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Joshua Kissi: Only occurring two times over the span of twelve months, New York Fashion Week illuminated a different type of energy this go around. Straying away from its usual Bryant Park location, the fall iteration of NYFW operated out of Lincoln Center. The event, which brings in the most stylish and fashionable people from every creek and pond of the world to New York City, would be impossible to define with one word. Instead, we decided to put together a montage of images and a video to express this idea.

Last fall was our first time taking part in NYFW.  For our newer readers, we provided you guys with a taste of that experience first hand. In the span of a year, things changed dramatically for us, including a site re-design and overall post presentation. Even with that growth, we remain as excited about the festivities as we were the first time.

* Note – A special thanks to all the designer shows we’re invited to.

We had the pleasure of working with photographer-model Bill Gente of BackYardBill on a style series presented by GQ Magazine. Each day of the seven-day, style-filled week, Gente would snap a photo of us for the online feature. In between all the shutter snaps, we built a meaningful relation with Gente as we took on conversations spanning from personal style conundrums to marriage. Expect to see us on his great photography blog very soon.

Below are some of the entries from Gente’s week-long project:

GQ Magazine: Five men—and one beautiful woman—with serious fashion-world street cred and totally individual senses of personal style. Seven action-packed days in New York City. One intrepid, artful photographer with an eye for detail and a knack for portraiture. Every day during New York Fashion Week, Bill Gentle—otherwise known as Backyard Bill—will be shooting our superbly-dressed subjects in what they happen to be wearing out on the town. So without further ado, an ever-expanding photo diary of real-life sartorial splendor.

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Day 1 -


Fit Description: The usage of the trilby is not only great for stylish use, but also for those oh-so-dreadful bad hair days everyone encounters at some point. I’ve had a growing fondness for the hat and you should expect an upcoming post on the piece. Strangely enough, these orange chinos – ideal for summer use – got their first use on this day, with the weather feeling more like autumn. Regardless, who doesn’t love the color palettes of orange, brown, and maroon for the current season?


  • Vintage denim paperboy
  • Vintage Tommy Hilfiger crewneck sweater
  • Nudies Black Grimm Tims
  • Ralph Lauren loafers

Joshua Kissi, Travis Gumbs, GQ Street Etiquette, GQ magazine, Style black, Black style, NYFW Etiquette, Montage fall 2010, Street Etiquette, Style Bloggers, Street Etiquette blog, Travis Gumbs

Day 5 -


Fit Description:  In all the years of receiving Lands’ End catalogs, it never occurred to me that I would be ordering pleated trousers from the brand. For many of those years, I was a knucklehead to anything outside of the box in a  sartorial sense. But as we all know, things change and this brand has great quality pieces for the pricepoints, after some slight alterations (depending on your preference to fit).  The important factor with pleated pants is the realization that the overall fit has to fall between slim and straight. Because of the pleats, the option of skinny fit is not the best one.


  • Vintage Ralph Lauren
  • Uniqlo trousers
  • Ralph Lauren belt

Joshua Kissi, Travis Gumbs, GQ Street Etiquette, GQ magazine, Style black, Black style, NYFW Etiquette, Montage fall 2010, Street Etiquette, Style Bloggers, Street Etiquette blog, Travis Gumbs

Day 2 -


Fit Description: Judging by this picture, we can all agree that a well-fitting blazer is essential in any man’s wardrobe. The fall season, where layering comes with comfort, I’d recommend having a creative mind with the concept. Here, Travis has a nice beige jean jacket under his blazer. I scored these nice velvet slippers from a brand inside of the U.S called Del Toro. It’s great  that  a $600+ price tag wasn’t attached to them, like usual velvet slippers.


Joshua Kissi, Travis Gumbs, GQ Street Etiquette, GQ magazine, Style black, Black style, NYFW Etiquette, Montage fall 2010, Street Etiquette, Style Bloggers, Street Etiquette blog, Travis Gumbs, Sebago Street Etiquette

Day 4 -


  • Vintage tweed blazer
  • Uniqlo oxford shirt
  • RL pocket square
  • Zara messenger bag
  • Vintage jeans
  • Sebago Boots

Once again, we paired up with good friend and film director Jake Davis. Street style photography is an influential medium for online readers to view the personal style of millions of different people throughout the world. I feel like street style video will have just as strong of an influence when done correctly, and Davis is the best example of why that is. His work provides the ideal mix of style and great music to create the perfect 60-second video. This time around, that mix includes some sound bytes by myself.


Fashion Night Out w/ Rugby

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Fashion Night Out at Rugby. Special thanks to Kerry Folan and the Ralph Lauren team.

(click for more photos)

Joshua Kissi, Travis Gumbs, GQ Street Etiquette, GQ magazine, Style black, Black style, NYFW Etiquette, Montage fall 2010, Street Etiquette, Style Bloggers, Street Etiquette blog, Travis Gumbs


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  • Tom

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    Inspirational as always.

