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Joshua Kissi : This moment has to be one of the most pivotal for myself and Travis, providing our readers with actual tangible products to partake in our extensible journey ahead. We’re constantly inundated with questions pertaining to the start-up of our very own line, but with the self-realization that everything takes time and effort we choose to take gradual steps into the process. For some of our newer readers who haven’t heard of the Nexus Project below is a excerpt from the original post.

A dream for anyone that is a little more “enthusiastic than usual” about style or fashion would be to have their own branded product. While everyone here was stateside experiencing the brutal the winter, I was able to take a trip out to the Dominican Republic along with six influential bloggers to work on a unique opportunity called the Nexus Project.  Personally unaware of the amount of strenuous work that goes into designing and selecting certain leathers, it was an experience of a lifetime to happen upon. - excerpt from Original Sebago Nexus Project 06/9/2010

Fit Details : Joshua

Fit Details : Travis

  • Vintage paperboy
  • Vintage RL
  • Uniqlo pants
  • Tassel Moccasins ( Street Etiquette x Sebago )
  • Street Etiquette African Print Pocket Sqs – (Will hear more on that later)

Just in time for transition in seasons from Summer to Fall we present you our shoes with Sebago presented by Ronnie Fieg.

Tassel Moccasin & Lighthouse boot : These two shoes equally give you a sense of fall, with one slightly more minimal than the other. First up is the tassel moccasin, with a splash of color on a classic piece and interesting detail such as red tassels to provide a nice contrast. The Fortissimo of the collection – the lighthouse boot, with its 8 eyelet and classic silhouette, is great for F/W to pair over some nice denim or cords. Both shoes directly speak to different individuals but are cohesive in the design aspect of footwear as being classic go-to items.

The Street Etiquette Tassel Moccasin Shoe retails for $110 and the Lighthouse boot retails for $140. Both are limited in quantity and availability and will be releasing this fall 2010 ( September ) – expect a follow up post

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If you thought creating your very own shoes would be an easy task you are highly mistaken; it’s a composite procedure, from materials such as various leathers, nubucks,  lace stitches, soles and eyelets, all at your disposal to indulge in.  We bombarded the Sebago factory looking to express our stylistic tastes in these shoes, and even though it was challenging, I’m floored by the finish product at hand.

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Revolutionizing the concept of street style we teamed up with fellow Nexus Project participant and good friend, director/film maker Jake Davis, to provide additional visuals of the shoes in motion by shooting Travis. We had the pleasure of observing how the process of what may appear simple to us on the outside, comes to fruition from scratch.We first shot with Jake at the capsule trade-show several months ago leaving a notion that we had to recapture the same elements of style, but of course outdoors this time around.

Jake Davis Test Shots: Tassel Moccasin from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Ending note  : We would like to thank everyone at Sebago & Ronnie Fieg  for helping making this project come together – Gary, Tom, Caesar, Natalie and the countless workers who crafted our shoes for this project.

All photos by Rog Walker


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  • james

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    Bam! Done and done. This is a homerun out the park, boys.

  • jayar moten

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    I am pretty sure I just became inspired for the day. Not to mention I am pretty sure I want those boots.

  • Unyime Akpanudosen

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    This is excellent. What an opportunity presented to you gentleman and you thoroughly delivered. I am lusting for the lighthouse boot especially. Great job once again Josh and Travis!

    P.S. I picked up on the African Pocket Squares, look forward to hearing more about this. Way to represent.

  • Joshua Boll

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    That’s it! Those lighthouse boots were in a dream of mine. Perfect!

  • Kadeem J.

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    Good good stuff brothas

  • Phillip T. Annand

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    Grand proceedings as always. *Applause*

  • FWjimmey

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    I’ve been waiting for this post since I read about the project. Congrats guys

  • joseph a

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    so i’m assuming these won’t be on sale anytime soon?

  • E. Cesar

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    Now that I see the red Light Houses, I don’t know if I should’ve waited. Wasn’t expecting anymore colors. Red being one of my favorite colors and hard to fine in men’s footwear, you guys are denting my pockets with these pics, lol. I currently own the cognac color Light House boots which I’ve been practically wearing all summer and highly recommend. Very comfortable and versatile boots. Great Creation guys. Cheers!

    The Esoteric Fashionista

  • Tom

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    Amazing as always. I love the ideas behind the tassle loafers, much more interesting than the usual Aldens! Keep up the great work.

  • HeyJord

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    The tassel moccasin’s are really incredible. Job very well done.

  • sssence

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    What can I say? Wow. You guys have really gone above and beyond what we all expected. I think we’re all glad to see you guys doing what you love and I know that I’m enjoying every word of every post. Keep up the phenomenal job you’re doing!
    P.S. I want the boots too…

  • Jack

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    Usually I would probably not drop $110 on a pair of moccasins but these….these are changing that perspective.

    Very well done.

  • willy cheesesteak

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :


    What color are the soles on each of them? I can’t really tell.

  • Emil Costillo

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    I’m buying both of these immediately after they release.

    Inspiration at its finest.

    From the bottom up!

  • Adam

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    the red boots are FRESH

  • Suhaly B.

