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JKISSI :  With the new year approaching rapidly it was only necessary to cap off the year, and the future of Street Etiquette, in a grand way.  As many of you are aware, Street Etiquette teamed up with Photographer/Videographer TONE to conduct a  brief video interview with us. Travis and myself sought out to invite some of our closest friends, those that we felt embodied our definition of ‘style’, to be part of the video (this was not only relying on the physical element of style, but the integrity and character of all those individuals that influenced us in some way or another).   We pitched the original plan and rundown to TONE; what ended up taking place would be considered one of the most inspirational moments of our lives.  The photographer for the project was Alejandro Perez a good friend of ours who’s photography speaks for itself, it was great working with someone who is on the same wave length.

Genesis of Style –  Coming JAN 2010.. (Full Video)

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Location in picture  - Harlem

Check out the video teaser below

Michael Andrew, a good friend of ours residing in Harlem by way of Austin, Texas, goes into detail on what the word ‘style’ means to him. What I most admire about the video is that he gives his definition of style effortlessly, as if we rehearsed previously. The internet is one of the most powerful engines ever created giving us the ability to link to individuals all around the world simply because we posses  something in relation.  The fact that in the early stages large companies chose to ignore the might and impressionable power of the web displays why many of them are now looking for  ways to get inside a loop that, at this point, is almost closed.

Genesis of Style - Genesis –  ’a coming into being’ or ‘the beginning of’ and when you think of it in relation to style –  ’a way of expressing something that is characteristic of a particular group or period of time’. This “genesis”, so to speak, is not about convincing different individuals to dress similar to us; from the video you can see the variation in style from person to person, but more about a revival of awareness of personal style. This multi-borough video project, starting out in the Bronx, should change the face of Street Etiquette and everyone involved.

Street Etiquette, Theo Martins, Richard Paz, Travis Gumbs, James Jean, James williams,

*From the Bronx to Harlem  to Lower Manhattan to final destination of Brooklyn*

Fit Description3sixteen duffel coat & Billy Kirk Bag - Everyone seems to love this duffel coat it definitely a nice camel wool that is well constructed. The leather bag made my the brothers of Billy Kirk gives off a sleek masculine look and is a great travel bag to compact items inside but at the same time look comfortable.

“There’s a sense that this return to style, or to a consciousness of how you look, is an attempt by young men to recover a set of values that were at one point very much present in American society and then lost.”

- Professor Samuel Rascoff of NYU

Taken from the New York Times article “Dressing for Success, Again.” This is an article I think everyone should read as it talks about the return of gentlemen into style.


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  • The Skipper

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Very nice! You guys revitalizing the subculture and bringing real personality to everyday style….

  • Eno

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :



  • Minoru Blvd

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    The preview shots look incredible.

  • sssence

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Another quality post. I’m truly excited for this style “revival” that you fellas are preaching about. One can only hope that the stylistically challenged will see and understand your sermon.
    I foresee great things in 2010 for SE. Keep spreading the good word!

  • Damien

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Wow. Great way to showcase what’s in store for SE. Great crew photo at top, real Rat Pack. Love the video and the Raphael Saadiq soundtrack too (one of the best albums I’ve bought this past year). Keep bringing that style guys.

  • goke

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    QUALITY…..yo josh plz email info on dat jacket

  • David McGillivray

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Hey guys, brilliant photography. Nicely styled shoot and video, really spot on. It has a really nice vibe to it, and Raphael Saadiq was a great choice of soundtrack! Look forward to seeing it in full.


