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Trav: It’s quite literally freezing here in NYC and its now time for us to bundle-up to mask the chill of what seems to be a very dreadful winter. The duffle coat, a.k.a. the toggle coat, is one of my favorites as it is one of the most unique pieces of outerwear; it is also one of the most versatile as the duffle coat goes well with virtually any look. The history behind this coat is actually pretty interesting. The duffle coat first became popular during  WWI by the British Royal Navy and was later modified in WWII. The coat was primarily used by Navy seamen to battle the cold winds and wet environment. After the war, the company Gloverall purchased surplus material from the military and produced their own version of the duffle coat for everyday use. So i guess you can say that Gloverall is somewhat of an originator. I love their coats; I’ve actually been trying to get my hands on their red duffle coat for some time now… hopefully my luck will prevail. Today, many companies have adopted their own designs of the duffle coat, and it seems like everyone, of any style, has a toggle coat tucked away in their closet.

I was on the search for a nice black coat , to the point of losing sleep, when i had the opportunity to purchase this BR Heritage toggle coat at a very reasonable price. I must say, this coat has some of the best toggles I have ever seen. They are made of real rope and are extremely sturdy. The coat is definitely worth the price tag. The only negative aspect about this coat is that there is no hood. Josh is wearing the 3sixteen Duffel Coat- Camel another well made coat that is worth the penny. I love the cut of the 3sixteen duffle, it has a nice slim, tailored cut that fits well with the overall design of the coat. This coat actually comes with a detachable hood, a great idea on their part.

The toggles on the coat were originally designed to make it easy for the seaman to easily remove and fasten the toggles while still wearing his thick gloves. The big over-sized hoods that we still see today on many of these modernized coats were originally designed to easily fit over a seaman’s hat. Some lucky people are able to actually get their hands on an original duffle coat and it’s interesting to hear them speak on how heavy it is (5-7lbs). Obviously these coats had to be pretty heavy and sturdy to protect the average seaman but its still funny at how we pay so much more for so much less.

Fit Details: BR coat, RL shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Sperry x Band Of Outsiders Boots. I got my Sperry boots last winter and didn’t wear them as much as i should have. They are finally being served some justice this winter. I love how they keep the boot shoe design in boot form. I also like the woolly material used to construct the outside of the boot, you don’t see that everywhere. Josh is wearing 3sixteen coat, Topman shirt, A.P.C nc, and some killer boots he got from the army/navy store. Keep your eyes out for a post right here on boots coming real soon.

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  • Simon

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    Nice fits, you guys continue to combine fashion and blogging in a great way. I personally have been on the hunt for a peacoat, but no matter what store, medium seems to not exist. I might look for a duffle, they look clean and slim, which i want in a traditional jacket. All around good stuff, can’t wait for the Genesis of Style video.

  • Moon

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    It’s like you gentlemen read my mind, as I have been contemplating this one duffel coat that I saw at Uniqlo just the the other day. On top of that, the kid Josh went with some Army surplus combat boots, which I have been planning to cop for quite some time. May have to hit up Galaxy Army / Navy sometime next week, unless you folks can recommend a better surplus store in NYC.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and as usual, keep up the good work.

  • L.A.S

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    In the video teaser I saw Trav in the Company of We duffle…suprised you guys didn’t highlight that here. I think its a real forward thinking take on a classic. It’s kinda like a peacoat and a duffle made sweet love and out popped the Company of We joint.

  • Phillip

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    Hey guys, I really think the duffle coat is a crucial piece in a mans wardrobe because of the versatility it offers i.e. can look dressy and at same time casual. I like the one featured in the satorialist: Also the one at rugby and burberry are cool as well. But there are so many different versions as you mentioned. I would love to see piece on trench coats. The satorialist had a great piece on burberry trench. In any case keep on doing what you guys are doing its fresh. Also check out me and my partner and crime Juliet’s blog: We are always trying to gain new and interesting perspectives.

