Travis Gumbs: It’s always interesting when an accessory changes your entire look. The beret is certainly one of those items, even though many have a love-hate outlook on it.  I’ve always liked the concept of the beret and the aesthetic that it creates. But until recently, I had still kept this historically prominent item away from my wardrobe. The beret or a variation of it, has been around for centuries. We can trace its popularity back to Basque shepherds of 19th century France, hence the French connection many people associate it with. There is also the military beret that first got its appearance from Alphine Troops in WWI.

While preparing this post, I realized I had yet to wear my Sebago Docksides in any of our entries since the boots dropped. We again want to send thanks to everyone that showed support and purchased a pair. It’s humbling to see people on the street sporting a pair. The light house boot is also a great all-season shoe. I’ve talked about this coat in a previous post. It’s a vintage piece that I’m in love with because of the minor details present, especially in the back. Since Josh’s cargo post, I’ve taken quite the liking toward cargo pants. They create a distinct look  from regular trousers, especially when paired with a beret.

Joshua Kissi: Although we’re looking at the beret as a menswear item, it’s a piece that is easily interchangeable between the gentleman and ladies. It’s a scarcely used piece among today’s young generation and bound to turn heads with skepticism as a result. That shouldn’t discourage you from finding a niche for it in your wardrobe.

The pea coat comes from collaboration between Sugarcane and Mister Freedom. It’s similar to a vintage gem you’d find in a thrift store and has to be one of my favorite pieces of outerwear. This raw indigo denim jacket stands out as being one of its kind because of the vast amount of wool material pea coats available on the market. Just wearing the jacket embarks it on a journey toward developing a unique patina.

Whenever I find myself in a thrift store, I subconsciously ponder the necessary alterations for each item that I find rummaging through the racks. This was a rare occasion of finding trousers that didn’t need any type of alterations. Made of a herringbone material, thermal insulated for warmth and sporting a perfect fit, purchasing the trousers was a no-brainer.

Throughout history, the beret has been worn various ways, be it with military connotations or casually. The beret’s heritage lives as some people continue to wear them into the present day. Executive editor over at GiltManual Andy Comer formulated a brief post around the resurgence of the beret on the streets of New York City, also displaying its location on various people historically.