Joshua Kissi :  From the early stages our website has always reflected on a historical context, and I think in the digital age due to everything happening in such realtime we sometimes forget which moments would be classified as something worth noting.  I think this is a topic most guys stray away from, or wouldn’t want to lose their pretense masculinity pondering too much about. Besides receiving quite a few emails daily questioning our grooming techniques we decided to organize a shoot, with a few familiar faces and some new ones. How important is ones hair to their personal expression and style? I feel there’s no need to reiterate the answer to that question after viewing CROWNED.


Experience : Growing up there was the choice of selection between a caesar, corn rows or an afro if you had the courage to endure not only the ridicule but the maintenance of it. If you were doing anything else it would be categorized as ‘experimental’ , or  simply an oddball until you appeased and reverted back to a caesar – almost viewed as a safe haven. Please keep in mind this editorial/my words aren’t accentuating the fact that one hair style is better, or preferred than the other but simply promoting the image of diversity visually as these gentleman wear their crowns proudly.

Inspiration : There is no question that the inspiration runs parallel to many of the hair styles that came from individuals like  Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, ASWAD, BDK. the Native Tongues collective ( A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Jungle Brothers)  and a little bit of everything in between.

The editorial/concept was also inspired by our good friend and artist Joanne Pief’, who has an excellent affinity for providing visual art element to hair like no has seen before. She also heads things behind her own brand Tresse Agoche .


CROWNED is a portrait series depicting the styles of 12 individuals through the lens of their personal hair style, or in other words their CROWNS.

In Ending : Andre Wagner of Abstract Elements lent his excellent eye to the project by shooting all of the portraits. Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with this project, the other 11 guys, and you all for tuning in.