  • DC

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    Wow, beautiful coats! I’m torn over which one I like best.

  • Airtechavengers

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    Josh what size is your 3sixteen joint how do they run?

  • joseph a

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    good post, the other day i was actually thinking of getting a toggle coat to accompany my peacoat, its likee you guys read my mind

  • Mister Anderson

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    Haven’t commented before but I’ve been viewing for awhile. Another solid post complimented with dope fits.

    WADDUP to J.Kissi if you remember me from those emails & 360.

  • Raley

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    I just bought a spotless used Gloverall the other day for $100, the exact same coat is about 300 euro brand new (so ~$400 or 500 u.s.). It looks very similar to the camel coat in this post. Had a attached hood and everything, can’t wait for it to come in.

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    nice history lesson to accompany nice fits guys. keep it up!

  • sssence

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    I’ve been eying a toggle coat for a few years, but haven’t found just the right one as of yet. I’m still on the lookout, so I’ll have to deal with my pea coat and officer coat in the meantime. Still very impressed with your color palettes…Trav, the combo of maroon/green with the tan collar brings to mind an older, English feel and Josh, I love the royal blue/white stripe knit under the barely-seen navy cardigan. I see something fresh from you two on the regular and I’m definitely taking notes. Keep up the great work.

  • stewey

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    josh, i love that camel 3sixteen joint, but my gripe with it is that it’s thin as paper (saw it in person, think the charcoal flavor is actually more substantial). i can see you’ve layered a bunch to compensate. what’s your take on it? is it keeping you warm enough? the br joint that trav has on is also a great looking piece. i was on the fence with that one, since i took a stroll down soho and must’ve seen 4-5 heads with the same coat … call me an elitist, i just want something that isn’t so common :/ regardless, trav does that coat justice.

  • Peter

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    When I saw you’re Band of Outsiders x Sperry boots I was excited. I recently picked these up for a really really good price! I’m very happy with them, they look amazing on you!

  • Donnie

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

    Okay, there’s NO WAY that you guys are not spending a lot of money on clothes…LOL…But I’m sure at this point you have certain “connects” on gear…Maybe some items falling off the back of certain trucks in the Bronx? LOL

  • LOLA

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    Always great how you guys combine a little history with each of your outfits!
    Who would’ve ever known that there is so much background to the Duffle Coat?!
    Haha, I myself am trying to find a more sturdy coat, because I think that I have def worn out my trench coat. Thanks for the History lesson :)


  • Milan

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    I just got put on to this blog. As a woman, I have to say I really like it! It’s nice to see some men taking pride in their appearance and into fashion without being “girlie”. Luv the toggle coats and the fact that you share its origins. I never knew how they originated. Keep up the great work!

  • Tiffany

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    I love the buttons on those jackets.

  • VeeUrbanite

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    Both coat look really good. Those blogpost are really inspiring , keep it up guys.

  • Jeff

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    Loving the coats fellas.

  • Josh

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    Those coats are nice, but nearly as nice as the guys wearing them.

  • JLouie

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    I havent posted before, but i came across your site a few months ago while i was looking for some clarks. I’ve been looking for a good wool coat and duffle coats have been at the top of my list since as i look around everyone has black peacoats. I’m only a senior in high school, so my budget is limited but i do my best. I really like the rope on trav’s coat, but i’m thinking about getting a lighter color to kinda stick out, cuz i’m like that. Keep up the posts, i’m always coming back to check for new ones. O yeah i like the boiled wool band of outsiders sperry boots.

  • Jbone

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    I love it when couples dress to match.

  • hitesh

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    i have a duffle coat too but i never thought of wearning it, but now as i have seen da way u wearning it gave me a second thought of trying it again.

  • Brighton Peer

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    I love the Duffle Coats….. but then I do come from a long line of seamen. ;)

  • Pennyworth

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    I like the idea of the outfits. They just seem too “off the rack” and clean. Dirty them up a bit! The boots dont even have dirt on them!

