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Joshua Kissi: Our Sewn From the Soul and Black Ivy editorials let us utilize the potent expression possible through image and video.  Art has an ability to influence, inspire and move individuals, whether it comes in a musical format or through text on a website. With art’s diminishing role in school programs throughout the world , we’re hopeful this Sartorial Sounds project can have a hand in bringing the arts back to prominence.

It would be difficult to do justice through explanation who the artists involved in this project are. Instead, we had these artists collaborate and record a song together.

All images were captured by Alejandro Perez, he also collaborated with us on our  Sewn From the Soul editorial.

Download Sartorial Sounds – Take Off Your Cool
Original song by Andre 3000 off of OutKast’s Lovebelow/Speakerbox album covered by Mara Hruby

Sartorial Sounds integrates both music and style, two elements embedded in every culture past and present. We think it’s important to remember that everyone is an artist in their own right. And it’s the life experiences we encounter that provoke what we splash on our own blank canvas. We assembled seven individuals to partake in this editorial. The finished product incorporates their individual talents such as spoken word, rapping, singing and tap.



The video entails the two-day period we spent at the studio not only creating great music, but vibing off each other’s energy. You receive an in-depth glimpse of each artist’s personality and the outcome of what happens when you place seven creative individuals in one location. We usually display a three-to-five-minute video experience, but this time around, we’re giving you a 13-minute webisode for you to enjoy.

This is the first installment of the series, the second wil result in a live performance at a venue in New York City – stay tuned for news. If by chance you haven’t heard of these artist we highly recommend check out their previous work and look out for future endeavors.  After the dust settled we had a lot of fun creating this editorial and we hope you guys enjoy.

All video shot and directed by Jarrett Woo of Dr Woo Art, a special thanks to IshLab studios in Brooklyn, NY for giving us the opportunity to record/shoot Sartorial Sounds.


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  • James R

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Amazing amazing

  • Zuff

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    So much swag. Thank you Ba$ed God for Street Etiquette.

  • nzkid

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Woww. Simply amazing. Love that quote at the beginning too. Much Respect. Peace

  • Nik Stephney

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    This was so inspiring. Amazing job guys!

  • Itoro Udoko

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Street Etiquette strikes once again with an impressive editorial! This was so inspiring to watch. So much talent and energy. Keep growing guys. Stay creative. I see you Kenny! lol

  • Loniii Ann

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    I admire this new innovation.
    Creative Class.
    I am already anxious for the next installment

  • Erin

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    This is such a dope collaboration! I’ve been a Jesse Boykins III fan for a couple of years now as well as the Street Etiquette fam. And the style in this video…it’s giving me everything!

  • Angie Conjaerts

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    This was mind blowing, so much inspiration from everyone. You guy’s are unreal :)

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  • Reggie

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Very Nice..that’s all I have to say. The work speaks for itself.

  • M

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Dig what you guys are doing. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that you have the same name as my sound design company that I’ve had running for a couple months now.

  • Neef @ACLeaguelow

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Music and style inspires all. Great post and the video was just phenomenal

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  • Lou J.

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Magnificent and prolific

  • Mark

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Reblogged. Great work!

  • Juwan Platt

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    There are some things that intrigue, then there are some things that inspire. This piece is by far one of the inspiring persuasion. This package of audio, visual, and literary stimulants put together by a conglomeration of artists is truly breath taking. I believe any artist rather it be one of the written word or photographic taste to take 15 minutes of their time and view this wonderful expression of art. I am completely floored and will make it my business to make sure others view this masterpiece. Sartorial Sounds, I enjoyed!

  • Makyra

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Awesome Awesome Awesome sounds..oh I mean Sartorial sounds and piece guys (lol). Big fan of Jesse Boykins III..and just became a fan of all the other musicians(was really feeling Mara Hruby and when Melo-X was putting it down lol). Hope there are more pieces like this to come. People just need to remember that Art means every and anything; music, fashion(style),poetry, the way you carry yourself; the creativity in you makes everything art.
    Such an inspirational piece…you guys always impress me; please continue to!
    Keep it up, stay cool!

  • Makyra

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Oh and I cant seem to download the track……!

  • Courtney Chenard

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    So much talent in one room….good job guys!!! I enjoyed it all ::clothes, words, sounds, and small details:: I am so proud of your growth and I know there is so much more for you to obtain….You guys are truly amazing so congrats and cant wait to see more.

    Courtney Chenard

  • Jaz

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    2 words to all of you involved.
    thank you

    redefinition of music/style/fashion/personal growth

  • Juwellnyc

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Mara Hruby will you marry me? This was dope sorta reminds me of some jam sessions in studio messin around with friends. Jus a chill vibe while everybody’s riding on a natural high..

  • Tom

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Gentlemen I tried to do homage in my tumblr reblog of the video but honestly I don’t know how to. So magnificently inspirational, both for me as an aspiring poet and writer and also as one who values style. But it’s not just the juxtaposition of these two that makes me feel motivated, it’s the whole creative aura the group exudes, like there’s some kind of raw creativity in the air and everyone’s bbreathing it in. I guess when you have so many talented people in such a small space then that happens right? Thanks so much for this piece, made my day.