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    1. Wait. Travis AND Josh?! Same shoot?! What?! Am i dreaming?! You both look great! As usual

    2. NEED NEED and NEED the Lighthouse boots, asap….is there a hold button? :)

    3. All my love and respect for your creativity, always….

    -Suhaly B.
    Culture of Creativity

  • Coldsun

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    SMH… These joints are just ridiculous… All i have to say its, i seen The Lighthouse boots at “the shoot” and they are pretty incredible… No Gas… And the Moccasins are hot too!! Man…. Ya’ll are really doing it… Ok everyone in the Nexus project has done a good job so far, but you gentlemen are really showing out!… Look at what you’ve done, keep going!

  • mustbefire

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    Congratulations on the branding project…Those Lighthouse boots really pop, all while staying true to the classic fall aesthetic. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for SE.

  • Apuje

        posted on September 7 , 2010 :

    WoW. Though I rarely comment, I’m reading and constantly inspired by the journey. I’m not sure which shoes I like more. The detail in the moccasins are simply amazing and the boots speak for themselves. I have to incorporate both in an upcoming shoot.

    Thanks for the continuous inspirations.

  • Neef @ACLeagueLow

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    We as ACL are proud to say we know and follow SE. We plan to sport these great pairs of Sebago shoes proudly knowing that it was created from the minds of our peers; Street Etiquette and the great journey continues…

    Hanif Castle of ACL

  • Courtney Chenard

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    ::Uber stoked about this collaboration:: I am far beyond proud of you guys. Josh I applaud your drive its good o see young black men like this. Continue to do great things and I will be doing the same….I will def try to cop these im #secretly stoked about them ” I’ll do a feature on my blog if thats cool!!!!

  • 4,5,6

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    what in the blue hell? josh, you’re wearing a hat!

    lol, seriously though, you guys have really surprised me with how awesome your line is. the tassels on the moccs…ugh before i run off on redundancy i’ll stop.

    great post as always and i’m looking forward to playing around with various laces on the lighthouse boots, (there i go again lol)

  • Creative Silence

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Beautifully done. I look forward to getting my hands on both of those shoes when they drop. Will definitely blog about it if I can.


  • Burke Autumn

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    I love!

    Everything you guys are doing…

    It’s been amazing following your journey, keep it up. ;)

    One step at a time.

    -Burke Autumn
    The Conversation Piece

  • John James

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    The lighthouse boots are amazing, definitely on my get list. Great job fellas

  • Prêt à Porter P

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Congratulations on your collaboration! The shoes look like they turned out exceptionally well, I hope they are successful.

  • Tev

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Wicked post ! you guys hit the nail on the head once again and, those Tassel Moccasins are a must have.
    Congrats guys

  • CAS

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Damn guys.. killing it once again! Love the new product. This is a great step in your progress, can’t wait to see what you come out with next.

    Keep inspiring.

  • EC

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Good job with the shoes. No video with the lighthouse boot?

  • Jarrett

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Incredible stuff here. Seeing two young guys getting it done is very inspiring. Think I’m gonna have to pick up those Mocs.

  • SpaceMane

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :


  • mark.t

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    I’m not going to gas you guys up, love the style but the design is weak you had the whole factory at your disposal, swing and miss on this side!!! proof that just having a sense of style don’t = designer…

  • Kenny

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

  • Emil Costillo

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    ^ A very bitter man indeed – take the hate back you where ever you spawned from.

    karma is a bitch.

  • Joshua Kissi

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Wow I’m floored by the comments of appreciation

    Really inspires us and hope it inspires you guys!

    Thank you for taking part in the journey

    Expect a follow up post very soon on the availability of purchasing them. – in the next week or so.


  • fasasha

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Amazing work guys! it’s sad these won’t be available in sizes for women(we need boots too!)lol. Congrats!

  • David Albert

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    How’s it been? From this post I can tell that from the looks of things everything is well. I see the Sebago collaborations and they are clean. The tassels in burned red are dope. I am excited again for you gents with you “taking names and collab-ing” with them approach, after all this business should be treated like a family affair. But why am I telling you two this you know already…Hahha


        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Really amazing guys! Definitely an inspiration to all of the up and coming bloggers out there.

  • EastParkBKLYN

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Definitely blown away by these shoes guys. Awesome job. Also you continue to kill it with the accessories! Joshua – where can I pick up those beaded bracelets? Thanks

  • JLouie

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    The boots are sweet with the nice deep red. I especially like the moccasin tassel loafers, the red tassels, burgundy trim, and leather stitch are details that make them unique.

  • isaacS

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    I like the boots are all sizes comming out ?

  • Pat Dempsey

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    I need those boots badly. Watching your ascent is pretty damn inspiring.

  • Dj McDonald

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    Wow! Excellent Job… What can i say that everybody else hasn’t.

    This is one blog that i check out almost everyday. I get to work, and click on favorites. Great Job guys. Keep it up…

    I need to get those Light house Boots!!

  • @laura_luna

        posted on September 8 , 2010 :

    wow. The boots are just…wow.

