Travis Gumbs: There are very few items of clothing that transcend trends. Of those, there are even fewer that find itself notable in every decade succeeding its arrival. The motorcycle jacket is undeniably on that list. From the 1920s on, the motorcycle jacket has found its niche in every era. It has become a staple in not only mens but  also women’s clothing.  Today, most brands have done their take and variation of the classic jacket.

This jacket is great for the cool fall weather, its heavy enough to withstand the breeze but light enough to hold you down until the bitter cold winter.

For this post we called upon the boys – Ali of A Noble Savage, Ouigi of The Brooklyn Circus and Kadeem of KJohn La Soul. One thing that these guys have in common is an amazing eye for vintage. It felt only right to have them dig through their goods and showcase their favorite motorcycle jackets.

The first jacket used for riding were aviator styled military jackets (similar to what Ali is wearing) in the 1920s. Before that there was no real attire made specifically for motorcycle riding. In 1928, Irving Schott founder of Schott NYC designed the perfecto jacket and the classic motorcycle jacket was born.

This jacket is far from just an item of clothing. There is a long list of what this jacket has represented in the past decades. Wether it was the rebellious nature of the people who wore it that forced schools to ban it in the 50s, or the romanticism built into the journey of riding, it comes at no surprise that this jacket has stayed relevant for some 80yrs.