Joshua Kissi : The fall and winter have been strangely kind to us in New York City with mild temperatures thanks to a  global warming and other things unbeknownst to us.  With good weather comes opportunities to layer comfortably and with versatility.  After what I thought was a budding, illustrious collection of three suits accumulated in the last year, they were gone in a second. After my luggage mishap on our trip to London I needed a new suit, ideally a wool one perfect for the slightly colder weather.

Truthfully who wouldn’t want to sport a suit everyday outside of the conventional work requirements? I found myself looking for the best alternative to a great wool suit, preferably for the colder months. I traveled a rather unorthodox route, searching for an alternative to the usual gray, navy or black. I found the perfect flannel pattern in the fairly new men’s boutique SUIT SUPPLY.  By no means do I want to sound like an annoying advert, but the store provided in-store tailoring, great fabrics, different cuts, and last but not least a reasonable price. I happily walked out  of the boutique with a great 3 piece wool-flannel suit without breaking the bank for the product/tailoring (success!).

Featuring – A familiar face around these parts Black Ivy compadre James E.Jean of Modrockers, a great friend of ours from the start of this website and is also a budding stylist. We headed over to Cheeky’s Sandwiches for a bite to eat, good ol’ New Orleans style creole eatery between L.E.S/Chinatown, and some of the best biscuit sandwiches around town. A beautiful day in the city, conversation and some great eats at the end of the all ends up to be a perfect day in the Lower East Side.

Listening to [ Miles Davis - Blue in Green ]


The song itself is a auditory journey led by the great Miles Davis, accompanied by legends John Coltrane and Bill Evans. To say that we solely find the music inspiring would be an understatement,  it’s pretty obvious that Jazz musicians were  one of the first prototypes and examples of personifying the terms cool and hip.I ask myself what song could be more perfectly crafted without a word.  Speaking of hip it’s kind of interesting that the original diction of the term hipster was someone who took a great liking to Jazz music, and  aspired to live similar lifestyles of Jazz musicians in the 1940s.

Addresses :

Suit Supply NYC

  • 453 Broome St
  • (between Mercer St & Greene St)
  • New York, NY 10013


Cheeky’s Sandwiches

  • 35 Orchard St
  • (between Canal St & Hester St)
  • New York, NY 10002