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Travis Gumbs: When discussing shoes, the sole of the shoe may very well be the least interesting topic. That’s ironic when you consider that the sole is easily the most important part of a shoe.

With several historic outdoor brands returning to relevancy in the fashion world, shoes featuring a crepe sole have also seen a rise in popularity. The great insulation the crepe sole provides is what makes them so special. Soldiers based in North Africa during WWII wore crepe sole boots as a means for additional protection from the climate.  The comfort and light sound the crepe sole creates help separate them from other soles.

Fit Details:

  • Unlabeled Buffalo plaid hat
  • Babour quilted jacket
  • Vintage tweed trousers
  • Bstore boots

Though I’ve only had this Barbour jacket for a couple of months, it’s already undoubtedly one of my favorite jackets. Quilted olive paired with brown suede is the epitome of classic menswear. Making quality wax and quilted jackets isn’t anything new for Barbour. It’s a craft they’ve been honing for more than a century.

The pants are yet another vintage find. I came across these tweed pants about a year ago. They’ve been in heavy rotation following some extensive tailoring. I love the pleats and high-waisted fit on these.

These BStore crepe sole boots were a sale find at Opening Ceremony. The deep blue almost looks black under certain lighting.

Readers that have been following us for some time now know that we are big fans of the Clark desert boot, arguably the most popular crepe sole shoe of our time. Below is a picture of the very stylish Steve McQueen wearing a pair of crepe soled desert boots.

“Using a process of coagulation creates the crinkled rubber texture of crêpe rubber. This process calls for the combination of coagulated latex with some natural form of coagulum. Often, the nature element used is some type of shell or earth scrap, as well as tree lace. The combined material is ran through large rollers that are known as crepers. Generally, each batch is ran through the crepers several times, allowing the finished product to achieve the density, thickness, and texture that is desired for a particular product


Photos by Joshua Kissi



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  • MCH

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Yes ! Good comparing
    Love it

    La Bise

    MCH from Paris

  • Prêt à Porter P

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    As always your fits are immaculate.

  • L of Avid Accents Vintage

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Those are some nice boots and the red strings compliment this outfit perfectly.


  • L of Avid Accents Vintage

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Those are some nice boots and the red strings compliment this outfit perfectly.

  • Whitney Sherrell

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    I really love this jacket! And the red laces on the boots are nice.


  • swaggermaneniang

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    I need to get one of those jackets!!
    love the look! Thanks for the inspiration

  • CSP

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Wonderful coincidence; I just bought my first pair of crepe sole boots tonight! I bought a navy blue suede pair from J&M. I plan to wear them with everything.

  • Caqlilow

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    So now we finally know where the name “Desert” in DB comes from.

    Why don’t we all just become historians? The link between style and history is so surprising, two seemingly polarized worlds.

  • Omar Leslie

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Enjoyed the post! Love the Jacket!

  • kenjisummers

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    I saw this post go live at the SoHo Apple Store in NYC!

  • niamh

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Great look, as usual!
    I love the version Clarks makes….Got my first pair last year, one of my favourite pairs of boots.

  • Lex

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    I love the way you guys refer back to the past style of dressing In vintage documented photos. Great post cheers.

  • David W. Albert

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Definitely a well thought out fit with the most simplistic put together I’ve seen in a while man. I ,for second, did not even realize that the pants were tweed…A pleasant surprise to see Trav. And the plaid Buffalo joint definitely brings the outfit to a sound close. I am a big ass fan of the boots possibly the highlight of the fit. And those soles are as you said the comfort sole as oppose to other sole styles. Great post T!

  • Courtney Chenard

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    ***Great Quilted Jacket ::Babour is amazing regardless::
    BStore Boots are quite sick also….good choices boss and the touch of tweed made it all flow….keep up the good work boss!!!***

  • snappy

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    I’m digging the entire look from head to toe. Great sense of style and all around presence.
    snappy x

  • Lou

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    vintage tweed trousers <3

  • Kristopher

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Sick Post! As soon as I saw the title I looked down at my feet to see my maroon desert boots staring back at me haha (I think you have a pair in the same colour that Ive seen in previous posts?). The barbour jacket is unreal. I love the combination of the quilted nylon and the suede. There are some amazing crepe soled boots on the L.L. Bean Signature website that you two should check out, they most defns would fit nicely into your aesthetic. Great work and stay golden

