Headwear Etiquette: The Newsboy Cap General Style 44 Comments

Trav : As I was looking through our past posts, I realized we’ve never done an entry on headwear. Since I’m the proud owner of the BKc 8-Panel Hat, it’s befitting that I did a post on the newsboy cap. The newsboy cap, also known as the Bake Boy, Apple Cap, Lundberg Stetson, and of course, Eight Panel, first gained popularity in Europe and United States during the late 19th century. Along with the Flap Cap, the newsboy cap was worn mostly by working-class men, hence its name.

What I like most about these hats is their ability to change the entire aura of an outfit. They implement a different type of “cool,” which I find very much refreshing. Take a look at the 1975 movie Cooley High and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. All of the main characters, in their everyday wear, sported a variation of this cap. These hats flawlessly added some charisma to their ensemble.

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Fit details: BKc 8-Panel Hat, J.Crew multicolored corduroy shirt, Goodwood x Chace Infinite Africa necklace, Nudies, Clarks Desert Boots:

The J.Crew shirt was yet another lucky eBay find. It’s now one of the most unique shirts I own. The details and color placement are both great, and the fact that it’s corduroy adds to its uniqueness. I really like the BKc hat, too. The red silk lining and leather sweatband make for a justifiable price. I don’t usually wear it buttoned out, but I wanted to show the versatility of hats like this. The buttoned out look works really well for people with long hair.

Photography/Video : While scouting out an area to shoot this quick video, I thought to myself, “Why not shoot it at the BKc?” It was the perfect call seeing as all of the guys at the store happened to be wearing the hat that day. If you haven’t already, be sure to check the store out. It has a cool, laid-back, welcoming aura. Much thanks to Adam Kerchman for bringing yet another post to life with this video.

Location: The Brooklyn Circus- 150 Nevins Street, Brooklyn NY

Headwear Etiquette : The Newsboy Cap from Street Etiquette on Vimeo.

Reggae legend Peter Tosh and the cast from Cooley High sport the cap below.

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  • TheSkipper

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Another great post and video….you all were in the shop the same day I went by (i went earlier tho) lol, and seeing that goodwood piece is really making me consider that as my next purchase. classic as always, good stuff.

  • Unyime Akpanudosen

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Really like how you styled this here! Such a huge inspiration of mine…It’s good to see something as classic and “old” such as a newsboy cap being worn by younger gentleman in a stylish way. I learn a lot from you guys (education wise). I admire that it’s more than just the fashion, but the history behind it. Keep up the great work guys!

    PS: You all are the reason I have a growing obsession for Clark’s suede desert boots. SO many colors its ridiculous!

  • Johnique.Chucks

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    i just came from Africa a couple of months ago… i got a few items with the Map of Africa on it… love the necklace…The shirts look like the same ones my older brothers and father used to wear around the house when i was younger…. ..My best friend just invested in a pair of Clark’s …evidently the same color.. Another great post.


        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Great post here Travis the hat looks great on everyone in the video but for my own case my face never flatters these type of hats unfortunately lol have to face the truth. Great picture from one of my favorite movies Cooley High think Preach has to be my favorite character in that movie.

  • Hank Rosenberg

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Very nice post gentleman my grandfather frequently wore the paperboy hat and it sometimes is labeled as a ‘Oldman’ hat but def had a facelift in the 2000s where people have began to wear it casually. great stuff the Africa medallion is a great touch sir.

  • Kadeem J.

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Trav! One of my favorite posts thus far man! I love the “cool factor” that the paperboy cap adds. I’m a hat lover and you will never catch me not wearing a hat. It just adds the finshing touch to anything that one is wearing. Especially the paperboy cap and even the fedora (that’s my preferance).

    P.S. (Going off of Josh pick) Cochise is my favorite character of Cooley High…that movie def gave many style ideas for many of us black gents

  • Waraire Boswell

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    The NB is a flavorful look. I always think of the well dressed
    vintage gents from Central Avenue, CA, Chicago, Ill and Harlem, NY
    (circa 1940-present) when I see these great head pieces. The JCrew shirt,
    lovely, classic Tommy Hillfiger (circa 1993-1995) and the Africa neck piece, classic
    “pride filled” hip hop (circa 1987-1993).

    Great post.


  • james

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Haha, no sneaky cameos in the vids for me this time but it was hilarious that ALL of the blokes had on the hat that day. Some say pure comedy, I say pure fate.

  • Prêt à Porter P

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Cool video! Of course you look great.

  • Mxolisi

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Travis, your necklace, any connection to Chace Infinite of Self Scientific..?

  • David W. Albert

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Another necessary and needed post this hat is worn so much by many, but yet gets the least shine. I see these caps and many times I see the Samuel vibe in it just because he is great at pulling it off. Anyway, it is definitely a good look with the off-set of colours in the shirt and it is just a neutral color so it brings the fit together in the right way. Like I say everytime keep bring those fire post.

  • Fabian

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    thanks guys. Your blog has improved my life & my style. I’m going to Brooklyn to find this hat. I’m curious about something:
    Do you spend a lot of money to keep renovating the blog? I try to get must of the stuff you guys recommend :-)

  • 1916home

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Peter Tosh was a pure genius. Peter, along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer warned us all a long time ago about love, respect and about what was happening in the world… they truly warned us about the New World Order that we hear so often in heads of state speeches of today. The corrupt leaders of the world will be toppled and mankind will once again take control. One Love! Jah Rastafari liveth and reigneth in I & I!

