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Joshua Kissi : First off we would like to thank all of you who supported our third editorial to date ‘Sartorial Sounds‘ it was not the usual run of the mill clothing editorial but was well received by you guys and  media outlets. As we promised three months prior the editorial would result in a second installment where we would perform the song ‘Take Off Your Cool’ and much more live at a select venue. We’re pleased to announce the first ever show will be taking place here in New York City this June 18th (8 pm) at 92Y Tribeca, people in neighboring states rev up those engines, throw on your best threads and make your way to NYC for a unforgettable night. – All ages are welcomed. Through out the night we will be taking photo/video for the second portion of the editorial that will premiere right here on our site.





We want to take out all the time to thank all of the artist for their hard work and perseverance through the recording of the project and afterwards. To date with over 80,000 mp3 downloads from our server/hulk/zshare of the song ‘Take Off Your Cool’ cover. We selected our favorite and most recent projects from the artist  to provide you guys with a feel for their craft, if you haven’t already checked them out after Sartorial Sounds.


Jesse Boykins III


Mara Hruby

Melo – X

Joshua Bennett

Theo Martins

Joekenneth Museau & Rinaldy Alvarez

Again thank all of you and see you at the show on June 18th , 8 pm at 92YTribeca please take caution to tickets selling out.

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  • Lou

        posted on June 4 , 2011 :

    LOVE that editorial, it was truly beautiful :D

  • Whitney Sherrell

        posted on June 4 , 2011 :

    Oh how I wish I could be there for that! I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing! God speed!


  • Ms. Z

        posted on June 5 , 2011 :

    I’ve had S.E. bookmarked for a few months now and continue to be impressed with your photos, writing, spirit/vibe, all of which are impeccable. The videos posted today are stunning both in terms of music and images. Thank you for sharing!

    Wish I could be there on June 18 for your event, but alas I’m in L.A..

  • Docks

        posted on June 5 , 2011 :

    I will be there.

  • ACLeaguelow

        posted on June 7 , 2011 :

    We Are most defiinitely excited!

  • Charlie.S

        posted on June 8 , 2011 :


  • Berlinboy

        posted on June 9 , 2011 :

    Really great idea! Envious of this post. Well done!


  • Mr.Finesse

        posted on June 9 , 2011 :

    Its goin to be DOPE! ….cant wait =)

  • Mark

        posted on June 10 , 2011 :

    love love love this! will be there!

  • The Ca$h

        posted on June 13 , 2011 :

    I’ll be there.

  • Chi-Chi

        posted on June 16 , 2011 :

    So moving! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Ballerinas Sandaletten

        posted on June 28 , 2011 :

    I’m also want to be there!

  • FashionHound

        posted on July 5 , 2011 :

    Totally feeling this look! Great blog! xx

  • Anonymous

        posted on November 1 , 2011 :

    Mara Hruby is AMAZING! Her voice is quite captivating I wish there was more music like this…. Le sigh


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