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JKISSI : The second edition to our ‘Accessories Are a Necessity’ category finally makes its way to completion with anticipation and emails from our readers. After the first post on ‘Wrist Ornaments’ we have been brainstorming on what would be best second edition.  The modest pocket square has been around for a long time before it’s current appeal to style and fashion. I have to be perfectly honest here admitting that I was unaware about the history of the pocket square, but to say the least it was interesting to learn about it’s origin. I think that’s one of the interesting aspects of this site even if you had prior knowledge of the pocket square, we like to accompany our readers on a journey with us.  The original use of the pocket square was purely hygienic such as blowing ones nose, wiping ones face and everything that comes with that. Originating from England the material from which they are made could differ according to their ability of absorption and the status of the owner, the more successful using silk material. It was not until the 19th century with the emergence of two piece suits, where pocket squares were viewed as something more decorative rather than functional.

Jkissi, Joshua Kissi, Street Etiquette, The pocket square, jkissi pocket, square pocket, handkerchief

Jkissi, Joshua Kissi, Street Etiquette, The pocket square, jkissi pocket, square pocket, handkerchief

Pictured on the right is my own personal collection of pocket squares that I have attained this far, which some of you have probably seen around the site in previous post. Although the pocket square no longer holds any functional connotations, I can’t help but think of my good friend photographer Mougabe who would use his handkerchief tied in a certain way to hold his camera. The pocket square brings versatility with your outfit provided different folding methods changing the look of your outfit. Depending on the look of the fit I would sometimes throw a pocket square in my shirt pocket to liven things up a bit during the more warmer months.  The great men’s site Art of Maniless provided a great video on how to fold the pocket square in various ways. Please gentlemen start to break in the stitching on those blazer pockets and start to go wild.

JKISSI – GAP Blazer | Uniqlo Corduroy Shirt | Uniqlo Knit Tie |  APC New Cure Jeans | J.Crew Bucks |  The Hill Side Selvage Chambray

Fit Description – I have had this suede GAP Blazer stashed in my closet for sometime from previous employment at the GAP. When purchasing the blazer I was unsure on it’s quality, but it has sustained up to this point. After seeing Trav’s’ well faded APC Petite standards I knew I had to wear my pair a lot more(lol). In this outfit I wanted to not only play with different color palettes as usual, but also play with different textures at hand. The corduroy, selvedge chambray, suede blazer, knit tie all contain different textures bringing something different. The selvage chambray piece is one of my favorites produced by Brooklyn based brand The Hill Side made right here in New York City. The brand has a whole slew of different designs and materials such as ties , scarves and many other workwear driven items.

pocket square, the hill side, fine and dandy handkerchief,

I decided to give a brief collage list on some pocket squares favorites that I think are worth the price and quality. The Fine N Dandy shop known as the forefront  ‘accessories for dapper guys’ online pit stop was perfect. The shop has just debuted their fall/winter 2009 lookbook I would suggest browsing around the online shop, your sure to find some great accessories. Interesting enough all of these items pictured above are made in New York City.

1. The Hill-Side Selvedge Chambray Small Handkerchief (Pocket Sq.), Black – $39.00

2. Black & White Prince of Wales Handkerchief  – $15.00

3. The Hill-Side Selvedge Chambray Bandana – $44.00

4. Dark Blue Plaid Handkerchief   $15.00

5.  The Hill-Side Selvedge Chambray Plum Violet Pocket Square  – $37.00


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  • L.A.S

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Most importantly….who makes those bucks my man? Bean? Bass?

    p.s. I’ve got the same tie, work it to work last thursday. Great value from Uniqlo as always.

  • Coldxfish

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    very sick outfit, those shoes with that red/black tie is very well-done [sir]

  • Milly

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Can we get a post on the hair? Looks awesome lol.

  • Lucas

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Good quality post. Was waiting on this topic for quite some time. Thepocket square isn’t for everyone but you manage to pull it off nicely.
    IMO the pocket square is nice to add a little but special detail to an outfit.

    Keep it up as always.

    Cheerio from Germany


  • AJ

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Been reading your blog a while. You’ve got mad style, but you also need a copy editor. Please think about it.

  • Emil

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Looking so good dude! Thanks for the mention!

  • ebony

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Great post, yeah I’m diggin the hair :) ! I love the lighter tone shoes as well, nice contratst to the dark jacket/pant!


        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    L.A.S : Thanks man I listed it right in the post J.Crew suede bucks I don’t know if they carry them online still , but they were purchased at the mens shop in NYC. I recommended someone to go there and they were sold out apparently online too just checked hmm..

