Spring Etiquette: The Trench Coat General Style 53 Comments

Joshua Kissi: This strange seasonal transition to spring we’re experiencing that feels more like winter is no excuse to embrace the warmer temperatures and wet climate. People often say they don’t have garments suitable for these transition periods. Many items can fill this void, but a light trench coat is the centerpiece of this section of your wardrobe.

The redundancy of “classic” and “essential” throughout the blogosphere may have some of you shaking your heads at this point. The trench coat, however, is a piece worthy of such superlatives. The trench has weathered trends and fads and continues to be a staple in the closet of many men. With its military roots dating back to World War I, the trench evolved from a garment strictly worn by men to a unisex piece suitable for everyday wear. The trench became a fashionable piece after war veterans returned home and continued to wear the coat.

As children, who among us didn’t have the urge to possess a trench coat to validate our cool persona or replicate a famous fictional character? I have memories of my old man in his olive drab trench coat that extended down to his shins, as the majority of traditional trench coats do. After years of popularity, the coat can easily be had in a variety of sizes, color, and fabrics, further solidifying itself as a mainstay in the wardrobes of both men and women for years to come.

People: Fellow blogger/friend Kadeem Johnson also known as K.John La Soul lends his expertise to collaborate with myself on this particular post. Although Travis and I are known for our knack of thrifting vintage pieces, we can openly admit the fact that Kadeem has a sharp eye for locating great vintage garments that fit his amalgamation of style.

  • Trench: The trench I’m wearing is a bit unconventional when compared to the traditional style, mostly because of the zip front closure and overall coat length.
  • Shoes: Not the first time you have seen this particular shoe collaboration between K-Swiss and Undftd. I wore the navy versions in the Jake Davis collaboration video. It’s only appropriate to blast off the spring season with great casual footwear, which we will be touching on this further in a later post. I’m loving the details of the crepe front.
  • Neckerchief: The fellas over at Fine and Dandy just released their assortment of spring accessories, which range from hats to ties and everything else you would to spicing up your wardrobe in between. I picked up this nice floral print neckerchief from that assortment for $39.
  • Layering: I might be having a bit too much fun with layering right now, since it’s not like winter layering, where the goal is warmth. Layering this time of year is more about playing with color blocking and different silhouettes.


Location: Union Square – New York City

Photos taken by Cleon Grey of AVEDER Outfit


(image via art of manliness)

History: “The coat was created in 1901 when Burberry founder Thomas Burberry proposed the garment as the official raincoat for British Army officers. Once World War I rolled around, Burberry altered the jacket slightly to include a few new design features, such as epaulettes, d-rings and straps. Because the jacket was primarily worn by soldiers fighting in the trenches, the rain coat was eventually dubbed the ‘trench coat.” – Kate Menz


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  • Hanif Castle @NoneLikeNeef

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    excellent post bro. This garment has a rich history within itself, much love to you bros

    Hanif Castle of ACL

  • Ag

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    So what trenches are those?

  • Reggie

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    LOL its like I just had a flashback to 08 (minus the hair). Josh, you always were very good at combining similar colors and different textures all while keeping a sleek silhouette. This is good stuff guys.

  • w

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    Where are Kadeem’s glasses from?

  • Joy

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    You gents are amazing as usual. Love the deep rich saturated colours of the photos. Wonderful post.

  • Swan

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    Trench coats! There is only love. I have a pile. They are my best friends.

  • Newtown

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    A good rub with a toothbrush would revitalise those suede boots.

  • Antonio Centeno

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    Gentlemen – thanks for the love to my AOM article – appreciate it!

    Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help!

  • Edwina@FASHION + ART

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    The imagery is so rich—love it!

  • Calvin S.

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    The spectacles on Kadeem are sick!

  • The Arrogant Male

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    Very nice post. Ever since seeing Alain Delon in Le Samourai, I’ve been in love with trench coats. PS, those boots are awesome in every way.

  • Jay Carter

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    You killed it like always Joshau! I admire how you put your outfit together in such a unique way…..definently have an eye for fashion man.

    And as for Kadeem, great way of showing off your accessories but still finding that knack to amaze with your attire.

  • Will

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    Really nice to see some sneakers wore, where i live its considerd wierd when i wear loafers or any brogue type footwear. Good to see how to move them into the etiquette look and would love to see an article or short piece about it. Thanks.

  • Ken Tran

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    Great post and love the history bit!

  • Kristopher

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    This is great. The hair’s lookin fresh my brother. Also, big fan of Kadeem’s Marvin Gaye swag with that red toque. Trench coats are most definately an “essential” piece that every real man needs to have in his wardrobe, just wish I had mine today when I got caught in the rain. Oh well, I’ll get em next time. Continued success gents, dont stop till you get enough.

  • Coldsun

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    This is dope… You’re right about the trench coat actually deserving all of the often overused titles given to cloth… The pics are great too… Its great to see how Street Etiquette has grown, morphed, settled, experimented, progressed, and continued..

  • f.a.morrison

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    Lovin’ Joshua’s color combination.

