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Travis Gumbs: Who said men cant wear slip-ons? During these summer days I’ve opted for a pair of espadrilles undeniably more than any of my many shoes; most of which stay trapped in my closet failing to see this season’s daylight. Perhaps it’s the sheer simplicity that compliments almost any outfit, adding a clean, cool, laid-back feel. There is no question that France and Spain are home to some of the most stylish individuals. With that being said, its easy to see why espadrilles have been quite popular across the pond for some time now. Espadrilles are viewed by many men in the U.S. as “too feminine”, this summer however I’m seeing more and more men harvesting the courage to struct confidently in these badboys.

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The espadrille, a canvas sandal with a flexible rope bottom was popularized by the french during the 19th century. This hand crafted shoe was often constructed in the village streets with the alpargateros (espadrille maker) creating the rope sole while the seamstresses sewed the fabric at the bands. Espadrilles are certainly not made to last, they are a preferred shoe by many in the spring and summer months because the sole forms itself to the shape of one’s foot and allows it to breath.

Fit Details: Uniqlo oxford shirt, Save Khaki corduroy shorts, Soludos espadrilles – click for variety.

I choose a pretty basic outfit to display the cool, simple summertime look that is often accommodated by espadrilles. I got my blue/white Soludos espadrilles from Steven Alan at a very reasonable price tag of $28. When buying espadrilles it is very important to size down a full size. The canvas will stretch out quite a bit.

The neckerchief is inspired by Ouigi Theodore (The Bearded Man) of  BKc, someone whom one can always turn to for some new stylistic ideas.

Meet Adam Rogers, designer, friend and all out stylish bloke. I especially wanted to feature this London native in this post because he has a knack for implementing his personal style through the simplest of getups. From his T-shirt to his self-made loose fitting shorts, a combination that can easily come across as sloppy and apathetic on others. Its a real skill to wear such a simple outfit and show such a dynamic sense of style. Of course there is much more to his look thats goes deeper than the shirt and pant; his hair, sunglasses, jewelry, bag and of course shoes all work in perfect coherence. 

Location: “The South Street Seaport is a historic area in the New York City borough of Manhattan, located where Fulton Street meets the East River, and adjacent to the Financial District. The Seaport is a designated historic district, distinct from the neighboring Financial District. It features some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan, and includes the largest concentration of restored early 19th-century commercial buildings in the city. This includes renovated original mercantile buildings, renovated sailing ships, the former Fulton Fish Market, and modern tourist malls featuring food, shopping and nightlife, with a view of theBrooklyn Bridge. At the entrance to the Seaport is the Titanic Memorial lighthouse.”

Picture of alpargatero and seamstress.

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  • sssence

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Have 2 pair of espadrilles myself. This is a great post about a great summer shoe. Nice one fellas!

  • Joshua Kissi

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Essential summer post here -

    Although some may have a love/hate relationship with the espadrilles you have to admit that they are comfortable in the summer time where most people look to be cool/comfortable as possible.

  • Neef @ACLeagueLow

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    I definitely have a pair by TOMS. I really enjot what they are doing with the charity also. Great post again guys

    Hanif Castle of ACL

  • 206

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    so many of your posts remind me of things i already own and have not pulled out for the season. i love being reminded of these things.
    i know what im wearing tomorrow.
    as always, great post. by far one of my favorite blogs.

  • Coldsun

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    No joke, i was instantly struck by the images… These are some really nice pictures, as usual…
    Now, im not really a sunglasses dude, but i think Adam’s are dope…
    And Travs shorts are hot… I’m feeling the fit and look of them…
    Ya’ll look fresh… Good post…

  • CSP

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Nice. I wore espadrilles a great deal as a kid (1980s). Of course, I was living overseas, so it wasn’t unusual.
    I have a question: How does one tie a hankerchief around one’s neck like that?

  • king ddt

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Been on the (Po)Lo espadrilles since ’90. I use to catch so much hell/flack. Nonetheless, cat’s didn’t realize they were almost similar to hood karate shoes.
    Then came along TOMs. I can’t front i didn’t trust them at first ’till my girl came home with two pairs for me. Thyey are alright. the hype jacked the price tho

  • king ddt

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    I’m So thankful for this site. Your comment is so true. You have these pieces they just add freshness too it.

