Joshua Kissi : It has been quite some time since Street Etiquette has released any product in collaboration with another great company, but we’re excited to announce the release of these new great shoes. Just in time for New York Fashion Week, limited to only 35 pairs released, think of these as a late holiday gift to our readers who have supported us from the beginning.

We retrieved this amazing tapestry fabric here in New York City, but the shoes were produced in Italy. Travis and I thought it would be kind of cool to take the slipper away from its usual velvet material, and apply some funky tapestry that you can practically wear with anything. Also keep in mind due to the fabric no pair of shoes are exactly the same which is pretty cool.

The launch of our online store is still currently in construction, look for this to launch in the next month or two with product. For the time being for these  particular shoes you can BUY them here at Del Toro’s web shop at retail for $325.00 – These shoes run pretty true to size for most guys, after some good breaking in the comfort level on the shoes are bar none. In general all of the slippers we have are from Del Toro, a Miami based shoe brand who produces/manufactures all of their product in Italy.

We want to thank Matt, everyone at Del Toro, and you guys as always.

All photos taken at A Noble Savage Studio

More soon..