        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    The Skipper : Wow that means a lot my friend just doing what we love and are passionate about is all

    Eno : You know it’s the most love and support coming from us over here, you were around when I told you the original idea of the video and how I wanted things to look at the end of the day. This was in the summer time the video got delayed about 2 times due to the weather but I’m glad we got the time to do it in such a wonderful way. Thanks for the good words we’re ready for 2010… Keep up the photography work

    Minoru Blvd : Thanks Luis , just saw the Mick Boogie video you did great stuff !

    sssense : Thanks Nicholas we hope to do this in a way where it’s on a large scale provided such a platform like the Internet to meet great people like yourself it seems not only attainable but in the scope of happening soon! We have great supporters behind us such as you guys

    Damien : Thank you feels like we did it correctly with the responses we’re receiving from you guys really makes us want to go that much harder in everything. Yes, Raphael’s album is definitely underrated some great stuff

    Goke : Good looks, Just added it to the post for you but I’ll drop the link here also

    David McGillivray : Thanks to Alejandro and TONE for the presentation on point just like we envisioned everything we can’t wait to give everyone the full video we haven’t even seen it yet so we’re all gittery and excited about it!

  • Neal

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Cant wait to see the end product… Individuals with style is refreshing. Looks like it will be a good core of people. The Saadiq soundtrack to the product seems like it really embodies what you are trying to portray… Looking forward to the final project

  • Tiffany

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    This looks great.

  • Aspire

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Another excellent post, the preview shots look great for what will no doubt be a fantastic project that I look forward to reading throughout 2010.

  • Dan

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Definitely has a lot of potential and there will definitely be a Street Etiquette before and AFTER this video.

    To a great 2010, guys! I love your updates on looks, and how you are actually interested in the background of the clothes, their history.

  • Lenz

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Great! Looking forward to it :)

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  • Tisha

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Wow! I’m in Atlanta and just getting hip to you guys. I’m so excited about this movement. I wish I could see a female version…i’d be all over it. I’m a television producer and if there’s anything I can do – let me know. Otherwise, i’m a fan and will continue to follow the movement.

  • David

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Definitely looking forward to this project, Tone always seems to put out the most amazing work out. I have come across his website via Twitter and you guys man. So I know this is going to be some epic shit. I know for a fact that, in this venture you and Travis’ whole idea of style and “Street Etiquette” will be shown in a major way. I know that it is going to be something special for the main purpose that you gents are delivering something special to the media waves of the fashion and style scene. I know you have heard this many times before and it may seem somewhat repetitive coming from, but you two have influenced more than anything in a long while man. I know for a fact that if I were in the City right now to witness the events at hand right now I am pretty sure that I would be more hyped than you guys just to know that I am in a bond with some really stylishly ambitious guys like you you two.

    I know it may seem a little like I am on the pipe of you two right now, but I think you most definitely know what I mean as you and I often always do. LOL I think that if it were to be possible in the near future that knowing you gentleman there might be a collaboration in the days, weeks, months, or years to come. I know for a fact that we will partner up no matter how that comes about it seems that it is one of those undeniable things to happen. Enough, of my ranting and jazz like that about what will happen and how proud I am of the two of you and the much needed applause/pat on the back. I just am saying that if I were there I would be geeked for you guys as I am here in the less than greater area of Southern Illinois. LOL It is going to be phenominal to see the project in its entirety it looks very promising.

  • Jeff

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    This is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • Neef

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    hey man, Josh and Trav, this is the best idea i have seen yet from you guys. The things in the past were awesome, but this is just phonominal! Hey, i seen my man Kadeem in the back, if only you guys would make way to new jersey to extend your journey of style, we have some ppl out here who qualify lol. GREAT POST SE!

  • Rhamier_A

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    History was made that day and im so glad i was a part of it. Thanks for letting me join you guys once again. The pictures are beautiful, i cant wait to see the end product. We have a movement on our hands!

  • Eli

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    Spectacular, wonderful, and very inspiring. Please let’s keep this revival of a man’s style, and how it is a reflection of his substance, strong in 2010. Lord knows we need it. The guys look great.

  • wale

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    You already know bro, can’t wait, and the images are quite mean of you to post by the way. making people wait isn’t cool lol. SE UP!!

  • LOLA

        posted on December 19 , 2009 :

    SE keeps getting better and better everytime I come on here..
    Such a great idea to do this video, because I know for sure that no other blog (especially male blogs) have had a video like this!
    I love the quality of your vids and the last pic is great!

