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JKISSI: Today, we’re going to stray from the normal events of formulated post on my and Travis’s latest sartorial endeavors. Everyone has them: The photo albums we sometimes refuse to visit because of some rather embarrassing photo moments from stages in our lives which bring back nostalgic feelings.

I randomly came across piles of family photo albums and began to follow suit by cleaning off the flakes of dust toppled on the covers. My parents’ loyal enthusiasm for taking photographs during any event with significance left a visual story without words.

Our posts have always contained an element about reflecting on the past. This time around, though, we chose pictures of ourselves from the late 1990s instead of pictures from the early-to-mid 1900s. Diverging from our usual editorial-esque posts, Travis and I provide a more personal look into our earlier lives with little resentment.

It seems we grow up in a heartbeat, often forgetting these types of moments that were filled with pondering on what was yet to come. The rather interesting point is we all go through many styles from our adolescent years to adulthood, depending on how we choose to identify ourselves at that moment.

Jeremiah Nuahmah, Jeremiah Kissi, Jeremiah Kissi, Crewcuts model kid

(Photo from 2010)

Growing up quickly, Jeremiah may have a different aesthetic from the usual five-year-old kid. He has play dates on the weekends and he’s still a kid who loves to return home with stains all over his clothes. With technology altering the way we live our lives, things may be slightly different for this spelling-bee champion Jeremiah when it’s time to look back. Instead of flipping through an old photo album, all he may have to do is look online to find his own pictures on his uncle’s blog.

(Photos from 1994-1998)

In these pictures, you see a turtleneck tucked into trousers, multi-colored button-up shirts, and loud color palettes. I can still somewhat sense a connection to my style presently. To see myself in what looks to be a double-breasted suit brings a smile to my face, totally aware that in a previous post, I mentioned my unique admiration to possess one.


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  • Abu

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    Hahahahah This is a good post. I love looking at my old photos. It gives me a retrospective on my life.

  • Robert I. Brown

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    Man, grand post. This update reminds me of those little clothes I’ve found that my mom and dad dressed me in. They’ll now be saved for my little man. I really enjoyed viewing those throwbacks of you and Trav. Cheers.

  • Tricia

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    That jeremiah is definitely a hottie!!! Who is his mother! She’s got great fashion style!!!

  • JaVonn

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    I loved this post! I am going to dig up some old photos now to see how my stye has transformed.

  • Mr. Sartorial

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    Great post! As soon as I saw that DB jacket I thought that in your recent post you look like just a larger version of that little kid you used to be. Very cool. I’m very impressed how well-dressed you guys are at that age. It must run in the family, because I admit I didn’t discover any semblance of style until I was probably about 19. Really interesting to see the old photos though.

  • Hank Rosenberg

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    This post proves why this blog is one of the best men style blogs out there a array of different post all correlating to your personal growth in style and in life.

    Great post once again gentleman.

    Jeremiah is definitely a dapper kid in his own circle – he should have his own blog soon.

  • winter

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    You two are the cutest kids I have ever seenYour clothing is amazing. thankyou for sharing these awesome and personal photos.
    have fun winter

  • JLouie

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    This really shows how our past exposures influence our preferences today. Really cool stuff. And Jeremiah knows how to dress! I remember you mentioning that he chooses to dress like that out of his own will, which blows my mind. Another excellent post. :)

  • Tom

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    Thank you so much for sharing these photos! They are brilliant, I do not think I was ever so well dressed when I was younger!

  • Jonathan

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    Haha ill post man and its funny how you mentioned old photo albums that we are often reluctant to crack open lol. It was that very reason why my brother and I started our blog, so that possibly 10-15 years from now we could look back on our lives and see what we were doing or what we were interested in. I feel that its very important to reflect back on earlier moments in our personal timelines…in doing this, we truely see what we came from and it helps us determine where we are headed. The most interesting part about looking back on old photos is the evolution of both style and character however little details always seem to reoccur…In your case that double breast blazer outfit was destined to be a hit lol. Keep killing it my brutha…Bless

  • Prêt à Porter P

        posted on June 4 , 2010 :

    These are ADORABLE, the the poses are priceless too.

  • Kadeem J.

        posted on June 5 , 2010 :

    This posts touched home man. Our style from the past always reflects our style of the present. Special thanks to our parents for raising us with great taste!