  • The Ca$h

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    This Post Looks Over the WeekEnd… 8/7/2010
    Anyway I have to agree that Espadrilles Or better than vans..
    & a bit more Fashsionable than any other low shoes.


        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    For years I’ve been getting my espadrilles at – they have a large selection and all from Spain and France. A friend gave me a pair of Soludos but the quality was just not the same – they are made in Bangladesh. The Spanish and French just know how to do it better.

  • joei AT urbangeek

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    #Nice. I always wondered what the actually style of shoes were. When I ask people they’re like “Toms” and I’m like no Toms is the brand…. They are a good look for summer. Thanks for the insight

  • Stephen

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Espradrilles are grounded as a Summer staple, and rightly so. A high quality pair, like any footwear is essential, however. Or else be warned of the ensuing odour as a reuslt of overwearing in the hot weather. A great post, as always.


  • Prêt à Porter P

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Ever since Kris Van Assche showed them in his 2nd runway collection, I have liked the look of espadrilles on men.

  • Fashion UK

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Cool images – I like the shirts you’re both wearing.

  • James Lum

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    As much as I appreciate the history behind the espadrilles, I gotta say I think TOMS are the best substitute right now, as some of you alluded to. What they are doing is too great to over-look.

    Great stuff, as always.

  • Joshua Kissi

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    James I partially agree with you about TOMS donating a pair to a child in need every time we purchase one. In good news they just gave away their millionth pair last week – it’s kind of awesome when they’re going to a good cause.

  • Milyaka Hooks

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Very handsome…

  • mat ahoy

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    brilliant location! looks perfect. both look awesome too with a hint of nostalgia. they have became really popular over the pond in he last year and now all the “trendy” high street types have ruined them. still, if you wear them in a smarter way you can’t look wrong

  • Soludos

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    What a fantastic shoot. But then I would say that as we are trying very hard to bring the summer essential of espadrilles to the US. You can pick up Soludos at Steven Alan, Ron Herman, Surf Lodge, Sunset Beach and lots of other great stores. Or select from the full range at As an added extra we created a summer album of great tunes like The Drums, The Like and Femi Kuti – you can download it free at the site.

  • Travis Gumbs

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    @James Lum:
    James, I get what you are saying, I love TOMS, the buy one give one is an excellent idea. I even own a pair or two. I actually did think about adding TOMS into this post, however they are not the traditionally made espadrilles that I was alluding to in this post. there is no stitched on rope soles etc. TOMS are more of an updated, modern day espadrille. I would actually give it a post of its own.

  • Aaron

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Excellent, excellent, excellent post! Great job! you guys step it up with every post man. The photography is just amazing, very on point, and the fashion no words to explain it, the way you guys arrange things is comparable to a sound engineer and a hot track, yal are mad dope man. Also yall don’t pay a lot to dress this fresh, I need to start shopping on ebay, and thrift stores more, I already only buy things on sale, but man yall need to start your own stylist company, you would do GREAT!

  • Juella

        posted on August 13 , 2010 :

    Great post! Just the other day I was exploring male summer shoe options and came across these espadrilles. They’re a nice departure from sneakers for the summertime, but like you mentioned alot of men consider them too feminine. If I were a guy, they’d be a definite summer staple!

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  • CAS

        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

    Espadrilles are HUGE as a summer shoe over in Europe. Glad to see more fellas rockin’ the espos over here. I love the neckerchief as well, adding to the whole french flair vibe you are trying to exude in your outfit, Trav. Any tips on where to find a good collection of kerchiefs?

  • Sak

        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

    Great Outfit. I was going to start sporting the neckerchief’s as well! Yea, any tips where I could find them?

  • Philip Green

        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

    Wow, Mr. Rogers surely is on point in this post! Great summer look!


        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

    Aloha Travis, another outstanding post, and great way to incorporate the Toms, with the seaport, whites, blues and stripes. An extremely well thought out theme, as always.

  • EC

        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

    In the US, Espadrilles are just house shoes lol. Great post though cause I never knew the real name.

  • Miguel

        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

    Hey guys showing you some west coast love awesome style and web page. This is Miguel from Lanceur De Mode, hoping we can start networking with you guys and shine some light on men’s style here on the west coast. You inspire both my business partner and I to post men’s fashion on our blog, we’re XL robust men with style. Let me know if we can send you guys some pics of us so you can post on SE to showcase large men.

