Joshua Kissi: I had the pleasure last week of spending several days in Germany after crossing the waters from the Bronx to Berlin. Travis and I have been anticipating the day when we would receive the chance to travel abroad and document the experience in the hopes of inspiring others to travel. Our older readers may remember our “Snaps Through the Scope” series, where we would capture pictures with our cameras around the city. Consider this the first part of an expansion of that concept, as we plan to document wherever our travels may take us.

Being born and raised in New York City, often seen as a self-indulgent encapsulated bubble, made the visit to Germany for Berlin Fashion Week an even more memorable experience. A journey like this is where that sometimes boring high school global history course comes in handy. But learning about a culture through reading, lectures, and film can only take you so far. Ultimately, it’s preferable to physically visit a city so that you can eat the food, be surrounded by a foreign language while simultaneously butchering words (“Guten tag”), and walk the streets for yourself.

The LL Bean Signature Gray Flannel suit was an essential to bring on my 12-hour flight. Most people are aware of the pros and cons of purchasing an off-the-rack suit versus a custom suit. A few small alterations at a tailor, however, can make a $300 suit fit and appear similarly to a $3,000 suit.

My favorite detail on the suit has to be its four functional buttons accompanied with a nice pinstripe inner lining.  The specific work I had done on the suit included a slight tapering of the side hems on both the trousers and blazer.

It’s always beneficial with the ability to play around with the juxtaposition between casual and formal. I have worn these two pieces separately and together for different looks. Also note the presence of the Levi’s trucker as an ode to our layering etiquette post. It’s served well as a great layering piece for the colder months.

Photography: I used a Canon 7D accompanied by a 35 mm 2.0 lens. It’s a step up from my Rebel Series Canon XTI, which featured a 50 mm 1.8 lens. I’m still familiarizing myself with the new camera and its various settings.

We have preached through visuals and words of attaining wrist accoutrements and rings to accentuate your style, but other times the weather has other plans forcing you to put on some type of protection for your hands.

Special thanks to the people at MADE , Clemens and everyone else for putting the city of Berlin on display.