Joshua Kissi : Prints have always been a great way to accessorize ones outfit whether bold or in a more minimal approach. Stripes, polka dots , gingham , plaids we all look for certain patterns and prints. With the Summer season officially here our color palettes lighten up with a admixture of luscious colors to pair together.

The first thing that comes to mind concerning floral prints would be norm of  femininity it revolves around.  Even though menswear can be a tad bit limited outside  there’s a great way to delve into floral print whether ties,pocket square, or a simple shirt and still retain your “masculinity”. A classic print both men and women are entitled to have in their wardrobe.

Shirt : Another excellent ebay find on one of my quest for floral shirts its hard to avoid the run of the mill Hawaiian vacation shirts. This piece needed little to no tailoring considering that it was a archived  Spring/Summer piece from the Christian Dior fashion house. Essentially a great thrift find to come upon for only  $5.00 on eBay seeing how buying a piece for that price would be nearly impossible today.

Footwear : Florsheim wingtips are no stranger to the site with Travis sporting the electric blue collaboration with Duckie Brown last Summer ; with what I think was one of my favorite footwear collaboration of the past year  was with Duckie Brown and Florshiem. The version I’m wearing is from Florsheim’s main line it still retains a nice color, great slim silhouette but at the fraction of the price from the brands main line.

People : As you guys may know we always take pleasure in featuring friends who not only support what we do, but provide inspiration to us. Seen in our editorial Black Ivy, good friend and author/poet Michael Andrews hailing from New York City by the way of Texas is the epitome of style in my eyes with a bodacious niche for dandyism. He was recently featured on’s Street Snaps being captured by Tommy Ton at Governor Islands Polo match last month.

As you can tell by the fit details Michael has a great knack for thrifting (like most of our friends) by visiting places like Goodwill, Salvation Army and other second hand shops. What I find most interesting about Michael’s outfit is other than the floral print Ralph Lauren trousers his outfit color palette exudes a undertone floral ambience.

History : “Throughout recorded history, people have used flowers to express their feelings, enhance their surroundings, and to commemorate important rituals and observances. The knowledge of how our ancestors used flowers comes to us in numerous ways. All forms of art, depict the use of flowers: music, books, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and tapestries are only examples of some of the sources of information regardinge the use of flowers in past times.” – James F.Cook