  • Miguel

        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

  • syoulee

        posted on August 14 , 2010 :

    Both of you guys look great! I’m not used to seeing men wear espadrilles! I must say it is refreshing! lol

  • Marcos

        posted on August 15 , 2010 :

    Please chek my site , lots of spadriles

  • Itoro Udoko

        posted on August 15 , 2010 :

    you guys come correct every time. im digging the espadrilles. i personally don’t own any. but having shoes in ur arsenal other than sneakers, loafers, and boats is always a good idea. i rarely see espadrilles on the clothing sites i frequently visit though. what legit lines sell them? aside from the link u provided above? once again. quality post.

  • ClevelandAlthea

        posted on August 15 , 2010 :


    Lots of people in particular men may not come to terms with putting on espadrilles but I think the more stylish guys can pull it off effortlessly like you gentleman here. I particularly love when guys wear them like my Grandfather used to in Italy all the time.

    Great blog post guys!

  • Aaron Christian

        posted on August 16 , 2010 :

    Love the men’s jewelry!

  • Frans

        posted on August 16 , 2010 :

    Really nice pictures! But too femenin? Then you´ve never been on a beach in Europe.

  • Jason

        posted on August 16 , 2010 :

    Espadrilles are far, far too gay for most straight guys to seriously pull them off.

  • Martin

        posted on August 16 , 2010 :

    Jason, to answer to your comment, i believe that Espadrilles are not gay in the slightest. But, I do recognize more these days that gay men tend to dress better than the straighter guys. And unfortunately, i can see why the homosexuals scare the the men who are homophobic or dont want to be considered gay away from Espadrilles because they are too arrogant and/or ignorant to understand what these casual sandles are for. It does not make sense. People care too much about what others think today than how they feel themselves. Its as though they have lost all sense of self…

    Duke of Windsor wore Espadrilles all the time back in his hey day. I dont see anyone mentioning his sexuality!


  • morningaftershow

        posted on August 16 , 2010 :

    wow… you guys always inspire me one day visit NYC!

  • 4,5,6

        posted on August 16 , 2010 :

    i’m glad you mentioned how frail the espadrilles are because functionally speaking, both you and josh have consistently been bewildering me when it comes to footwear. whether it be posts where you’re sock-less in clarks/sebagos/whatever or more commonly, loosely lacing your boots without having any problem in terms of walking! ugh…

    as for the post, thanks for the heads up because i’ve always wanted to wear these, but pulling them off is the issue. what’s your take on sandals in the city?

    ^*martin hit home with that comment! i say it better but it’s the truth, men are really self conscious about what others are dwelling on, but that’s a whole other story….plus, do you really think he even knows who duke of windsor is?

  • 4,5,6

        posted on August 16 , 2010 :

    *i couldn’t say it better<—–

  • Lizzy

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    I love espadrille slides! I studded mine out. This point may be unrelated seeing that I’m a girl but yeah, I definitely think it’s a fly look for guys lol.

  • apeakintime

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    not a big espadrille fan, although I think they are a great alternative for flip flops on the beach. What is most intresteing about this post though is Adams haircut, wow! Amazing looking, neat and tidy with the tapered sides and neck, like a lotof mens haircuts during the 50s, yet still fitting for a young, stylish man like Adam!

  • blvckrainbow

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    u gotta agree this looks great only if you have a pair of lean legs

  • MrJeffery

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    I love the striped ones. Great post.

  • OTC

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    Great to see Adam Rogers – a very sharp guy.

  • Valentine

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    Well came on that blog by “accident” … nice to see that mister Rogers still got his style …
    Did you guys go sailing? ;)
    -diary of a fashion stylist-

  • illtek

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    Love the new layout fellas. I have a couple pair of Toms. One pair I wear as house shoes all the time, very comfy. The other pair is a tan burlap and I have a hard time wearing them outside of the house. They feel a little too feminine to me. It’s obviously a personal problem but I appreciate your commitment to the look. Nice post.

  • Travis Gumbs

        posted on August 17 , 2010 :

    @Neef @ACLeagueLow: Yea i have to agree with you, TOMs charity is pretty awesome.

    @206: Ha!, well thats the point.. to make what we all have in our closets exciting.

    @Coldsun: Thanks for the love once again. I’m not a sunglasses guy either but after Adam showed up in those, I just might have to make an investment.