  • Al-Bizzy

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    Additional fact; Toggle coats were also a preference among Naval seamen because their ability to button and unbutton their coats while still keeping their gloves on.

  • JFKJean

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    That last photo kicks ass guys. Keep the goodies coming…..

  • Brick Callahan

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    I got the charcoal 3Sixteen duffel in the mail this morning. This coat is sold out pretty much everywhere, but Andrew form 3Sixteen tipped me off on a small sneaker boutique in NYC that is stocking the coat ( They were extremely helpful to me and actually have the coat for a lot cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere else ($400 versus $440).

    I know a lot of people have been buzzing about it, but also have a lot of questions, since the coats aren’t plentiful. Hopefully my rundown of the coat will help.

    The Good

    - The Fit: Fit has become my most obsessed trait about clothing since I got really interested in clothing. That meant a fair number of outwear suddenly seemed inferior. This coat provides a slim cut that doesn’t restrict range of motion.

    I originally considered a medium, but am glad I pulled the trigger on the large. A medium would’ve pulled across the back too much and made wearing anything more than a t-shirt a dicey endeavor. The size I went with gives enough room for layering without fitting like a sack. The length of the sleeves is perfect. I’ve always struggled to find jackets or coats with a sleeve length that didn’t prove to be too short or long. The sleeves on this coat are the perfect length, whether my arms are at my sides or I’m extending them out.

    - The Material: There’s a balance of softness and sturdiness with the material. It won’t ever get compared to the texture of butter. At the same time, it doesn’t feel as though I should be concerned about lighting matches while wearing the coat. I think this balance makes for a feeling of toughness that you want in a winter coat.

    - The Toggles: The toggles were honestly what had me look past this piece when I saw it in the lookbook. Now, I’m really digging them. What’s great about this coat is that there’s also a zipper, which means you don’t have to use the toggles if you don’t want to. If that’s the case, the toggles fit easily under the zipper flap and will hold in place.

    - The Removable Hood: The winds in Michigan can get pretty intense. If you have short-cut hair like I do, it makes some sort of headgear a necessity. I don’t always like to wear a hat, though, so it’s nice to have the option of a sturdy hood for those really blustery days. But by the same token, I think a hood can make a piece of outwear seem more casual. This is the type of coat that can be integrated into a “grown man’s” outfit. Because of that, the hood might look a little out of place. But that’s no problem, since you can just unbutton the hood and pop that collar for a pretty slick, sophisticated look. Speaking of the collar…

    - The Collar: This might be my favorite part of the coat other than the fit. I think popped collars look ridiculous on shirts, but with the right coat, it adds that extra oomph of steeze to your aesthetic. The collar on this coat is thick enough to stay popped. It’s also pretty tall, which along with its thickness, makes it ideal for blocking out crosswinds.

    The Bad

    - The Pockets: My one gripe about the coat. Maybe I’m just used to wearing coats and jackets with slanted pockets, but my hands feel a bit uncomfortable resting in these vertical pockets. I dig slanted pockets, because of the natural way you can slide your paws into them. With vertical pockets, you have to manipulate your wrists a bit to put your hands in them.

    - The Thickness: I’m hoping this doesn’t prove to be a detriment, but I was surprised by how light the coat is. The write up about the coat on 3Sixteen’s Web site made it sound like there’s some additional lining for added warmth. I’m not really seeing that. Considering the price tag, I expected perhaps a bit more heft to the coat. I’m optimistic that the material and length of the coat will answer the challenge of keeping me warm during a Michigan winter.


    A beautiful coat with great detailing and a cut that anyone fashion-conscious person is going to appreciate. There’s real versatility here. It’s appropriate for dressier occasions, but can be easily integrated into a casual, everyday context. If taken care of, I think the duffel will prove to be a staple in any owner’s wardrobe.