  • Neef @ACLeagueLow

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    We wish we would have made it home for fashion week, but we are down in Delaware being studious. we hope you guys enjoyed it out there at the fits you’ve displayed are awesome combinations. i found myself in a fit similar to Trav on Day 1 about a week ago. Continue to be avid as much as we do fellas and thanks for the love and support as well.. From brotha to brotha

    Hanif Castle of ACL

  • johnique.chucks

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    I have to say, you two are a breath of fresh air. You just do it for me,your style is utterly impeccable. Just made my day

  • Seb

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    incredible as always

  • Lowhency

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    I love what both Josh & Travis wore on day one the most, I have a thing for sweaters and jean jackets. You guys give me inspiration to experiment with my wardrobe. Glad I had a chance to meet both of you guys during FNO!

  • Asheru

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    Are you sure those are Sebago boots?
    They look like Polo Ranger Boots

  • Prêt à Porter P

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    Congratulations on the feature. You guys always look impeccable.

    I just discovered Del Toro recently!!!! And especially a nice surprise that they are based maybe 2 hr (factoring in crazy Miami traffic) drive away from me, if I decide to check them out in person. How was the ordering process? Did you order the fit samples first?
    I’m planning on checking out Zara first though, I saw some velvet slippers on their website this season.

  • Joshua Kissi

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    @Asheru: Positive. They’re sebago collabs soon to be released. cant give out too much info.

  • Adam C

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    Guys- killing it as usual! Could you give some info on the accessories you guys are wearing in particular the beaded bracelets that Joshua is wearing. I’ve been trying to find something similar for a while now. Thank you!

  • Mike

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    What shows did you guys go to? Which ones did you like best?

  • Emil Costillo

        posted on September 18 , 2010 :

    Love the first picture of you guys – jean jacket looks ill!

  • Coldsun

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    Dope man…
    I remember running into you guys this week and asking you if you were having fun, and you said yes, and its well deserved… forreal… Every look from every day is hot.. But i’ll point out some specifics… first Day 2: This shot of you two walking across the grass in those blazers is epic… A awesome pic. I think Trav’s shirt on Day 5 is HOT andddd yo on Day 4 does anyone else notice that Trav is kinda channeling his inner Nick Wooster!!?!? Lol and thats whats up! Homie looks flawless… Lastly, yo Josh, that video is sick, its always good to hear peoples take on style, and you’re always well spoken, and it was shot great… Good stuff, those kicks are hot too in the video

  • Sheila

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    Wow your style is so nice! I’m going to write about you in my “swedish”-blog :D
    Really nice with NY Fashionweek, I know Tony Wang, Daniel Lindtröm and Elin Kling ho there now.


  • chris

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    your looks are great ,i thinks you two should creat the streetetiquette vintage line
    chrys from paris

  • Mademoiselle Marie

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    your pics are amazing !! i love your work.


  • Anonymous

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    Hey josh, this is a little off but i was wondering if you can wear clark wallabee boots in the snow?
    since your the expert , i thought i’d ask you. :)

  • Kristopher

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    After over a here of following your blog, this is honestly my favourite post you guys have done. Keep up the great work and I wish you continued success.

    _love and respect from canada_

  • Anonymous

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    My favorite post!

  • Daniel

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    The boots in travs last look are flawless the rest of the post is great!

  • Mr.Carter

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    You guys killed it once again..kudos.

  • CAS

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    You guys def murked it each day with the GQ feature. Especially loving the velvet slippers; gotta pick me up a pair!

  • David

        posted on September 19 , 2010 :

    Josh| That picture on the Rugby blog, where you are sitting, that is just amazing! Really turning me onto some great brands and some fashion sense.

  • helenalegrange

        posted on September 20 , 2010 :

    man… i love you guys…

  • Tariq Trotter

        posted on September 21 , 2010 :

    Josh I love the tweed blazer. I’ve been looking at getting one for awhile and have found several I am fond of on ebay but am a bt reluctant to buy them because a blazer is something that needs to fit jus right. How was your experience buying your’s online and did you have to get any tailoring done? Thanks a lot for any info. Continue to inspire.

  • johnry

        posted on September 21 , 2010 :

    Wow! That was so cool. I love those style. Thanks for the blog.

  • Luca

        posted on September 21 , 2010 :

    Great post and inspirational as always. Keep up the great work. I’m loving every post and it’s a breath of fresh air compared to what we’re being spoon fed here in Europe.

    Unfortunately, summer is definitely over here in Stockholm, so I’m looking forward to an autumn post.

  • Robert

        posted on September 21 , 2010 :

    That’s a nice tweed blazer. I swear I bought almost that exact same one, right down to the wooden buttons.

  • Thabo

        posted on September 22 , 2010 :

    When are those sebago boots Travis was wearing on day 4 of fashion week coming out?

  • joshua Kissi

        posted on September 22 , 2010 :

    @Tom: Thank you sir – inspirational to see these comments week by week.

