Joshua Kissi:  After our last post on floral prints, we knew it was necessary to pay attention to other print variations. Like most trends, the tribal trend is cyclical, appearing every few years on runways and then the retail front. These prints often feature bodacious colors and geometrical shapes. The results are usually bold, statement-making pieces of clothing.

If the wrist accouterments and tribal rings weren’t evidence enough, my Ghanaian heritage heavily influences my style. That influence is also evident with print shirts such as the one featured below. There’s a subtle distinction between traditional African fabric originating from the continent and the type manufactured out of inspiration. The latter may discourage some people, but it is still a catalyst in creating awareness of these history-rich prints and designs.

Fit Details

Shirt – I came across this shirt during a day of thrift shopping where I had no expectations of finding anything worth buying. Better yet, the shirt needed no tailoring. As you may imagine, the loud red and blue pattern is what initially caught my attention while sifting through the racks of clothing.

Footwear – I’ve had these shoes since last summer. Although a simple white pair of penny loafers, the wood grain soles is a detail that I love.

Pants – One of the positives of having a suit is the freedom to break the pieces of it apart and use them as separates. I purchased the full two-piece suit some months ago, but strangely enough haven’t yet worn the full ensemble together. With the fall approaching, I’m sure that will change and I’ll utilize the suit in grand fashion.

Added these two random images accompanied with print to show how versatile such prints are. I also added a photo collage of vintage print-inspired outfits that date back some 40 years. I think it’s safe to say that even after four decades, you can still see how the looks influence the styles of today

All images taken by Cleon Grey of The Aveder Outfit