    @CSP: There are different ways to tie a hankerchief around the neck, I used this method using just a regular bandana

    @king ddt: haha!.. yea man TOMS are cool.. they are a little overpriced but because of the buy one give one thing I guess its justifiable to some extent.

    @The Ca$h: Yup.. I have to agree.. I have nothing against vans or any other low profile casual shoe but its something about espadrilles that add a different steeze.

    @HERMESLUNA: Thanks much for pointing that out ..I’ll be sure to check those out.

  • Adam

        posted on August 18 , 2010 :

    Guys and Ladies,
    i appreciate the compliments and all…
    To the boys who need a good Hair cut or new barber to check, go to ‘Changing Faces’ in Fortgreene.
    My boy Robby cuts my hair and always does a quality job of it. Can do anything you ask for…


  • dmwalking

        posted on August 20 , 2010 :

    What a coincidence. I got a couple pair a couple days ago….and I have Trav to thank for it from an older post. I’m one of those who said they were too feminine until I saw trav kill it and make them look quite manly. Great post. And I love Adam’s style. Dudes sleep on his style cuz it’s soooo subtle and he intentionally doesn’ t try to stand OUT as much as he uses subtlety to stand APART. Does he have a blog similar to this? I’d love to see more shots of him.

    Keep up the good work fellas.

  • Unyime Akpanudosen

        posted on August 20 , 2010 :

    Good eye for the Espadrilles. I don’t see anything wrong with flats in this case. It’s more of an age old cultural item as you stated which knew no gender. I agree with what’s said above about TOMS. Even with a higher price, I’ve wanted a pair of the TOMS ideally because of their message. Another informative post from the East Coast gentleman. Keep it up you guys!

  • izzy

        posted on August 21 , 2010 :

    I dig your friend’s style a lot! Love the shorts and the jewelry.

  • javito

        posted on August 23 , 2010 :

    Great looks! and cool blog! Congratult. :-)
    Xo Xo

  • 4,5,6

        posted on August 24 , 2010 :

    please tell me someone knows where to find these:

  • D.

        posted on August 26 , 2010 :

    I didn’t know someone said men couldn’t wear slip-ons?! Once again AMAZING styling! I have a pair of these and they are perfect for clean, simple outfits to wear in the sweltering California heat I live in.

  • The Ca$h

        posted on September 25 , 2010 :

    Great Post…
    I purchased these shoes @ HM.. & I must admit.. i’m in love.

  • Bombchell - in Atlanta

        posted on September 27 , 2010 :

    wow Adam’s super hot!!! he’s my newest crush lol

  • hl

        posted on October 21 , 2010 :

    Can I have the information of Adam’s bag?

  • JK

        posted on October 21 , 2010 :

    It’s a vintage bag from the UK – amazing I know!

  • bigdaddyblues

        posted on February 4 , 2011 :

    Gentlemen, it is so refreshing to see classic styles come back into favor and especially when they are given a new and funky spin to jazz up an old look. I remember my high school and collenge days when espadrilles were and essential element of my spring and summer wardrobe… I had them in every colour imaginable and in leather as well as canvas. Well they are simply perfect for summer and can be left outside to dry in the sun when they have got to wet to be comfortible or when caught in the rain. Mostly they are able to be worn with both casual or more dressy trousers. I find that they go easily with a nice pair of cotton and linen slacks and in some situations where I wear a casual summer suit, (as I often go sockless in the heat), they are the perfect shoe to complement my look. I would go so far to say that I would like to see them made in fine madras, silk, linen, and other fine warm weather fabrics even with a leather sole. The other great thing about espadrilles is that they are so inexpensive that they are easily disoposed when they become too worn. Yes, ive tried machine washing them but nothing beats cleaning them with a toothbrush and some mild bleach or cleaning agent, (no bleach if they are coloured).

  • GTM

        posted on March 24 , 2011 :

    Are those persol shades the 0649′s? Love the look

  • Aliaksandr

        posted on May 29 , 2012 :

    In my country people still wear flip-flops with sock. I should translate this post and spread it around so people will know what light summer footwear looks like.

  • KylePAVONES2

        posted on May 21 , 2013 :

    Do you know what type of hair cut the african american guy has? I’d like to get that type of cut and i don’t know what it is specifically do you know the actual type?

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