  • hdfh

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Simply mazing will look into all of these artist – something special happened that day.

  • Ebun Omoni

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Beautiful video guys. I especially loved this quote “everyone is an artist in waiting”

  • niamh

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    This looks amazing!
    Good luck with such a worthy endeavor, you have my support for what little it’s worth!!!!!!

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  • smarts

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    I love the vibrancy and poetic-isms on this site. Keep it up guys! Im a huge fan :)

    Smarts from England via Turks&Caicos

  • Rob

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    That was really amazing.

  • ReneeDion

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    I’m in Love again…….

  • lovelybetty

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    :P :P I love this ,

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  • Alex (ProStudioApp)

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Your guys always seem to touch people. Winning .
    Alex ProStudioApp (NovLegLLC)

  • Allen

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Definitely appreciate this type of art, thank you to all of those that were involved for bringing this series about. Keep it up

  • CAS

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Absolutely love these creative projects you guys do. A very talented group of individuals.

  • Lou

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    wow, that was really beautiful, i love it when you get to witness an artistic process taking place as well as the finished product thank you so much.

  • wya

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    When you post, you really know how to deliver. Without question, one of the best style blogs out there- your personality and dedication to solid pieces reflects through your posts and each individual stands out on their own but as a collective you guys created something ephemerally beautiful. Respect and love.

  • David W. Albert

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    One reason I’m a fan.

  • Sands

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    This is something I can’t explain…. I just want to hear more, feel more. I definitely need more, where can I find more of this kind of music for lack of a better word?

  • Verbatum Jones

        posted on March 7 , 2011 :

    Absolutely Magnificent! Each part of this project looks and sounds fantastic. Really good to see so many talented people get together and create great work. Here’s to you guys and gals. Keep up the great work.


  • jghkj

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

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  • Isaac Hindin Miller

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

    One of you boys needs to marry that girl immediately. She is amazing.
    But seriously that was incredible. I have all sorts of new respect for you guys.

  • Dwayne Reed

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

    Kudos dudes, so inspirational. That kid Joshua Bennett’s freestyle was sick!

  • Khajuaan

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

    the amount of talent you got here is freaking amazing veryvery dope

  • The Robert Charles

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

    Hey this is one of the best posts yet. Style manifested into sound. Period. Well done to all that were involved. A lot of work ahead of me fortifying my iTunes.

    This is why i subscribe.

  • Roma Nov Stru

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

    Great thoughts, great music, great atmosphere. Guys doing a great job, don’t stop ever. Russia loves you :)

  • The Ca$h

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

    This is different, but also exciting..
    Art can be found in more than just fashion, great post guys.
    MPC 2000, along with the drums and guitar.
    Brings forth style & culture.

  • Myssdee

        posted on March 9 , 2011 :

    Joshua and Travis,

    You always amaze me with these blog posts. Looking at the pictures and the video gave me a feeling of being a soul cafe sipping on some Long Islands (yes…I am a drinker…lmfao)
    This was a job well done.


        posted on March 9 , 2011 :

    so so so hyped off this

  • Marlon

        posted on March 9 , 2011 :

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA, good job guys. I’m happy to see that yall got Jesse and Mara on this project. Of course Sauce the man of many talents shows through again. Good to see how Kenny has grown over the years into this enlightened man. Keep up the good work. Hoping to see more projects of this nature.

  • James

        posted on March 10 , 2011 :

    I first saw this at the apple store event but it is worth repeated viewings. Great collection of style and talent. The sky’s the limit for all involved.

  • Anonymous

        posted on March 10 , 2011 :

    Is the sumthin you actually think would of of concern considering now one knows ur sound company, and people are starting to associate these guys with cultural evolution. Street Etiquette is opening the worlds eyes on an international level in regard to lifestyle fashion and its essence in urban society. As a fan, when I see comments like this it bothers me a bit, a simple congrats or a sign of admiration would be due here. Great Job guys….and hey I could have a company by the name Mc.Donalds but a group of people already be me to the punch. No need to offend…jus keeping grounds

  • Whitney Sherrell

        posted on March 10 , 2011 :

    Brilliance at its finest. You guys are amazing! Our generation needs a renaissance and I think you guys are going to be very instrumental in that movement. As a musician, fashion lover, and writer I’m totally impressed. I’ll be showing this to everyone I know.

    Whitney Sherrell

  • Natural Swagga

        posted on March 10 , 2011 :

    I love the vibe. It’s like the Harlem Renaissance where Black music, fashion dance, art, and literature meet. It would be great if we as black people had a new Renaissance similar to the one decades ago. I love what you guys are doing.

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  • Leroy Brown

        posted on March 11 , 2011 :

    This project is packed with so much originality and flavor. The sound , The look, The coolness.. Keep doing your thing SE.

