Joshua Kissi : As the season changes into spring we decided to document one of our many thrifting trips through photographs, while we explored one of our favorite areas in New York City for thrifiting – the East village. I think it’s important to understand the various levels of thrifting concerning the differences in consignment shops, vintage stores and charity shops all varying in desired results. Simply saying it can be difficult and time consuming to find certain items in the depths of a Salvation Army in comparison to a shop curated more around your liking. We plan to expand further on the ‘Thrift Etiquette’ series where we would be able to travel simply to ravage through old dingy clothing and hopefully come across great pieces in the process.

Recently we collaborated with our good friends over at Put This On a web series curated around the development of personal style, or as they have personally labeled it “dressing like a grown up”.We took part in a vintage shopping spree where host Jesse Thorn & co. went over tips/tricks/basics of increasing your thrifting sensibility while out on the vicious field of racks.

One of the best parts of going thrifting is the surprise factor that you may walk out with three to four solid items, or the disappointing reality that you may walk out with merely nothing at all. The uncertain factor tends to diffuse the spark of interest for most people when it comes to discovering worthwhile pieces – patience is definitely needed when rummaging through the racks. Alongside us were Black Ivy alumini Kadeem (aka K.Johnlasoul) and Jerry , it’s out of this world to think the editorial took place almost two years ago. As you can imagine it can definitely become an arms race on who gets what first, but we spread it pretty even amongst ourselves.

Good luck out there.

Location - 186 2nd Ave
(between 11th St & 12th St) 
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village

Listening to Hidden Jazz Quartett – Walzer


This number is from Hidden Jazz Quartett  I love the calypso infused style that the song projects while still containing a strong jazz element. There’s not much on the actual band out there as far as information goes, none the less their music is enjoyable.