Street Etiquette : We are pleased to announce that we were featured in the New York Times Thursday Style section in a multi page article titled ‘Serious About Cool’, but also the online version of the article “Pushing The Boundaries of Black Style‘. We want to graciously thank everyone who has supported us thus far from every aspect of the spectrum. The article has been very well received being placed in the ‘Top 5 most emailed articles of the day‘ over at the Times and a nod to our relentless web server for holding on to its dear life. The most vital point about the piece is less about us, and more on the topic of encouraging others in pursuing your own innate passion.


“The New York Times Style section gives an in-depth look at the rise of lifestyle bloggers Street Etiquette in a recent article titled “Pushing The Boundaries Of Black Style.” The stylish duo of Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi are profiled for their contributions to realm of men’s fashion from an African American perspective as well as the new multi-faceted fashion identity of the modern black man. Excepts of the article can be seen below while the article in its entirety can be seen here.”