  • Neef

        posted on January 1 , 2010 :

    the toggle coats are a great look guy but, i’m intrigued with the essential piece of the turtleneck, it brings an extra umph to the fit and keeps you warm also….. SE is on the come up in 2010, great post guys

  • David

        posted on January 1 , 2010 :

    I completely agree with this I was just looking at a duffle coat with a hood at a store I just found had some great picks in it was Jos. A. Bank. That duffle had to be the priciest I have seen in a while, that price being $550. It was nice though it had the all black yours and the buttons had the plastic wood grain look and the rope holding the buttons to the coat had a soft string look not like the real rope like yours. The point of descrbing it to you is that I have no clue if it was made with the same quality as yours or Josh’s, but for $550 I’m guessing it is. Bringing it back to the part where I was agreeing with you, I think that the right duffle coat can make and break an outfit…By saying that I mean that depending on what color you choose to suit your outfit with and how that color matches the fit that is under the duffle coat. Many people don’t consider the way that a fit and coat no matter the cut or style plays with the fit. I hope that from this post you go into parkas, which sometimes I get confused on the season that they should be worn. Although, the way that it makes the oufit is the overall versatility that you mentioned is the key to the coats success.

    I think that the post for the boots is going to be a nice one because me being a fan of boots as of recent specifically speaking of the Red Wing and RL Rangers that I have been in desprate need of for a while now. Anyway that is besides the fact I just would like to see the boots that you bring into question on that post.

  • Stupid

        posted on January 1 , 2010 :

    only a matter of time before you both are gay.

  • Brighton Peer

        posted on January 1 , 2010 :



  • Poetri

        posted on January 2 , 2010 :

    Nice post Trav, your black duffle coat is mos def fly and Josh’s camel coat is next level. I need to know what boots Josh is wearing. I’ve wanted to buy a duffle coat but at first I thought it was a bit too youthful and feminine. The structure of the coats you two are wearing makes the coat look more mature and dignified and the material is great for this blistering cold weather on the East. Keep up the good work because you guys are fashion icons.

  • stewey

        posted on January 2 , 2010 :

    @Brick Callahan – I agree with most of your review on the 3sixteen duffle. I guess you haven’t noticed but the pockets also have a side entry so that should alleviate your issue with the vertical setup. I also wish the pockets themselves were larger, would be a bit easier to accommodate glove storage indoors.

    For the price, I think the coat’s materials and construction should have definitely been better. Then again there’s something to be said of it being “hand made” which would definitely demand a premium price. One thing you’ll notice (and it’s not specific to 3sixteen’s coat) is that toggle closures tend to unravel on their own as you move around. That’s a minor annoyance as most of these duffles have a separate zip as well.

  • SwanDiamondRose

        posted on January 2 , 2010 :

    i have one! in grey.

    i really like that last photo of you two. and the black boots. and how the toggle straps on both your coats match details on your layered shirts, but are opposite from each other. nice.

    and the shot of the solitary sailor. that shot has such a street style feeling. how does a working sailor look so relaxed? and his boots are great. his whole outfit is great. duplicating that look to a degree would look good.

    those huge old duffel coats though look a little too druidic for my taste. i’ll stick to the lighter versions.

  • Brick Callahan

        posted on January 2 , 2010 :

    @stewey – Funny you should mention the hand warmers. I just noticed them this afternoon. The low positioning of them, however, doesn’t make resting your hands all that much more comfortable than using the front pockets.

    I’ve only worn the coat for two days, so I haven’t really noticed any construction flaws. I got a small loose thread near the zipper, but I’ve always viewed those as minor things if they aren’t constant.

    For anyone worried about the coat’s thickness, rest easy knowing that I was out in 12-degree weather about an hour ago with only a thin tee under the duffel. My forearms were a bit cold, but the rest of my upper body was good to go. Just wear at least a thermal with the coat and you shouldn’t be hit too hard by the cold.