    Can’t wait fir the full video! -xoxo Lola

  • illtek

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    LOOKS DOPE! I’m a little upset with how short the teaser was! :-P I’m glad I discovered you guys when I did, looks like there are some serious moves being made. Can’t wait to see!

  • Kenny

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    A great project i had the privilege of being apart of. All of these guys not only have style but a unique sense of character. Josh and Trav — these pics are OUT OF THIS WORLD! No one is going to be ready for the final video. I’m sure TONE will edit it to perfection. A genesis indeed because the movement has just begun.

  • Trav

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    Trav: This video will be nothing short of epic.. shouts out to Alejandro for the crazy pics and of course to Tone for creating history with us. There is def something new and different happening around the corner. Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who has been dropping comments showing major love. This can of support makes us go harder every time. Stay tuned with Street Etiquette for 2010..for we have some massive moves around the way.

  • JessieADORE

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    *Stands up and initiates a slow clap….it catches like wildfire and the whole world joins the applause*

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  • Efe

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    Wow video teaser and pictures look good cant wait to see the finished product. You guyz are doing a great job.

  • B.Linnell

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    this project seems incredible. really feeling the panoramic shot at the end. great job.


        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    Neal : Yes that’s exactly how I feel about this project I’m shocked it came out more deeper and inspirational than my original thought. You know something is bigger than you when you opt to take your name out the video title to just highlight everyone in whole, making it just larger than yourself but something monumental!

    Tiffany : Thank you !

    Aspire : Thanks so much this project is something we will definitely think will make SE from here on out to the world , hopefully everything works in our favor!

    Dan : Dan After 2010 will probably be one of the best moments for Street Etiquette as a whole our growth and all with you guys is going to be tremendous. We don’t hope to switch up the game on you guys by doing things that doesn’t represent us or our decisions no worries , let’s win!

    Lenz : Thanks!

    Tisha : We appreciate the support all the way from Atlanta , I think the female movement will happen simultaneously just need someone to push out the movement in general. I’m just glad to be apart of this it’s much bigger than Street Etiquette. Sounds great if anything comes up will be sure to contact you.

    David : Yes TONE was the perfect individual for this project, knowing his involvement in the same scene we’re in new York City , where young individuals being different avenues all pushing their passion to reality by going out and getting things done. There’s a long list of people that are bubbling on the underground scene of things her in NYC and all over that are now getting the much needed recognition. It feels like your a underground artist and you finally get the mainstream appeal but I think as long as you stick to your original roots you will be alright and survive those tempting deals you know aren’t 100% ok with you , and be true to yourself!

    Man, I’m more than excited for the video to be posted in January this will be one of those things no one was expecting but it happened. Not to boost ourselves we are very humble but this project calls for a little bit of patting on the back, but not without the recognition of great readers such as yourself and supports of Street Etiquette who make this all possible for us to even embark on. Knowing people even in Midwest like yourself appreciate it spreading all around the world it’s humbling and I hope everyone finds their route of passion to push to the world. We will def cross paths

    Jeff : Thanks I can’t wait myself

    Neef : Much appreciated Neef, the good words fuel us more than anything yup that’s Kadeem, a real part of SE family man, cant stress that at all. Yeah man we will link up for sure no doubt in my mind.

  • DS{ms. shoo}

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :


    I’m so amazed floored by the both of you. So many men of colour, I love it! You guys are truly setting a bar for many and opening doors. I’m such a fangirl for your work and it doesn’t hurt that every single one in that foto is easy on the eyes, hehe.

    I also really and truly dig what the young brother is saying in that video, he’s absolutely right and it’s pretty much my initial thoughts on style. I can’t wait to see more and do share codes so I can share on the blawg!

  • ebony

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    I don’t really know what else to say ya’ll know ya’ll RAWK HARD, continue killin them softly boys!

  • Kevin K.

        posted on December 20 , 2009 :

    This looks like it’s going to be a great project! I really like the concept!


