Joshua Kissi : During the holiday season we trekked out to Staten Island.  We were paying a visit to the home of our good friend Kevin Stewart of ROGER CHARLES, aka “Professor Badass” (a nickname that started out as a internet meme due to his supposedly ‘bold, intimidating exterior’). Travis and I, like the majority of native New Yorkers, must shamefully admit it was one of our first times traveling to Staten Island.  Getting there is a logistical nightmare much like going to the Bronx -  but more exciting, considering it involves traveling from downtown Manhattan to Staten Island on the S.I Ferry.  Because a handshake and a drink never get old, we value those in-person experiences.

Story – This all started out as a stem from the Black Ivy editorial, which we premiered over a year ago.  Black Ivy featured 25 or so friends, creating an experience that we may have underestimated ourselves. Ideally based on a documentary format solely using images, voice and ambiance, we wanted to tell stories visually through people we’re inspired by. We thought that conversations and stories have been told since the genesis of time -  then, stories of hunting on cave walls, and now, descriptions of going to the grocery store told in under 140 characters. Same sentiments..

Travis Gumbs: I first met Kevin Stewart about a year very randomly in SoHo. Some people have an strange ability to show that they are worth knowing. Certainly he was very well dressed, but it was more than that. Kevin Stewart is a designer, musician, painter and master of all things visual. Clearly my presumptions about him were not mistaken, as one quick conversation at his humble abode led to a very inspiring first episode of Black Ivy Docs.




Special thanks to

Kevin Stewart

Cleon Grey of Layonbone