    : Much appreciated it’s actually a navyblue/red tie the contrast probably throws it off at first glance lol

    Milly : Lol milly I’ll give you a special guide on that , you have a similar style though you should be alright ;D

    Lucas : Thanks and I agree with you here it isn’t for everyone typically but it works with most blazers and such if approached in the right fashion.

    AJ : Thanks man yup it’s a fight to get my thoughts on the page accurately and concisely , and give off the right impression. It’s definitely something I’ll look into it’s just like I have so much to say sometimes that it gets jumbled up or thrown off , it’s comes with the territory I suppose , definitely look to improve on that we’ll see. Thanks for checking out the blog once again my brother

  • Niidawg3

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Charle, the bucks sets off the entire look. Nicely done!


        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Emil : No problem at all , you guys produce some really great items that I thought needed to be highlight on SE. We’ll talk more later hope you got my last email

    Ebony : Thanks its good to hear hair compliments from our female readers lol makes me feel like I didn’t do a mistake lol the waves was a cool run though, its funny looking at old pictures on here.

    Niidawg : ay charle, thank you I see your looks from NT to SF definitely dapper appearance keep up the good work.

  • TheSouthSider (Rolly)

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    I’ve seen worthy tips over gq and cool feature about pocket squares here! Btw, I never thought of statuses affecting the quality of the pocket squares before.

  • components of enthusiasm

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    dapper. that tie is sick.

  • Jack

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Great post, those hillside handkerchiefs have been haunting me for awhile now. The bucks set the outfit off nicely as well.

  • Craig

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    As mentioned previously the pocket square isn’t for everyone but I think it can provide that spark to an outfit that turns a good look into a great look.

    Nice collection there JKISSI, I recommend checking out the collection from Peckham Rye, not sure if they have stockists in the US but they have a nice range of handkerchiefs and neckwear.

  • DJPrep

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Yet another great post for the professional. Haha. I always bring out the pocket square when Im wearing a suit. I need to get some more blazers to utilize them some more.
    The knit tie is dope too. We have two of them on sale at Rugby. They are like $30 plus 25% off for the insider sale and then my @ off sale. Its absolutely insane. Hahaha
    The fades on your APC’s look sick dude. I bought mine before i lost like 15 lbs and they stretched way too much. I put some crazy time into them all summer too. Do you know of any place I can get them tailored? Or am i better off getting a new pair?

    P.S. About RRL. I havent forgot about it dude. I only got down there one time since I started working and that was to grab a pair of jeans i could wear to work. I NEED to get down there either this week or the weekend. I want to get some black denim or some washed denim down there. Hopefully they got in some new denim for the holiday. Ill def hit you up when Im planning on heading down. Yo and if u ever need anything from Rugby…..thats a no brainer my dude. Just let me know.

  • Rhamier A.

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Great post as usual coming from you guys. Its funny you created this post about pocket squares because i was just researching where i should look to buy my first. I recently purchased a tweed blazer from Uniqlo and i wanted a pocket square to go with it. Thanks to you, i now have options and i know where i can begin my search. Thanks a lot.

    P.S.-Its also inspiring to see how much you guys have grown as a site over the past year. We need more menswear sites and this is always top of my list. Whenever i come across a male who loves fashion, and dresses like we do, i always give them this site to check out. Keep it up man.

  • Deja J

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    umm… its definitely great to see men with great sense of style. I’m from Bronx, NY and what people from other regions fail to realize is that the Bronx is not “extinct” when it comes to fashion. Keep up the great work, Guys. This blog is inspirational. I may be a female but i like to take Fashion inspiration from all walks of life.

    one love,

    Deja J.

  • Deja J

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    also… i have yet to see you guys with ankle grazer jeans. you guys probably have posted pics in the past, but i’ve just now begun to look at the website thoroughly. I have seen the ankle grazed slacks trench piece, which reminded me of the brooks brothers. but i would like to see what both you could do with the jeans.

    one love, again. lol

    Deja J.

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    A im liking that blue polka dot one in your hand.

  • friendinfashion

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Very nice! Sharp shoes :)

    Enter my fashion giveaway:

  • prince shepard

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Fun post! That denim pocket square blew my mind tho. I gotte get me one.

  • JfkJean

        posted on November 9 , 2009 :

    Ahh, you’re walking up my alley….I feel a man’s blazer isn’t complete without one. It doesn’t need to always be poofy and bursting out nor does it always have to be a TV fold or pointed but as long as there’s one there and it doesn’t match your tie, success is right around the corner. I for one need some paisley’s in my life and my holy grail pocket square would be a silk Hermes in off white……


        posted on November 10 , 2009 :

    Wow awesome post Josh. I’ve noticed you wearing your pocket squares in many of your outfits and they add such a great touch to all of them. I need to find myself a few as well…the chambray ones look very tempting.