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  • demilade

        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    what happened B you never even hit me up bout this damn i picked out a serious outfit too

  • David

        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    Only time will tell, will in reference to your response that is. It all seems to sweet and just to let you know I am not originally from the Midwest area I am actually from Virginia…just to let you know man. I thought that you just like that little extra piece of information. Haha Besides for that, I thought that it would be pretty dope to just give you gents the big up you deserved.


        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    Rhamier A : No problem you’re absolutely right though on that day it was something special in the air when we finally met up with everyone in SoHo. I’m here sitting anxious on everything that’s about to happen!

    Eli : Oh yes the movement will continue as long as the site is here atleast from our aspect of things, because in reality it will still move strongly but with the push of the Internet we’re able to connect with everyone with the common goal which is apparently millions out there!

    The final stuff will be good trust me my brother.

    B.Linnel : Thank you , all thanks to Alejandro Perez and TONE the images speak for themselves I’m truly honored to have them onboard.


        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    Rhamier A : No problem you’re absolutely right though on that day it was something special in the air when we finally met up with everyone in SoHo. I’m here sitting anxious on everything that’s about to happen!

    Wale : Yes we had to let you guys know what’s going on I kind of hinted about the subject on twitter a few times, but we def will sit down when you come to NYC let me know.

    Thanks man SE up ! lol I like that

    LOLA : We really appreciate your support everytime we have posted a article I expect to see you pop up with some great words for us. I check out your blog I see we have the same influences in fashion/style especially from a photography stand point. Thank you :d

    Illtek : Thank you, from the looks of it we accomplished the point of the video ! to keep you hooked for that short period of time hoping for the full video which we will def blow your mind in jan 2010!

    Kenny : You was one of the first individuals we thought of when creating this video my brother. Although you’re not in these teaser pictures can’t wait to see the whole BKc family in the full length video. That day was a inspirational one glad I was there myself just as a spectator to the madness that happened.

    Eli : Oh yes the movement will continue as long as the site is here atleast from our aspect of things, because in reality it will still move strongly but with the push of the Internet we’re able to connect with everyone with the common goal which is apparently millions out there!

    The final stuff will be good trust me my brother.

    Efe : Thank You , check out your blog I had a quick laugh at your brief bio about working in menswear lol

    Jessie ADORE : I wish that could really happen! Thanks Jessie I know what this project and everything in whole that’s going on. Thanks for dropping a comment.

    B.Linnel : Thank you , all thanks to Alejandro Perez and TONE the images speak for themselves I’m truly honored to have them onboard.


        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    Ms. Shoo : Thank you very much you were with us from the beginning trust me we greatly appreciate all of good words , I’m surprised we haven’t ran into each other in NYC but your a constant traveler! lol

    Mike hit the question on the head like we rehearsed!

    We have to sit down soon!

    Your support is appreciated we will definitely drop the video by you.

    Ebony : Thanks a lot for the support!

    Kevin K : Thank you it should good man..

    Demilade : Hey man contacted you and everything lol

    David : Great Virginia for the win , never been there now that I think of it we need to travel all over the U.S more , NYC to the max for now though.

  • sQuincy

        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    this should be really good..
    i’m definitely looking forward to seeing the final product.
    i really like where you guys are taking SE.

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  • Poetri

        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    I’m waiting for this vid to show yound men how they are supposed to dress. The clothes and the black and white photography gives it a classic Harlem look but of course you both rep the BX to the fullest.

  • yo

        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    style? you call that style? people that go around with the label still on and guido’s haircut? mere trend followers, with not much taste too

  • Anthony Livingston

        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    Great job here guys

    Please excuse people like this guy above who feels he needs to bring negative attention to this great site.


        posted on December 21 , 2009 :

    Squincy : Thanks Sean , it should be something man I was expecting a paragraph or more from you since we haven’t seen any comments from you in a while. Hope all is well my brother

    Poetri : Thanks a lot , yes we might as well rep the entire New York City , but yes Uptown specifically but no boundaries in what we do, love from all over the world is appreciated! Like I always say the internet is a great thing , your right on the Harlem Renaissance aspect it’s one of our influences

    yo : thanks for taking out the time to respond on the site with that my brother

    Anthony Livingston : Yes of course you have to expect those kind of comments on the internet it comes with the territory and such. Thank you worked OT on this project putting our thoughts together to get everything relayed to the viewer in a short amount of time , cant wait ourselves very excited!

