Joshua Kissi :  In February, New York City, our stomping ground, is one of the busier months for a lot of our peers, with market week for trade shows following the much anticipated fashion week. Capping off one of the warmer winters in recent memory, it was great to get back to Lincoln Center and neighboring locations such as MILK Studios to see what we can expect next fall and winter.

This past NYFW was one of our busiest – we went to the usual shows, and were invited to designer shows such as General Idea which we were really impressed by (and a bit embarrassed that we haven’t heard of it). They displayed a great sense of color, particularly orange for fall and winter.  That said, I’m pretty sure everyone is still  awaiting the burst of the spring season.

Although considered ripe on the digital front we’re still new to the ‘industry’, but finally the ‘fashion week extravaganza’ is becoming a bit routine for me and Travis. The digitization (if you will) of the industry has made it possible for guys like us to be invited, attend and have sovereignty in the grand scheme of things. While street style photographers shutters are  going off, public relation companies continue to ensure their clients (designers) receive the best press possible, mixed with a couple of sleepless nights fashion week was well and alive.

As native New Yorkers it is truly a pleasure, and we are always excited to see what each fashion week has in store. Maybe Milan fashion week next?  We will keep our fingers crossed…

Travis Gumbs: Last February we were in Las Vegas for the Project Trade show and missed NY Fashion Week. During the last fashion week here in New York, we decided to lay low and bring out all the stops for London Fashion Week.  This time around we knew we had to go all out and show some of the quality that our home town holds.

Low and behold a couple days before the big week, we were contacted by Teron Stevenson of The Forecast and agreed to have them film us for three days during fashion week. Images have always done a good job of illustrating our stories, but this time around we were eager to add video capturing the moment and essence of NYFW. The video definitely adds a touch of flavor and complements the stills well. People constantly request for us to post more videos in order to put a voice to the faces, so here you go.

Much thanks to The Forecast!

Listening to [ Souljazz Orchestra - Lotus Flower ]


An undoubtedly funky number from the Souljazz Orchestra coming out of Ottawa, Canada – with a treacherous bass line throughout the song almost too perfect for the city trek. Definitely a top favorite from the Afro beat band.