  • marcqui

        posted on March 12 , 2011 :

    nice piece. would love to photograph all involved…please lets connect

  • kirstie

        posted on March 12 , 2011 :

    OOOHH my goodness seeing things like this keeps me believing there is greatness. This was such an amazing experience to watch.


  • Mark

        posted on March 12 , 2011 :

    Wow, i just bought the exact same military jacket as Travis earlier today before I saw this. It’s a second hand jacket and I’m in Australia .. sweet !!

  • Ondre

        posted on March 13 , 2011 :

    I love you guy’s website! Congratulations on making it into GQ magazine! thats one of my dreams. Yiu guys have inspired me and my friend create a blog that is targeted to college students from the south. We’d love for yall to check it out!:

  • afrobrownies

        posted on March 13 , 2011 :

    Thank you ! This was the first thing I listened to this morning. What an amazing way to break the silence. Beautiful incarnate.

  • purpleivy

        posted on March 13 , 2011 :

    I love you guys… the south where i live,you rarely see black men that dress as stylish as you two, or with any sence of fashion at all, first i notice you all with the black ivy league story and since think I’ve been checking y’all daily…much love cant wait to see what’s next, peace:):)

  • rawlej

        posted on March 13 , 2011 :

    This is the essence of inspired creativity! This was indeed a pleasure to both view and listen to. Keep expressing yourselves as you do. Peace

  • Ondre

        posted on March 14 , 2011 :

  • Ondre

        posted on March 14 , 2011 :

    I would love for yall to check out my blog! i love you two guys and yall have inspired me and my friend to do the same thing. We’re hoping to get some exposure from ours.
    Thank you!

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  • Crespo!

        posted on March 18 , 2011 :

    Wow. This is phenomenal. A collage so powerful.

  • f

        posted on March 20 , 2011 :

    you guys are the shit

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  • Sana

        posted on March 22 , 2011 :

    Dudes. I love the site. It’s like a really stylish dream where everyone wears the right pieces. Street Etiquette is my new jawn!

  • Charlene

        posted on March 22 , 2011 :

    sartorial sounds was aural poetry, so potent it almost put a tear in my eye.
    i love it and am going to listen to it over and over and over again!

  • Yachtsman

        posted on March 22 , 2011 :

    Thank the Lord for artistic forward thinking.

  • mat - buckets & spades

        posted on March 22 , 2011 :

    excellent video, looks like your guys had an amazing time

  • Tim

        posted on March 28 , 2011 :

    Great post Josh. Can I get the details on the camo overshirt /jacket you’re wearing in the last picture? Looks dope.

  • lorrwill

        posted on March 29 , 2011 :


    Too cool for words comes pretty close. So beautiful and relevant it makes you want to cry also comes close.

  • Joseph

        posted on March 31 , 2011 :

    your photography is so nice, so rich. It has a retro look that exists outside of the clothes and people, just really interesting.

  • fhgh

        posted on April 2 , 2011 :

    @James R: You are beautiful and deserve better life? :P

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  • Life Plus

        posted on April 7 , 2011 :

    All I can say is keep it up. This blog is so necessary in a time when everyone just wants to talk about how many people someones cheated on their wife with. I mean, thanks for bringing intelligence back to the web, its been sorely missed. Great stuff. Please keep it coming!

  • Christine

        posted on April 8 , 2011 :

    This is amazing :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your blog for a long time. Right now the world is facing a lot of problems, so I created a blog shop of clothes that I do not wear in order to donate ALL the proceeds to different charities. If you’re interested, please check out the clothes that I have posted! I hope my fellow readers also check it out. Please help out if you can–I will donate to the charity of your choice.

  • victoria trott

        posted on April 11 , 2011 :

    i really enjoyed this

  • marcus

        posted on April 11 , 2011 :

    respect. now get back on your sartorial grind!

  • jayjay

        posted on April 25 , 2011 :

    fashion is best

  • J Miles

        posted on April 30 , 2011 :

    Just got a chance to check out Sartorial Sounds and it is amazing! Very inspirational piece in so many ways. Keep up the great work!

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  • Ebinehita

        posted on June 8 , 2011 :

  • DS

        posted on June 22 , 2011 :

    You guys continue to floor me with your ideas and dreams, and the execution of said dreams and ideas. This was powerful in the most blessed way. Never stop doing what you do, because you’re filling a void.

  • Yousaf

        posted on July 27 , 2011 :

    Beautiful song!
    Hope we can hear more stuff like this from these awesome artists

  • The CRFTY. (@TheCRFTY)

        posted on August 7 , 2011 :

    "Baby, take off your cool." | Sartorial Sounds (Presented by @StreetEtiquette) »


        posted on July 9 , 2012 :

    This makes no sence to me. altho i never made it past the 4th what do i know

  • D?she L•Š

        posted on February 9 , 2013 :

    Too beautiful. Blessings upon each creative soul on this initiative. I’m greatly inspired to nurture my creative being. :)

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