  • Stephanie La Bella

        posted on December 22 , 2009 :

    All I have to say is I’m wowed at this whole project coming from you two young gentlemen. The fact that you put this project together on your own just based on your vision and goals shows you guys are definitely the next big thing. I can’t wait to see the video and what you guys bring to the table next!

  • Skip

        posted on December 22 , 2009 :

    The first picture reminds me of a great day in Harlem with all the jazz greats.

    Keep doing it big you guys!

  • Steven Hannighan

        posted on December 22 , 2009 :

    Josh – How does that 3sixteen toggle coat fair? I’m thinking of purchasing it soon looks great on you btw

    Can’t wait until the drop of the video – keep the monumental work up gentlemen.



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  • mcgruff

        posted on December 23 , 2009 :

    mike: clothes are clean…but your mouth ruins everything…your clothes push ahead…and your teeth push u right back to where u started

    fix that shit

  • george

        posted on December 23 , 2009 :

  • Stephen

        posted on December 23 , 2009 :

    you guys look so damn steezy in that first pic. i wish LA had colder weather so i could wear duffle coats and shit

  • @iampitman

        posted on December 23 , 2009 :

    Looking forward to this project J & Trav, keep up the good work fellas. It’s good seeing quality work about fashion coming out of The Bronx, my beloved borough. We’ll speak in the nearest future.

  • Steph Monroe

        posted on December 23 , 2009 :

    The best men’s blog on the internet is correct by the Guardian UK I never knew you guys held that title, but now that I do it’s not surprising that you guys do. The pictures, outfits, video , the handsome guys what’s to say bad here. The bad talkers are rather giving you guys compliments by bringing negative energy on your site on such a great project.

    That’s when you know your doing something when people feel the need to hate. The internet provides them with that platform to say what they would never say in reality.

  • John B

        posted on December 24 , 2009 :

    Speechless on the presentation! keep it up fellas

  • moon

        posted on December 24 , 2009 :

    Most certainly looking forward to this project. I am starting to see a lot of younger cats pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion, especially in Brooklyn (where I live).

    Would you happen to have more info on dude’s boots (2nd from the left) in this picture?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Rawr Shack

        posted on December 25 , 2009 :

    You know i was thinking if you guys crossed the boarder and open a store in, Toronto, you’d have absolutely no competition and become trend setters here. We literally having nothing to inspire from here, I just think a big piece of the pie is left open for someone to take the risk, because I wish i could go to a store with the clothing you guys have and actually try it on instead of just looking at it.


        posted on December 25 , 2009 :

    Stephanie La Bella : Thanks Stephanie much appreciated that we have support on this project just something I personally came up with while doing the tedious things you do in the retail environment. Finally just happy to see everything come to fruition well 50% right now until the full video gets out.

    Skip : Yes we are definitely inspired by the Harlem Renaissance , a lot that occured during that time period has influenced what is taking place today in any field of the arts some of the greatest composers we’re involved in this movement.

    Enough about that though thanks man!

    Steven Hannighan : Hey Steve I will have to admit that this 3sixteen toggle is one of the best jackets I have had. It has this nice tan finish to it that attracts peoples eyes , received many compliments on the jacket majority of people thinking the brand is Ralph Lauren or something, but I say 3sixteen some people don’t know much about the brand but I try my best to let them know it’s def worth the buy my friend. I’m enjoying mine not the last time you will see it on the site.

    : Thanks

    Stephen : Thanks man yeah it’s really cold in NYC , especially that day trust me it was a challenge to act like it wasn’t cold lol , L.A would be nice for a little for me but I just love NYC winters!