    After a couple wears, I can tell you my favorite thing about this duffel is the slim fit. I’ve been hesitant to buy a dressier piece of outwear because of how unflattering they often look on most body types. This thing, though, is money. It makes my old pea coat look like a baggy sack, even though that’s a tagged medium.

  • mathias

        posted on January 2 , 2010 :

    I have recently purchased a rather cheap duffle coat, but non the less, gets the job done. In fact i have those Sperry boots, only in the ballistic nylon version, good boot. I have been following your blog for about a year, and it has been an interesting year.
    I reckon one of you were looking for a suit, how is that going? In a lot of ways you remind me of british skinheads. Just young people wanting to wear wingtips, crombie coats and button-downs. I mean that in a completely good way.
    keep up the good work in 2010!

    Best regard from Denmark.


  • designerman

        posted on January 2 , 2010 :

    2 of my favorite style elements together: streetetiquiette and 3sixteen. nice work…

  • Najee D.

        posted on January 2 , 2010 :

    When we ordered the 3Sixteen duffle early in the spring, I NEVER expected the fanfare to be this great. It’s really a piece that I’d encourage people to take a gander at in person. We’ve only got a few left ourselves and I’m really considering nabbing one for personal use. As always, this is an excellent feature from SE.


        posted on January 3 , 2010 :

    Moon : Thanks yup Army Surplus boots definitely worth the purchase I have to say. People often think they’re $200 boots but it’s just from the armynavy store which is holding up pretty well, I’m not expecting the highest of quality from them just some boots to beat up during this blistering New York City winter, I have to recommend to buy insoles for them because the soles are really solid and hard.

    Might do a post on them soon still thinking about it ;d

    Any Army/Navy store will do I know Galaxy has a large stock of things

    Airtechavengers : It’s a medium fits me perfect 6’1 161 lbs – hope that helped

    Mister Anderson : oh yes, I remember definitely man thanks for dropping by the blog keep up the good work.

    Raley : This 3sixteen one also comes with a detachable hood I chose to take it off though . great find I have been chasing some nice Gloverall duffles lol me and Travis have actually bidded on the same one without knowing either lol.

    Stewey : I think Brick Callahan described the perfect review on the 3sixteen jacket honest and really accurate to the jacket. I actually thought the gray version he had seemed to have a bit more lining to it , making it actually warmer than the light khaki. Apart from the great design of the jacket which everyone appreciates you will definitely need to layer up during the winter to keep warm. I think it’s great jacket overall would but it would just need something for your arms like Brick Callahan states above.

    I would recommend anyone having questions on the 3sixteen toggle refer to Brick’s review it’s very much on point, great add Alex appreciate it.

    Matthias : Hey, as long as it gets the job done there;s no dilemma in your mind at all. You really want the jacket to actually be functional during the cold if you have that great. You know what’s funny after looking at a couple of videos based on British Style and what I found was interesting. The young generation who pushed this movement were just young lads who just wanted to dress what is considered ‘well’ in the UK with plaids/tweeds/brogues/ and many other things we are also influenced by, i felt a instant connection after watching this video below in many aspects.

    if you guys are interested watch it online here very interesting watch definitely recommend it!

    The suits are definitely coming soon! We actually had some big plans
    Thanks for the support and comments

    Thanks keep them coming !

  • sandra

        posted on January 4 , 2010 :

    first time i visited you was like lovee, why cant guys like you be here in sweden, love your style and i would die to have you on my blog.

  • Tellis

        posted on January 4 , 2010 :

    I love the Band of Outsider X Sperry boots; got a pair myself. I like the addtion of the black laces. I need to get some new laces for these boots and another pair as well. Any suggestions of where to look?

  • cam

        posted on January 5 , 2010 :

    your comments sect. wont stop multipying

    great post, i have th exact same 3sixteen coat, i wear it almost 3x a week cause i can get away with it for my schools dress code

  • [...] Last weekend I ran into Trav and Josh from Street Etiquette while they were shooting for their Duffle Coat post in SoHo. I decided to tag along with them while they were shooting, here are some of my shots [...]