    @Neef @ACLeagueLow: Thanks Neef – trust me it’s difficult balancing school and New York Fashion Week just ask Travis when you have class there might be a show you anticipated and was invited to – so you being in Delaware is a good thing and a bad thing but there’s many many more to come. make the tirip.

    @johnique.chucks: thank you Johnique ! always good receiving love from across the pond.

    @Seb: Thank you sir.

    @Lowhency: Definitely that makes perfect sense with Fall in full effect and Winter around the corner – and it was our pleasure to meet you on FNO – it’s always great to meet our readers in person even though that day was kind of hectic

  • Joshua Kissi

        posted on September 22 , 2010 :

    @Prêt à Porter P: Thank you pret-a-porter and you are totally right the brand del toro is based out of Miami and have their shoes made in Italy – they’re very comfortable and look amazing on the feet for the price point. If anyone would ask what’s a good brand to buy velvet slippers from without breaking the bank too much would recommend Del Toro. Although they do a lot of custom orders I’m more a fan of the simple designs.

    @Adam C: Thanks sir – as always always tell people got them from topman or vintage stores , or even street vendors in NYC – let me know how that goes

    @Mike: Ervell , Band , Ellis , Duckie Brown , Gstar , Gellar – I have to say I loved Gstars presentation when it came to the actual runway design and the way things were handled – I’d admit that most of the pieces I could never wear together but I think I could find a niche to wear each piece individually. Good stuff.

    @Emil Costillo: Thank you Emil, the jean jacket was given to me by a good friend because it couldln’t fit him properly been wearing it ever since lol. It’s really beat up and distressed.

    @Coldsun: It was definitely a week of style filled fun, like I told you Kofi it was definitely a good one this time around getting invited to more and more shows than before and not to mention the great fall weather to take advantage of. That grass shot was actually on top of a building structure in lincoln center where people come read books,relax,people watch etc never seen it before in my life lol. Nick Wooster is a hard guy to channel lol his great outfits I see he likes to use color just like myself and Travis , definitely one of the more stylish Americans lol. Thanks for the support kofi #blackivy

  • Tafari

        posted on September 23 , 2010 :

    So digging your blog & style!

  • TheFreshBreath

        posted on September 24 , 2010 :

    Those Sebago boots that Trav wore on day 4 are something serious. I cannot wait for those to surface. Question though do you guys have to get most of your sportcoats tailored?

  • Jan

        posted on September 24 , 2010 :

    @Thabo: Do you can also post the name of those boots? Are these bootlaces the original ones?

  • The Ca$h

        posted on September 25 , 2010 :

    Great Post.. personally I’m looking for new ideas in fashsion myself, you guys look awesome in your suits.
    Plus Ronnie Fieg bags matches your suits, they look like they could take the position of suit cases in everyday life.

  • Poetri

        posted on September 27 , 2010 :

    Joshua, I have a beige hat just like the one you are wearing, but mine is from Bailey Hollywood. I like how you mixed the gray blazer with the tan pants. Travis looks sharp. I like the messenger bags and newsboy cap; I have about five newsboy caps.

  • khordkutta

        posted on September 29 , 2010 :

    Just got hep to you fellas through GQ recently. Travis, you murdered that Day 4 look. You two are always put together nicely, Typically I couldnt see myself rockin the stuff you cats do, but that day 4……..woooooooo!!!

  • kels

        posted on September 29 , 2010 :

    you guys make me so happy. probably the chicest gentlemen i have ever seen. menswear can be just as inspirational to me as any women’s clothes!

    p.s. backyard bill is a great match for you!

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        posted on September 29 , 2010 :

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  • Sabir P.

        posted on October 1 , 2010 :

    Purely marveled at this piece of work. I can’t remember at time where I have seen such great style and consciousness for a group of people. All i can do is say thank you. This is a video that should be shown to the black youth of America to inspire a bit of wisdom with a touch of class.

  • Hayabusa Gurl

        posted on October 1 , 2010 :

    Excuse my English but, This post makes my mind go crazy! such eleganq looks

  • Angelo

        posted on October 1 , 2010 :

    Hey Joshua, just wanted to say that the looks are mind blowing. You will fit in well in the UK, because the majority of the people here dress like that, myself included. Brick lane and shoreditch are the hot spots for vintage clothing. Angelo UK love !

  • Prêt à Porter P

        posted on October 2 , 2010 :

    Thanks for your feedback on Del Torro. :)

  • C-thelight

        posted on October 17 , 2010 :

    Joshua and Travis, you guys are truly inspiring in every way. Creative and beyond expectation in fashion and also writings. Words fascinate me but you both are more than words !

  • Lamartoune

        posted on November 24 , 2010 :

    Hi, I d’ just like to know what’s the brand of the glasses you’re wearing in the Jake Davis test shot cause they’re absolutely amazing!
    Awsome blog too. Greetings from Switzerland

  • Mateo

        posted on December 8 , 2010 :

    Joshua, your outfit in that second picture is flawless and the pants on the first one…dope color!