    @iampitman : Yes , we will highlight the ‘lost’ borough of the Bronx in the video a little bit, the teaser video ends in the Bronx with us walking – in that picture everyone is uptown born and raised definitely was a great moment in the making.

    Steph Monroe : Yes, you’re right I chose not to respond back to the comments especially personal attacks on someone you don’t even know personally, it’s truly sad. Can’t complain too much it’s a free world and like you said the internet provides that platform it’s really how you let the words effect you.

    Thanks for the good words we were honored to be crowned that by the Guardian UK – definitely a highlight in our lives.

    John B : At least you took the time to comment even if you were speechless! aha


    Moon : Yup you’re right hit it right on the head especially taking about Brooklyn where a good amount of the people are from and great friends. I noticed that it’s location and just diverse residents brings a more welcoming environment to branch out from the ‘usual’ appearance , on the contrary the Bronx is isolated from most of the movements in the city so seeing such shocks people. It’s happening slowly though Brooklyn is a great place to thrive

    The boots are Timberlands 6 burgundy leather hopefully you can find them..

    Rawr Shack : I hear you that’s where the Internet has been a great tool bringing us together – those who have similar taste in certain things could expand on things. Lol Toronto seems like a great place been there numerous times but you guys have your own people such as Style by Drew and Marcus Troy from Montreal that I know are doing some good things. You may feel isolated from everything but I encourage to push that envelope my friend.

  • SwanDiamondRose

        posted on December 25 , 2009 :

    all those beautiful serious faces and everyone looks perfect. i think the word for this shoot is impressive. it makes me think of a Scorcese film where everyone walks in sync, in slow motion, and you just know something is going to go down. and this time- it’s style.


  • Peter Sarizki

        posted on December 25 , 2009 :

    Love this blog and I’m coming all the way from Russia just to let you guys know you have supports over here on the genesis of style project.

    2010 will be big for you guys I feel it..

  • S. dennis

        posted on December 25 , 2009 :

    It seems that you guys are not the only ones who love the beauty of Harlem.

    As my first post, I cannot tell you how proud I am of your endeavor, it is simply phenomenal. The superlatives that I have for your vision and fashion sense are unending. I will be an adoring fan, with an eye to the new project with great anticipation. Have a happy and fashionable holiday!

    S. Dennis

  • Sarah Alaoui

        posted on December 26 , 2009 :

    how did i not know about this site before?
    please start an American mens fashion revolution now. thanks.

  • Snoblak by Natasha

        posted on December 26 , 2009 :

    I am looking forward to the video. It looks amazing from the trailer so far. Happy Holidays.

  • Shame Hate Dawg

        posted on December 26 , 2009 :

    While I enjoy the site and the fashion, sometime I feel that sometimes seems as if you guys are trying just a little bit too hard. I see many fits and looks to be a bit “stiff” and almost tight (as in body hugging tight).

    But I am an anonymous replier to your great blog. Maybe what I’m trying to say is loosen up with when you pose. SHow some sort of everyday movement (if that makes sense).

  • Glenna

        posted on December 26 , 2009 :

    oooooooooooh, i’m excited to see the final video!
    definitely gonna keep my blog posted!
    awesome project guys!! :)


        posted on December 27 , 2009 :

    Happy Holidays to all of you

    SwanDiamondRose : Thanks it would be great and comical to get something like a Scorsese going on rofl with all the serious faces lol, gladly you will get to see us smile and act regular in the video with out the stern faces lol.

    Peter Sarizki : And Peter we appreciate the love all the way from Russia just showing how we all connect for one common good lol

    S.Dennis : Great, I have always been intrigued by Harlem since I was younger just being aware of the history in that one steak of location in Manhattan. It was nearly neighboring the Bronx but it still embodied a whole different kind of vibe than my own borough. Really a special place in my heart, even though we didn’t receive the best response from people when walking around filming this ahaha

    Thanks and we appreciate this greatly..

