Travis Gumbs : Fall is finally here, and sadly enough winter is right on its heels. Last year I added a pair of Florshiem brogue boots to my arsenal for the treacherous journey through winter. They served me well, but I put them through more abuse than they were built for. I’m upping the ante this year and emptying my pockets for a pair of Tricker Boots. I will have no mercy on these boots – after all, they were built to take abuse.

Any discussion of menswear will inevitably lead to wingtips or brogues. With the menswear explosion in recent years, brogues/wingtips are not hard to find. As the colder months arrive we see many variations on these boots take shape. I love the style of these boots. I like how they allow you to be casual without looking too casual and as formal as boots allow.

Looking back at Josh’s Hiking Boot post, he made an excellent point about boots looking too chunky when paired with pants with a smaller leg opening. I can attest to that – one of the reasons I love brogue boots so much is that they are on the sleeker side without sacrificing  comfort and durability.

I was able to get my hands on a fine pair of Brooklyn Circus’s Tricker boots. You may have seen pictures of them floating around on our tumblr page or on their BKc blog. They also come in a really nice cognac color. Tricker is a 180 yr old English shoe making company that makes each shoe with handcrafted perfection. Just by touching them you can literally feel the quality and care that goes into each shoe. Not to mention they are also really comfortable, especially for boots of such heft.

Josh is wearing a pair of Grenson Tan Brogued Fret Boots. Grenson is another English shoe making company with excellent handcrafted quality and a history spanning over a century.


Listening to [ Haruka Nakamura - Harmonie Du Soir ]

Here’s a nice little piece to go along with the season. This song is by Haruka Nakamura, a composer from Tokyo, Japan. His music mostly consists of interesting ambient instrumentals using piano, saxophone, drum, percussion and violin. I hear this stuff and I feel the romance of autumn.

Until next time…