    P.S. little J is killing it at such a young age…I can’t get over how smooth he is man

  • Aaron White

        posted on June 5 , 2010 :

    Jeremiah is sharp!

  • LOLA

        posted on June 5 , 2010 :

    This is just about the cutest thing ever. Especially your nephew!
    It’s funny remembering those 90s clothes :o
    What island is travis from? My family is Antiguan, Trini, and Guyanese



        posted on June 5 , 2010 :

    @Abu: Definitely does gives you a glimpse of your past life that a lot seem to forget because our busy daily lives but just to flip through it every once a while could be good for your health lol.

    @Robert I. Brown: Thanks Robert – Unfortunately all of these clothes were donated to the salvation army for some fortunate families to buy – but yeah memories lol

    @Tricia: His mother is my older sister – thanks I’ll pass your thoughts

    @JaVonn: Definitely a good thing to do – you know our parents always wanted the best for us so image presentation was a important aspect of growing up – bet you’ll find some great pics

    @Mr. Sartorial: Thank you kind sir. Yes at that age our parents definitely pushed a great aesthetic on us but believe me after some years when you given the permission to dress yourself thats when things go downhill lol – but hey you live and learn from what you experienced cant be mad at all.


        posted on June 5 , 2010 :

    @Hank Rosenberg: Thank you Hank – Jeremiah lol could be contributing to SE when he gets a bit older who knows lol that would be something when he’s 13-14 years old to write article post for SE and post outfit pictures.

    @winter: No problem at all winter – this blog is something personal for myself and Travis nothing too commercial and mainstream that’s why so important for us to express post like this may not be as popular as our regular ones but hey we love it.

    @JLouie: Something very special in the little guy maybe from just seeing people like me and being on the ‘sewn from the soul’ set has really cemented his mind in whats great to wear during his adolescent years at least – There is a some correlation in the way we dress today to back then which is pretty intriguing.

    @Tom: Thank you Tom!

    @Jonathan: You’re absolutely right on that it’s interesting how photographs could bring so many memories back into thought that you didn’t know were there. You look at a certain picture and you remember that day specifically what you were doing – Exactly with technology playing a immense role in that we get to look back many years from now and it will all still be here just as it was when you first saw it. Definitely a important thing with style and character we stress that a lot someone may have the perfect look/style but they don’t have that substance or character so it contradicts there.

  • CalvinBKcSF

        posted on June 5 , 2010 :

    Haha! Trav still got the same expressions! Great post. When people ask to describe your personal style it is difficult to explain because it is always evolving. There’s nothing better than describing it at it’s roots, where it all started, as a kid.

  • Stephen

        posted on June 5 , 2010 :

  • Emily

        posted on June 6 , 2010 :

    That’s why you gentleman dress so well lol its been embedded in you guys lol

  • Pawe? Zegarow

        posted on June 6 , 2010 :

    Great pics. I like it.

  • FamLay

        posted on June 8 , 2010 :

    HA, you guys need to see mine. Kudos on the pigeon shot.

  • Anthony

        posted on June 9 , 2010 :

    cool post guys, nice to stray away from the usual. when i find old pics of myself sometimes im suprised by how dressed i am, (if its before i went through the style obsessive phase) its cool to see what used to look good to you but doesnt anymore lol.

    I GOT A REQUEST FOR YOU GUYS: since the summer is coming, can you do a post on the dos and donts of rolling up your pants/jeans. i want to be able to wear my jeans in the summer but im unsure about how to pull off the rolled up pants look

  • Cameron

        posted on June 10 , 2010 :

    …that shot on the slide is great guys…and the cinematic clip of my man from the model show is priceless….see you soon somewhere….

  • miss infamous

        posted on June 12 , 2010 :

    I LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  • sts

        posted on June 18 , 2010 :

    Great info, thanks for useful article. I’m waiting for more

  • SwanDiamondRose

        posted on June 21 , 2010 :

    Styling all the way.

    I was as a stylish kid. A clothing obsessed kid really.

    I want to see you in your awkward phases! God knows I had them.

  • tami

        posted on September 28 , 2010 :

    Looking good, the lil boy is adorable! I showed my son your site he thinks you guys dress cool! He said yall “beastin”lol.

  • Millie Schauble

        posted on October 18 , 2010 :

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