  • Hoey

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Can you give any tips on how to keep crepe soles clean? I have a pair of taupe Clark’s DBs and the sides of the soles have gotten so dark from dirt that they have gone from beige to dark slate gray. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Neef @ACLeagueLow

        posted on February 26 , 2011 :

    Those boots are great Trav. the tweed trousers were the icing on the cake for this fit. I always believe that fall is great for menswear. So much you can do with garments. Wonderful boot too btw

    Hanif Castle of ACL

  • H

        posted on February 27 , 2011 :

    I got a pair of crepe soled boots last winter and have been wearing nothing else since. They’re ridiculously comfortable, durable and have pretty decent grip on snow and pavement despite being a plain flat sole. One suggestion from me would be to try dark-coloured soles as opposed to the usual yellowish beige, adds a whole new twist.

  • Natalia and Dominika

        posted on February 27 , 2011 :

    I love New York and now I love yours style.

    It`s nice to see that some guys, somewhere in the USA, somewhere in the world care about their look.

    P.S.: Sorry for my poor english.

  • MissDenise

        posted on February 28 , 2011 :

    You’re site is wonderful and informing. The photograpy is refreshing, vibrant, rich in color, and personality, all are BEAUTIFUL!
    Miss Denise from Cali :-)

  • Basilia

        posted on February 28 , 2011 :

    I have to tell you that you guys are the only male blog I read. I enjoy the history that comes with each item of clothing about its origins and practicalities back in the day.

    xxo your little-lady,


  • TC

        posted on February 28 , 2011 :

    I miss doyer’s

  • lifeofkings

        posted on February 28 , 2011 :

    Keep up the good work fellas. It was good finally meeting you guys @ Magic trade show in Vegas, I have a great pic of you and The bearded man here. Take care.

  • Natural Swagga

        posted on March 1 , 2011 :

    Nice boots. You most definitely look like a Vietnam war vet who came home to see his family. Cool though.

  • Tim

        posted on March 1 , 2011 :

  • Tim

        posted on March 1 , 2011 :

  • Donovan

        posted on March 2 , 2011 :

    I LOVE this website. I agree that the sole of the shoe is important, but it is perhaps the most ignored part! Can you please tell Zara that *cough cough*!
    Anyway, I have a new blog, Apartment 17 at htttp:// I would really appreciate it if you guys can go by and let me know what you think. I have been following your blog for a while and I must say that it has truly inspired me! The blog is geared towards urban men!
    Thanks Guys!!!!

  • FC

        posted on March 2 , 2011 :

    Love the pants! Such a throwback.

  • YaddaDappaItsAnInternetName

        posted on March 2 , 2011 :

    Ever since the post J.Kissi did on quilted jackets I researched and snatched the olive Cavendish jacket of theirs, keep putting me on guys!

  • Rei Fernandez

        posted on March 3 , 2011 :

    Gotta love shoes with crepe soles! I personally have a few pairs of desert boots from Clarks and love all of them. I can wear them with nearly any outfit and not worry about comfort.

    Great post Travis!

    -Rei Fernandez

  • Sheila

        posted on March 3 , 2011 :

    So cool look! I love it!
    And it was a long time ago I was checking by the blog/ site, but now I’m in and all the last posts are amazing! :D

    Hugs, Sheila
    from Sweden

  • Jeff

        posted on March 6 , 2011 :


    Great military look, I’m really into combat boots these days too :×199.jpg

    I’m happy to discover your blog guys, and gonna follow you.

    Jeff, from Paris


        posted on March 8 , 2011 :



        posted on March 8 , 2011 :


  • The Ca$h

        posted on March 8 , 2011 :

    Great Post, Trav
    This look has a unique sense of style.. one in which, I like.

  • DC

        posted on March 10 , 2011 :

    Nice look Travis. I’m digging the Barbour coat and the tweed pants – Killer combo!


        posted on March 14 , 2011 :

    Interesting post I never knew that about world war II combat boots, but on the topic I just wrote about Clarks Desert boots based off of the boots the British wore during WWII. Check it out:

  • Bryan

        posted on March 18 , 2011 :

    Loving the way those pants fit Travis. It’s really hard these days to find someone that understands the true importance of fit.

  • Aspire

        posted on April 7 , 2011 :

    Another great post. I really like the jacket.

  • Craig

        posted on October 27 , 2011 :

    Dude, that outfit is totally amazing. You’ve inspired me.

  • Ilse

        posted on November 7 , 2012 :

    Fantastic pictures, wonderfully executed and I enjoyed learning about crepe soles. Thank you!