preparation it takes to get to the final stage.

Inspiration : What’s a summer without espadrilles? We decided to take inspiration from West Indian/Caribbean culture for the material/fabric we used on the espadrilles. It was as simple as it appears we thought it would be great to see that type of texture on a shoe and fortunate for us they came out pretty good. Released in 3 different colors consisting of varsity red,  royal blue and olive green these shades seem like the perfect colors for footwear during the warmer months. If anything else here’s a dosage of our summer style while keeping cool in the city.

People : Featuring our good friend/colleague and fellow Bronxite stylist Keino Benjamin joining in on this one. You may have seen him around the ‘interwebs’  taken by many of our favorite street style photographers and has the job of styling a lot of industry clients. You can look out for Keino for his personal work and  as we prepare to work on future projects together.

As always we want to thank you guys, the readers who support us on each collaboration and endeavor we take on. Here’s our first installment/package with Soludos (Mesh Net) that we designed to purchase now for $45.00 in order to complete your summer.


Location : Lower East Side, NYC

Images by Kadeem Johnson