  • angelo

        posted on January 5 , 2010 :

    The 3sixteen coat is nuts. I have those same Sperry x Band of Outsiders boots and I try to wear them as much as I can. I put some waterproofing wax on them to keep them dry.

  • melinda (@minimcbooom)

        posted on January 6 , 2010 :

    you guys are both so handsome and neatly dressed…kudos!

  • Prince Bel Air(@princebelair)

        posted on January 7 , 2010 :

    I gonna give you guys your props…The blog is awesome..
    I’m working on getting my blog to level..

    you both have dope ass style….

    Keep up the good work guyss…

    and dude…those Army Boots are SICKKK!!
    where did u find those bitches?

  • Brklyn2Chi

        posted on January 8 , 2010 :

    @Tellis: @Tellis:

    If your lookin to purchase a pair of Band of Outsider X Sperry boots,I recently purchased a pair however I regret to say that they are a 1/2 size to small…

    Thus if your tryin to come up on a pair of Black 10.5 boots hit my email and we can try and work something out (maybe on the Bay)… otherwise Im def on some Wale ish, “half size smaller so I got church socks on”.

    Keep up the good work guys, cause ya are killing them out here…

  • Damien

        posted on January 10 , 2010 :

    Working those toggle’s fella’s. Great job cuz I don’t think everybody can pull the look off. Loving the Band of Outsider x Sperry’s. I got the penny loafer version but I gotta get the boots one day.

  • Swedish Girl Sara

        posted on January 10 , 2010 :

    I hate to use the word european when it comes to fashion. It’s such a stupid way to explain someone’s got a nice taste in clothes! But you do indeed look very european AND I LOVE IT. There is nothing more pleasant than watching well dressed men pass by on the streets. OK, a girl who can walk in heels is a pretty pleasant sight aswell. Anyways. I wish more men would carry them selfs as you do. And yeah, nice pictures.

  • Street Etiquette « Style Appeal

        posted on January 12 , 2010 :

    [...] Street Etiquette Jump to Comments Street Etiquette is a site that is right there at the forefront of fashion. Consisting of two individuals who reside in the urban world of NYC, they captivate and explore the styles of the diverse New York City urban communities. They bring originality blended with hip hop to create a unique style that fits in perfectly with how I view and interpret New York City lifestyle. Their posts are fresh and detailed offering recommendations on different styles accompanied by some stunning photography. What makes this site stand out from the rest is their boldness and their ability to not be afraid to be an individual. Too often these days, people are lead to follow in trends exploited by high street marketing and made to believe that looking like the person serving you in store is acceptable. Why not be an individual? Why not set your own trends? Why not wear what you like? These guys do and they look great and capture ideas from everyday life that surrounds them and rejuvenate them. They also delve into history and use their knowledge to produce a trend that was current years a go and bring it back up to date. A perfect example of this is one of their latest posts on the Duffle Coat. [...]

  • Peter West

        posted on January 17 , 2010 :

    I have really been inspired by your blog. It is exactly the style I attempt to portray and build a wardrobe around. I remember reading that you were interested in a red gloverall duffel/toggle coat. I think I just came across one on ebay that may be of interest to you: Keep the posts coming! I love them!

  • Dan

        posted on January 22 , 2010 :

    @Brick Callahan: just wondering what height and weight/ suit size you typically are and which size you copped for the 3sixteen duffel.