    Somehow I feel that BOTH of these shoes are going to wind up on my girlfriend’s Lust List for fall. Thanks in advance for the dent in my pocket but more important is the level of dapper that these are going to take my honey to!

    Good job!

  • John James

        posted on September 9 , 2010 :

    Hey Travis

    Can you tell me what khaki pants you’re wearing in the Moccasin test shots video? been lookin’ for some nice blue khakis but have been unsuccesful so far, and those look great. Thanks in Advance

  • Trav

        posted on September 9 , 2010 :

    @John James: they are uniqlo. Thanks

  • Travis Gumbs

        posted on September 9 , 2010 :

    I just want to give a big BIG thanks to not only Sebago and everyone involved for making this tremendous opportunity happen but also a huge thanks to all of you guys that showed us soooo much love and support from day 1. You guys inspire us to stay focus and keep working hard. You seriously make Streetetiquette.. Thanks so much!!

  • JustLoveDesign

        posted on September 9 , 2010 :

    Well done brothers, I love the loafers, can’t wait to purchase.

    Continue all the hard work. All that you guys have seen and done over the past couple years has been so well deserved.


  • Byron Edwards

        posted on September 9 , 2010 :

    I will camp out for the lighthouse boots. Well done!

  • Donyelle

        posted on September 10 , 2010 :

    Clearly I have to agree with everyone’s comments. I have brought both Marcus Troy’s and Jake Davis’s Nexus releases and will be adding these to the list! To echo a comment from above though, where did Joshua get those beaded bracelets from? Nice work.

  • John

        posted on September 10 , 2010 :

    Fantastic Red Shoes

  • Makyra

        posted on September 10 , 2010 :

    First off I’m also astonished that Josh is wearing a hat lol(actually saw you last week n you were wearing a cap), the hats are coming thru for you see.
    Second…there’s really nothing I can say that hasn’t been said yet..congrats on the creations guys. Classical thinking and creativity at its best. I’m really feeling the Moccasins, a must have for me!
    (Will it be possible to purchase online?)

    Congrats again and keep doing your thing! Keep doing it for your readers.

  • Poetri

        posted on September 10 , 2010 :

    Nice to see young Black brothers making major moves. Sebago has always been one of my favorite shoe companies. I love both of your outfits and expecially the colors. The outfit and the African-inspired necklace that Travis is wearing is dope on another level. You two are diffently artists.

  • Allroundgyal

        posted on September 11 , 2010 :

    Hi friends,
    first of .. thanks for adding my link ! really appreciate that, I will add your’s as well

    second, these colors are such a pleasure for my eyes! And then I am talking about the reds, the boots of Joshua and the wine red pants of Travis and both your accessory! I have earrings from Ghana with the same white&brown african mask,love it.

  • Daniel

        posted on September 12 , 2010 :

    Love the boots. Will you ship internationally? Say, to Australia?

  • burhan619

        posted on September 12 , 2010 :

    This is style. Where has this blog been my whole life?… gonna need to snag those moccs with a quickness.

  • Christina of Profresh Style

        posted on September 12 , 2010 :

    Congrats again to both of you. That is so amazing and wonderful to see bloggers branching out and launching careers from this innate platform. I enjoyed talking with you Joshua! Talk care & the images will be up soon!


  • Jerry St Aubin

        posted on September 12 , 2010 :

    Absolutely Monumental. Sebago Made a Very Wise Choice. The Tassle Loafers And Lighthouse Boots Are Ooozing With Swagger.

  • The Prestige

        posted on September 13 , 2010 :

    I really like how the red in the shoes pops up the outfit. It was a great way to set up your get’up. What are the shipping costs to Canada?

  • Marc

        posted on September 14 , 2010 :

    Damn, and I mean damn. These are two of the sweetest pairs of shoes I have ever seen. I usually just think a pair shoes goes well with an outfit or clothes but these are incredible. I will definitely be buying one of these when they come out.

  • Anastasia

        posted on September 14 , 2010 :

    What great style Guys!!!

    Loving the accessories…


  • Zack Repko

        posted on September 15 , 2010 :

    Love the Nexus Project. I met Josh the other day outside of Starbucks. I’m really into what your guys are doing. I shot the In Style Blogger Luncheon last weekend & thought you guys should have been there. Big ups.

  • Christopher

        posted on September 15 , 2010 :

    Hey guys, once again you’ve hit it out of the park. These two pairs are absolutely beautiful! I just have one question: unfortunately where I live, there are no retail locations that sell Sebago, and I’ve never owned a pair before. I wear plenty of Sperrys and since I know you both do as well, how is the sizing of the boat shoes compared to Sperry? Would I be the same size in both brands do you think? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Take care.


  • Sean

        posted on September 16 , 2010 :

    @HeyJord: that’s exactly what I wanted to say, so I second that! Amazing.

  • The Ca$h

        posted on September 25 , 2010 :

    The Ronnie Fieg & Tassel Moccasin look awesome, i’ll pick up next pay check.
    I have bags similiar to the Ronnie Fieg, but not as elegant.. thanks for the great fashsion tips.

  • Tim

        posted on October 19 , 2010 :

    any idea where i can get the boots? or if they will be available on that site again?