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on November 10 , 2009 :

    Dang son, so much to say. I’ll start with the pocket squares. I loved these things I was the only one who used to wear ‘em to church in like 4th grade lol. Idk why, but I eventually stopped wearing them; I had no idea they had a function . Also the hair-did you just fade the whole sides man? that looks pretty sweet from the front. Black hair styles gotta be a post for the future lol. Oh and the APCs, have you washed them yet? They have to be 1 year you got them when i found out about this site. They appear to be coming along nicely though *thumbs up*

  • jaac

        posted on November 10 , 2009 :


    One thing i i would love to see from you guys is a collage of a weeks wear. Just a quick snap of what you wear each day for a week, the article could have a quick explanation of each fit with reasons for item’s such as weather or an engagement that requires you to be more dressy etc.

    It’s not that i doubt its just that it’s hard to believe(read:i’m jealous) you guys wear these awesome fits day to day.

  • luxury ties

        posted on November 10 , 2009 :

    I really love that guys style!!and that tie is gorgeous!never seen anything like it!

  • karo

        posted on November 10 , 2009 :

    Nice! Great Work!

  • David

        posted on November 11 , 2009 :

    Alright sir now I am a big fan of all things accessories…and I must admit to you that the pocket square is one of my favorites along with the bow tie, but that is another story. Anyway, I know all about the history of both because I am from the South some what and I have a major infatuation with all aspects of fashion. Which, has led me into dressing up as well as dressing down. For the most part, The overall thing I see in the post is that the pocket square can both make outfit, but never have I seen it break an outfit. I guess I am saying that through my progression in style and fashion as I have taken it more and more serious I have come to realize that no person has bad style it just needs to be altered in a few ways. One major person I am thinking about with that in mind is Taz Arnold, who to many has both some of the most bold and detailed style out there. Which brings me to my point, that most people need this blog of yours, of mine, of others like us, and especially the Satorialist. The Satorialist, which is the make and mold for many fashion blogs helps us through others figure out new ideas for our own outfits like your very blog which is the part I love about some not all fashion blogs. This might be me rambling again, but I have very few people that think exactly or even close the same way I do in reference to fashion, so I’ll leave with that for now. Hope it makes sense sometimes when I am on topics I like it comes out my mouth how I think it…LOL

  • Keith

        posted on November 11 , 2009 :

    This was an incredible post. Definitely one of my favorites yet. I love pocket squares. They definitely can given that added punch to an outfit.

  • Jeff

        posted on November 11 , 2009 :

    Great post Josh. Looking rather snazzy I must say. lol

  • Snappy

        posted on November 11 , 2009 :

    It is all about the accessories! Check out some of my jewelry at Not Just a Label. I am totally digging your site!

  • mikey_mike

        posted on November 11 , 2009 :

    Pocket square, the sophisticated man’s soldier rag. lol good post just keep em coming yall make us wait too long!


        posted on November 12 , 2009 :


  • kyx

        posted on November 12 , 2009 :

    Dope stuff Kissi

    Emil @ HIll Side is producing some great stuff right now. Keep an eye on that one fellas…

    i flipped that shit today too…

    stay hustlin

  • Najee D.

        posted on November 12 , 2009 :

    Real glad to see The Hill-Side getting some very much deserved pub. I’ve been wearing their hickory stripe bandana as a pocket square in my Pointer chore coat for about two months now. Can’t seem to want to take them off lol.

  • demilade

        posted on November 13 , 2009 :

    pocket squares are very useful when you are a a ball room or going out with a sexy lady very smooth i got some but nothing crazy


        posted on November 13 , 2009 :

    The South Sider : Yeah it’s the same here it really opened my eyes to a lot of things , its interesting what you learn when you just go on a research rampage about certain subjects. What you thought was true may be false lol all in the research.

    Paul : Thanks my brother much appreciated keep up the good work at the blog

    Jack : Yes man ever since I laid my eyes on them on context during the summer i knew they were items I had to purchase them in the near future. Keep up the influential work on the site , from the WDYWT to the blogs I like it , saw the Cotton Duck post you did it’s happening!

    Craig : Yup your right some people are just not fond of the pocket square in general I mean I would encourage anyone with any sort of curiosity to the piece to try it out , why not ? Something different that could be beneficial to them in the long run , but to the people who just despise it lol hey everything is not for everyone i guess lol

    DJ PREP : Lol it’s a work in progress my brother we’re always trying to make the blog just a little bit better than the last post even though that’s pretty difficult we’re always up for the challenge, me and Travis have been brainstorming on new ways to post and convey information or other means of technology being applied to the site, or just something creative and unique still at that progress. I would recommend trying to see what a tailor could do if it doesn’t sound too better than it’s present condition then yeah a brand new pair would be the right route to go on. I would recommend me and Trav’s tailor Pablo ‘Stanton Tailor Shop’ if you type it up in google you should see some very grateful reviews from other people. The hours of operation , addy and all of that good stuff.