  • Tellis

        posted on January 25 , 2010 :


    Good lookin’ out, but I got them off gilt last spring. I sized up cause I figured all B of A fits way too small so maybe the shoes would too. Good luck finding the right fit.


        posted on January 28 , 2010 :

    Sandra : Thanks a lot , i’m sure Sweden has some individuals who express their style in a grand way , making it one of my personal destinations I would love to visit in the near future. You could definitely feature us on your blog it’s no dilemma simply drop us a email when you have everything formed and we’ll work from there.


        posted on January 28 , 2010 :

    Telis : Those boots are nice I don’t know why but Travis doesn’t wear them enough I think, but recommendations on boots could be so vast depending on what type of style you are going for. A few good brands that ring in my mind are Red Wing , LL Bean , Frye Boots , N.D.C , The Timberland company hope that helped a little


        posted on January 28 , 2010 :

    Cam : Thanks yeah it seems so people just have something to contribute to the blog which we love at the end of the day, and one of the reasons why we post! I’m glad you could wear the 3sixteen toggle because it’s definitely worth the buy , catholic school bound?


        posted on January 28 , 2010 :

    Angelo : Thanks man it’s a sick jacket to be honest just by the number of comments complimenting the jacket it’s just a very cool color/fit and design in general. Keep up the good work on your side my brother the site is looking great


        posted on January 28 , 2010 :

    Melinda : Thanks a lot! always sweet

    Prince Bel Air ; Thanks man much appreciated , yes man with consistent work and a unqiue focal point I don’t see how you could not have a great blog. It’s just a over saturation of redundancy that kills a lot of blogs but hopefully as time goes on people get the point. Thanks man from the army & navy surplus store.

    Brooklyn 2 Chi : Thanks man lol got the free promotion of your item there I see , but in all seriousness thanks for dropping a comment on the post.

    Damien : Just stumbled upon your blog – You have some great content you just covered the late great Gordon Parks who I am a big fan of everything he did such a modern renaissance man.


        posted on January 28 , 2010 :

    Swedish Girl Sara : Thanks for the good words, It’s kind of a compliment for our style to be labeled European than again we’re Americans but style is inspiration from all over crossing boundaries and I think that’s where we fall. A lady in heels and style is definitely something to see sometimes though lets be honesssttt! lol

    Peter West : Thanks so much Peter for that link also, you got it my friend.

  • prechtik

        posted on February 23 , 2010 :

    Thanks for the review and pictures. What size Banana Republic coat is Trav wearing? BR tends to be boxier, so I wonder if I should go for the large for length (I’m 6’2″), but am concerned about a gigantic wide torso…

  • Michael

        posted on February 27 , 2010 :

    those military boots are tough man… love the coat… where can i find those boots though?

  • CathyONeill_ (Cathy O'Neill)

        posted on March 7 , 2010 :

  • The Ca$h

        posted on March 21 , 2010 :

    You guys like great,
    I love the boots
    Keep up the good work

  • NewLookMen (NewLookMen)

        posted on March 22 , 2010 :

  • LGG

        posted on March 24 , 2010 :

    I found this site by excident, but i’m glad i did. You guys are really amazing and inspiring!

    By the way, i don’t know if you guys already knew this or if you even care haha. But the people on the third pic (on the right side) on this post are members of the Dutch royal family. The second girl from the right is the queen of the Netherlands now.
    So, yeah.

  • Michael

        posted on March 27 , 2010 :

    where in new york did u get the black wooden mala beads from

  • Bridgit brobbey

        posted on July 30 , 2010 :

    I love both of them….. Their outfits are sicken and unbelievable. Few years I always want Duffle coats. I want tan just first boy wear tan duffle coats. I wish I had to wear duffle coats.

  • Camel Coat

        posted on August 23 , 2010 :

    Awesome pics guys, very inspiring. Keep up the good work

  • Learning How to Shop « StylePoints

        posted on November 3 , 2010 :

    [...] you can’t get any of that stuff.  The coat is Banana Republic Heritage collection from F/W 09 (I think) purchased on clearance, with an extra 40% off code, and it was the last one then.  Instead, I [...]

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        posted on December 17 , 2010 :

    [...] Billeder fra the Cherry Blossom Girl og Street Etiquette [...]