Joshua Kissi : I have always been intrigued by the NYC Subway system – observing the placid behavior people take on them, predicting who gets off where, and what disturbs people to take notice outside of their little glass box. Although I have been traveling through this underground maze since the tender age of nine, I am still susceptible to getting lost at any moment due to my inability to ask for directions. [I know I'm not alone in this!]

Some people may ask what does this have to do with street style? Subway Etiquette? What? *I just want the fare to be lowered, Ha. * Well before the beautiful cobble stone streets and paved sidewalks there is a mutual commute for most.  Mine in particular is 45 minutes to an hour depending on the never ending construction of train tracks uptown. I feel the subway is a state of limbo, another world that is seperate from all the madness above ground. Essentially this is a daily piece of our lives captured in photographs.

Featuring - We teamed up with photographer Andre Wagner of abstractElements to provide the visuals for this post. We are huge fans of his photographic perspective on story telling as he captures the moment without saying much. Kadeem & Rinaldy ( who were featured in the Black Ivy editorial and Sartorial Sounds ) came along and lent their visuals for the ride.


Listening to [ Blackstar ft Common - Respiration ] produced by Hi-Tek

The perfect soundtrack for riding the subway, it just screams gritty. Although Jazz is not frequently listened to by younger generations its potent roots in Rock and Hip Hop are evident. Here Don Randi’s “The Fox” is sampled and looped through out the song. In hiphop beats especially in the 90s my favorite lame past time has to be identifying samples often times soulful jazz songs sped up with a vicious loop, dropped with a kick and snare.