Joshua Kissi : It is obvious if you have been following the site our knack for retrieving second hand items.Thrifting has become a great interest of ours whether online, or in-store everyone knows it’s becoming more and more common for people to partake in, which also heightens the chase. Although we would love to take part in our stylized articles all the time we thought it would be best with such a versatile layout to incorporate all the details behind the lifestyle, most times before a usual post happens there is a thrift session where we build those items in our wardrobe. [ taken into account the reality of coming across anything, at all ]

[Here are my four recent thrift pickups which were picked up at various places]

Given the current economical climate it is said one of the booming businesses lies in charity/vintage shops, which make perfect sense. On the contrary side of things this also effects the price point and selection of some shops especially in New York City with so many sprouting up. [many times similar prices to retail] Often times it is fairly easy to become discouraged or, overwhelmed by the vast selection of clothes depending on where you frequent. It definitely requires time/energy that everyone doesn’t necessarily possess  [ ie - checking in at certain times, days - all prove to be beneficial]

There is a Goodwill/Salvation Army [or something similar] pretty much located all across the nation, you would be surprised some of the pieces you would find after rummaging through the racks. Also it is one of the best places to retrieve simple basics such as a navy blazer, or various tweeds.

Expect a bit more from the Thrift Etiquette series including videos, road trips and overall more in-depth look into how we go about it.

Recommendation : For NYC Locals check out the Church Street Surplus great for military pieces.

327 Church St (between Lispenard St & Canal St) New York, NY 10013 Neighborhood: TriBeCa (212) 226-5280