Joshua Kissi :  After my trip to  Berlin earlier in the year I have been apprehensive to travel back to Europe more frequently, if presented the opportunity. England has been on our radar as a travel destination for quite a while and considering our extended families across the pond it was likely to happen, the question was rather when we would go.

It is always a pleasure to travel abroad and document your travels. The fairly short week that Travis and I were in England  we strived to get a real glimpse of the city even with something as alluring as London Fashion Week occurring. After an airport of nuisances which included the loss of my personal luggage, despite this we experienced a thrilling trip across the pond which was way over due.


Listening to [Cymande - One More]

Before taking our trip there I was on the pursuit of loading my mp3 player/hard drive with some good ol’ tunes that personified London at some point and time. [Digital crate digging, if you will] With the help of the internet and a few days of listening to many records there was almost too much goodness to consider. Insert Cymande a British funk band with Caribbean roots from Jamaica and Guyana who were popular in the 1970s. A truly great find I love coming across old tunes where the only thing identifiable to us is the modern hip-hop song it was sampled from, but also with some research contains reference and history.

Walking about the streets of London you get a keen sense of the various style hitting the pavement daily.  The whole concept/direction of ‘street style’ may be considered mundane to some, but I think it’s a great element [city to city] to kind of gauge what is happening culturally up to some extent. One thing that seemed apparent was the flawless tailoring of suits in the city, and strangely enough that tailored aspect seem to trickle down to styles that weren’t so abrupt with suit/tie wear.