Travis Gumbs: Many of us New Yorkers tend to take much for granted. Growing up, the museum was often reseversed for class trips and that once in a bluemoon family outing. It was actually always a fascinating experience but somehow felt only right for a special occasion. Recently, I’ve been taking great advantage of The MET and needless to say, it definetly deserves a post of its own.

On a peaceful afternoon Myself, Josh, Joekenneth and Andre headed for a stroll through the MET. If you’ve been there before you know that it is almost impossible to attentively walk every exhibit in one day. This place is huge, with every type of art you can imagine. Its like you step into a real life, materialized Tumblr.

The Egyptian art Exhibit is one of favorites. It also happens to be the first exhibit so we decided to take some quick photos and then quietly enjoyed a number of other exhibits. What I love most about Ancient Egyptian art is the precision, mystery and colors that make up the art. It certainly hard to believe that some pieces date back to 300,000 BC.

Listening to [Melo-X- Dirty Dishes]

[audio:|titles=MeLo-X - FEWTURE - 03 Dirty Dishes]

Heres a nice instrumental number from Melo-X. A  friend of ours and overall talented being. His new instrumental mixtape, FEWTURE went available for download last-night. I love the soothing yet captivating feeling this song gives. Its funny, I had another song in mind for this post but as I was writingI kept replaying this track over and over until this song and this post became synonymous in my head. Love it!

Photos by Andre Wagner