  • Lizzy

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    I’m so in love with the video posts! And love the newsboy caps. Good stuff guys.

  • Reggie

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    man, when it comes to head-wear idk what i like. just gotta keep trying different styles. that shirt is ridiculous though; i mean it in a good way. on another note i happen to be trying to paint that Cooley High portrait. only my second time painting ever.

  • EC

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    Great post. Also known as the Poor or “Po” boy cap. Someone needs to bring this style back cause too many fitteds nowadays.

  • Ashley

        posted on May 20 , 2010 :

    i agree with the poster above. i’m so sick of seeing guys in fitteds! thanks for deviating from the norm!

    thinking i should move to nyc– seeing the great little stores you guys have makes me so jealous!! send some down to dc!

  • 20AKI

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    This is definitely the daisy age look,Jungle brothers L.O.N.S. , Tribe, De La soul all he needs I a back pack.

  • Mister Anderson

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    Nice fit and the Good Wood piece was a nice touch with the traditional African colors of green and red in the shirt.

  • FamLay

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    Hey are those the thin finn’s or long john’s? Anyway, I’ve always wondered what options for headwear I had for the warmer seasons. Status quo post as usual ha. Ahem can we get a chukka boot post soon? (unless it was already done).

  • john

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    I don’t see nothing extraordinary on this look, sorry dude!!!

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  • Pete

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    is the desert boots suede or normal leather?

  • Brighton Peer

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    @ Pete, I think I got that pair in a leather, they also do a corduroy looking leather one, which are pretty dope, if your in the UK they always have deals on-line at the Clarks Store.

    As for the outfit, reminds of early 90′s and daisy age de la soul, native tongues, Travis even freakin looks like Q-tip!

    Great stuff once again guys.

  • MarcoBerlin

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    Again I got to say, great post and best sense to style and etiquette.

    I must admit, I have never heard from BKc before here in Germany. What a pitty, because they have even more great hats and their whole concept and culture is just so interesting.
    I’ll be following them now as well.
    THX for the eye opening.

    Got to bring the streetetiquette wave and culture to Berlin.

  • FamLay

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    Oh yeah, I thought The Brooklyn Circus only sold “streetwear” like tee shirts and 59/50′s so this post put me on.

  • red&rouge

        posted on May 21 , 2010 :

    Love your headwear post.

  • LOLA

        posted on May 22 , 2010 :

    I really love the new thing with you guys posting vids!
    I’m a hat fanatic and have at least have 3 newsboy hats, but as a lady, I wouldnt know how to pair it with my other clothes!

    Love those desert boots as well!


  • illtek

        posted on May 22 , 2010 :

    No disrespect but this just looks dated to me homie. I see Cross Colors and Fresh Prince all over this! Love most of your posts though. You guys got me hooked on Desert boots. Keep on creating!

  • Coldsun

        posted on May 22 , 2010 :

    I think this is a good look
    I’m personally not much of a hat person…
    I JUST started to wear hats in the winter!
    In my opinion the star of this post is that necklace! Of course it would be sold out…
    But it is dope… Reminds me of the Native Tongues, which is always a good thing… I want one

  • Anonymous

        posted on May 23 , 2010 :

    what you know about Peter Tosh?

  • Abu

        posted on May 23 , 2010 :

    I honestly never liked that Hat. idk but it always looked weird to me.

  • benny

        posted on May 23 , 2010 :


  • Rory | swurdin.com

        posted on May 23 , 2010 :

  • teov

        posted on May 24 , 2010 :

    good job trav!!
    you and kissi are doing real big things. ciao from italy!

  • The Ca$h

        posted on May 25 , 2010 :

    This is very fashsionable,
    I can see myself adding this to my collection this summer.
    Great Post Trav

  • Lorenz

        posted on May 25 , 2010 :

    Looks great! My brother loves wearing those and he keeps finding great ones on ebay :) Somehow my face/head has the wrong shape for those…

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        posted on May 25 , 2010 :

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  • Stephen

        posted on June 1 , 2010 :

    You guy’s videos are magnificent. They manage to demonstrate the piece in question successfully every time but also capture the atmosphere of the different neighbourhoods around NYC. Super stuff.

    -Ste http://www.stitchesfabricandsoul.com

  • Style with Benefits

        posted on June 1 , 2010 :

    Love this post. Not many guys can pull off the newsboy cap (IMHO) look, but you do it effortlessly. Well done!

  • Tarang

        posted on June 6 , 2010 :


    They’re definitely the Dry Black Coated – I’m assuming they’re most likely the Slim Jim, possibly a Thin Finn, but too loose fitting to be the Tight Long John.

  • Trav

        posted on June 6 , 2010 :

    Yup they are thin Finns, i also had them tailored for a tighter fit. About 2yrs old now

  • jiga

        posted on June 11 , 2010 :

  • Phillip

        posted on July 9 , 2010 :

    Just discovered this blog today. Loving it.

    Is that Africa necklace vintage? If not, where’d you come by it?