    Sarah Alaoui : Glad you did though word of mouth is amazing, lol we’ll try to see what we can bring to the menswear world!

    It’s a tough world out there..

    Snoblak by Natasha : Thanks Natasha I’m a fan of your blog please keep up the great work more updates! :D

    Shame Hate Dawg : This is not the first time I have heard this , to me it’s all personal opinion you would have to actually meet someone in real life and have some sort of communication with them to determine that. Even then what one person would consider ‘trying’ hard could be considered regular attire to someone else. The pictures speak for themselves I think we originated and still are on WDYWT forums (What Did You Wear Today) and there is a certain way you would take pictures because mainly a whole bunch of other guys who did the same thing would view the pictures. I think with our site we kind of stuck to that way , which we will hopefully experiment a little more different. It’s not a online magazine photo shoot where we’re galloping around taking pictures for a catalog though lol. I think since we put up two videos of ourselves interacting both provided in this post people have begun to see the pictures are just what comes with the blog.

    Thanks for dropping your honest opinion , I don’t recognize it as hate, but your version of constructive criticism. Please feel free to comment further in the future.

    Glenna : Thanks Glenna, yup it will be up on this site before anything so check in periodically I’m predicting the first week of January if anything.

    Much thanks to all the comments guys ..


        posted on December 29 , 2009 :

    Great website guys! I’m new here and came across your site from the Art of Manliness blog. Anyways, my question… your style and dress are perfect for NYC, but what about Los Angeles out here? This is t-shirt weather for us. Its 65-70 degrees. Theres no way I’m going to wear a dress shirt, a wool sweater, a wool overcoat, etc. How do you layer in the summer???

  • goke

        posted on December 30 , 2009 :

  • A

        posted on December 31 , 2009 :

    Are these Clarks Desert Boots in this pic?

    If not, who makes them?


        posted on January 3 , 2010 : : Thank you man , we love the Art Of Manliness blog always a great read on their updates. Making men more manlier ! lol If possible in the warmer more there isn’t much blatant layering with solid ones more light layering than anything. Depening on the degree of warmth it’s still very much possible to layer lightly .. ex lightweight summer shirt with a nice tie and a light merino cardigan could work in LA weather I have never been before but I heard it gets a little more colder during the night time also.

    Goke : Yes it is man , thanks for dropping that link def a pivotal moment in our lives concerning the blog

    A : Yup they’re clark desert boots , they could be bought here

  • Julian Frame

        posted on January 9 , 2010 :

    This is exactly what we trying bto do in johannesburg south africa. The Cross Trainer(facebook) and CrosstrainerSa(twitter) show the struggle we face and how we going about South Africa”s version of GENESIS. Another quality blog by a man who knows his Style. Chivers AD campaign spoke to the return of the gentleman and brotherhood. WE WISH YOU ALL THE SUCCESS IN YOUR PROJECT. THE CROSS TRAINER TEAM, JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA


        posted on January 12 , 2010 :

    Yes, night time does get cool. As example (not to rub it in) It was 80 degrees yesterday. I was wondering if I should go hang at the beach, catch a Laker game, or head up for some snow skiing on the snow capped mountains in front of me. It did get cool last night and I took your tip. I looked quite decent. My wife asked “WTF??” I told her straight out that between Street Etiquette and the Art of Manliness…. I have become a true “man”. Yeah anyways. :)

  • Shame Hate Dawg

        posted on January 15 , 2010 :

    Smile. Maybe show a lttle emotion.

    Respect on everything you guys have done, are doing and will do in 2010 and beyond.

  • - Street Etiquette « Behind The Lens

        posted on January 30 , 2010 :

    [...] 29, 2010 You might of heard of these guys. When Joshua reached out to me to be involved in a video project he was working on with the homie TONE….I was more than down to be a part of it. The project [...]

  • machioudi (Moha

        posted on March 25 , 2010 :

  • The Fox

        posted on March 31 , 2010 :

    Gentlemen, very proud!!