  • Natural Swagga

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    Kadeem is fly; he’s so cool he probably doesn’t know it. Joshua, your trench is amazing and I like how you paired it with the colored denim. Nice.

  • chris

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    r the jeans from lands end canvas?
    did u tapper them at all?

  • Rosco Spears

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    dope images..love the history fact:)

  • Whitney Sherrell

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    You can never go wrong with a trench in crazy “spring” weather


  • Goody @Curvatude

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :


    the colors are so rich…the layer just right…and i NEED the jewelry!

  • Dyke-Beast

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    You guys OD with accessories tone it down a tad bit. Other than that cool style!

  • Lou

        posted on April 26 , 2011 :

    Love the cream trench coat, great post :D

  • Lew

        posted on April 27 , 2011 :

    GREAT POST! Looking at the photos is always great but I also always really appreciate the content. There is ALWAYS good content. Every post = a good read. Union Sq!…… Nice Location! The last time I was there, I had a lot of fun. lol

  • http://funkypresident.tumblr.com

        posted on April 27 , 2011 :

    Everyone around can’t wait for summer, but I like spring layering too.

    Good post, as per usual.

    I need to get my old Burberry reproofed to repel water better.

  • niamh

        posted on April 27 , 2011 :

    great post, I always love reading them.
    Both gentlemen have some brilliant jewelry on, especially the cowry shell ring.

  • Ag of Z+F

        posted on April 27 , 2011 :

    I love the trench coats, they always make men look clean and crisp when worn right, and you guys wore them right!

  • Stephanie

        posted on April 27 , 2011 :

    Your cuffed pants are always my favourite. Wish more men took cues from you two.

  • Kg

        posted on April 28 , 2011 :

    …. but man, those rings are exquisite!

  • Vernon

        posted on April 28 , 2011 :

    Perfect know-how! I have been browsing for something such as this for a while today. Excellent!

  • Gilberte

        posted on April 29 , 2011 :

    It truly is difficult to find informed persons on that issue, however you sound like you are aware of what you are talking about! Thanks a lot

  • Steeezzz

        posted on April 30 , 2011 :

    Quick Question how high are you supposed to cuff your pants up??

  • Afua

        posted on April 30 , 2011 :

    love the post, in fact I love all your posts. my good friend told me to check you guys out and im glad i did. keep on the good work.

  • Afua

        posted on April 30 , 2011 :


  • Darius

        posted on May 1 , 2011 :

    I love evey thing that you guys display on your website. You even have given me some cool style tips which inspire me too push my dressing style.

    Check out my Blog !

  • Anon

        posted on May 1 , 2011 :


    But he probably doesn’t want them that way.


        posted on May 1 , 2011 :


  • SnowBlack

        posted on May 2 , 2011 :

    Great post. And thanks for that bit of info on the origins of the trench coat. I’m sure a lot of Burberry lovers have no idea about that if they were to be asked the million dollar question. They just shop till they drop. LOL.

  • Ashley

        posted on May 2 , 2011 :

    Great post, you can never go wrong with Trench, timeless classic.


  • A TIMEless AREteeste

        posted on May 5 , 2011 :

    Hey guys…. Can I get some NEW etiquette?!? Im running out of things to wear. THNKS!

  • snappy

        posted on May 5 , 2011 :

    These photos are incredible. The style, the colors, the everything.

  • Blake Jacobsen

        posted on May 7 , 2011 :

    Great post, as always. I love trench coats, especially in the spring. The layering in both of your looks is fantastic.


  • Lily

        posted on May 10 , 2011 :

    Such a handsome sartorial flair. Excellent! More, more, more please!!

  • vizatrix

        posted on May 10 , 2011 :

    Love the clothes, very good post. Where does jewelery come from?

  • Chas

        posted on May 11 , 2011 :

    Where did Kadeem get his sunglasses from?

  • JK

        posted on May 11 , 2011 :

    @Chas: Apparently found on the street.

  • JK

        posted on May 11 , 2011 :

    @vizatrix: It derives from all over really months of looking for certain pieces to all mix together – nyc street stand / thrift stores etc.

    Aha, very long lol hopefully.

    @Steeezzz: Pinroll it , quite easy there’s diff ways of doing it but a quick search in google should help.

    @w: No brand, and he found them lucky Kadeem lol

  • Sue

        posted on May 15 , 2011 :

    could you please tell me …what stone is that ‘Green’ bracelet ?

  • The Ca$h

        posted on May 17 , 2011 :

    I’ve always wanted one of these coats, in black though.. great post Kiss.

  • Style by Stylifiq

        posted on May 19 , 2011 :

    I did a post on the shell ring you are wearing here.. It inspired a diy project.. DIY shell ring

  • Mandark

        posted on May 22 , 2011 :

    NICE! The black trench is on hit!

    “BAKE” (BAPE inspired art) http://www.youtube.com/user/Mandarkthy

  • wholesale clothing

        posted on May 24 , 2011 :

    Such a handsome sartorial flair. Excellent! Can we have more please!! thanks