Joshua Kissi : It’s evident that practicality and men’s clothing favor each other; before guys were striving to solely look the part there was a need for your casual items to just hold you through the years. Given the fact that brands like Dickies/Carhartt were founded on uniformity and functionality, they eventually became embraced in the style/fashion realm. Both companies have embraced the change of climate by collaborating with boutiques, or creating a demographic specific line which would be labeled as more “trendy”.

Workwear has found its way into the wardrobes of many people who aren’t necessarily performing tasks 8-9 hours a day, but because of its comfort and durability. Even if labeled “fashionable” workwear you may feel slightly guilty if not possessing some sort of brute force while wearing it.

A hop and a stone’s throw away we came across this industrial construction area in the Bronx. Of course, private property with signs of “No Trespassing” plastered around the entrances. We managed to speak to the directors in charge in order to capture photos you are now viewing. Ironically enough they  found comic relief in knowing that people actually considered what was uniform, coffee and a hard day’s work remotely stylish.

Fashion and style are probably the last thing traditional workwear companies are thinking of while manufacturing their product. This is where designers come in, drawing inspiration from the likes of traditional brands while adding their own personal touch. The weeks are trickling down until we arrive into the winter season. Last year this time we wanted to cover these garments, but mother nature had other plans as the temperature dropped. This time around we caught fall at the perfect time.


Listening to  [ Soil & Pimp Sessions - Mo' Better Blues ]

A fresh breath back into a genre some people may label a dying art form. Soil & Pimp Sessions are a Japanese electric jazz band from Tokyo.  I find most of their usual records are readily energetic, but the band’s select few blues ballad  tracks are amazing. Have fun exploring their musical catalogue, truly so much to tap into. -