    I’m not surprised Rugby has some great items always in store , people definitely need to check it out
    Lol I thought you forgot though to be honest because those jeans at RRL! I need them lol yes just hit me up prior to when your going and we could link up.

    Rhamier A : Thanks man , I saw the uniqlo blazer you had it seems like a hot item to buy right now it’s a great jacket from the looks of it, but yeah all you’re missing is a nice pocket square to go with it. I have had this post in draft for a long time now just waiting for the right time to release it and it seems like right now is the time. Man, it’s still a work in progress here the earlier post lol make me want to just smash my head against my computer desk but hey we didn’t know what we wanted to do at all, just a idea to have a site as time went on went with the niche and loved it.

    Deja J : It’s great to see another Bronxite on the site appreciate what we do , because as you just mentioned the Bronx is on the come up known as the borough that started most of the culture people follow today started. It’s a great thing to just sit back and think about sometimes like something that started in the Bronx such as djing,rapping,,breakdancing,graffiti etc to all the over world. Yeah you are referring to cropped pants yeah very Thom Browneque I like it because it brings detail into the socks you wear and shoes some people may see it as something more tedious to think about lol

    Pret-a-porter : Thanks a lot , I think my favorite is the hillside one right now

    Friendinfashion : Appreciated, ok cool lol everyone else enter! lol

    Prince Shepard : Seriously., I know we’re on the same wave length similar reaction I had when I first saw it like oh man I need to get this! lol I just knew I wanted to play with the textures somehow.

    Jfkjean : I was thinking of you when typing up the post funny, like James is going to love this one because I just know you’re into really getting down every detail of a man’s outfit and etiquette that you can conquer. That’s a great point in addition the folds can pretty much speak for your outfit in various volumes, something more conservative and formal would call for a certain fold. Paisleys sound great though I saw someone with a paisley tie today that made me go x_x lol today
    : Thanks man everyone is feeling that one it seems lol , it’s just something you don’t see a lot when searching for a pocket square in general. Btw nice blog keep it up

    Reggie : Yeah lol just organize those thoughts and blast away lol. Yup havent washed these APC’s yet they haven’t received much wear until now like I said I saw Trav’s and my co-worker Rich’s RRL’s lol then I knew I had to get on my job. That’s funny how everyone has a different experience with each item we discuss great input there , Yup just shaved off the sides to give it a different look seems everyone wants this hair post ahahha I will consider it def

    Jaac : lol I hear that it sounds good on paper , but at the same time we like to cater to a certain work , and not just post outfits you can see that anywhere many fashion forums around we even have them linked below. I’m pretty sure I wear outfits I wish i could have posted up here lol

    Luxury Ties : Thanks man that’s actually me , lol it’s a knit tie from Uniqlo , I have to admit i have about 3 of them that I really really like from my other usual ties.

    Karo : Appreciate it

  • Jing

        posted on November 14 , 2009 :

    great post:) I feel for it.
    Could you please share more sources that you shop for scarves and pocket square?

    Thanks again for the inspiration. love the way you mix patterns and textures. I don’t have any corduroy and thinking about it these days.


        posted on November 14 , 2009 :

    David : It’s interesting that you bring the bow-tie into this discussion because that’s one piece of product that I think I will not want to incorporate into my outfit. I have seen it done really well and at the same time really bad not that effects my opinion on if I should buy one or not because I do have one bow tie that I still haven’t worn, I seriously don’t know what it is but something keeps me from going all out with it. I applaud everyone that pulls it off in a great way , I guess everything isn’t for everyone hm.. I think with Taz Arnold I would never classify his style as ‘bad’ or ‘weird’ it’s just a real extreme style that he feels expresses himself in one way or another. I think we can only judge what is bad but if you look at it from a stylish standpoint he’s just expressing himself just like anyone else would in that place.

    It’s interesting you bring that up also because I recently had a interview where the newspaper editor asked if I thought guys needed sites like ours and alike , and I answered yes I think every guy wants to dress nice or appear a bit stylish up to a point. via – the guy who goes shopping with his girlfriend because he isn’t confident enough in his own clothing choice of what would be deemed ‘stylish’. Yup its needed.

    Keith : Thanks a lot Keith appreciate it , and yes they really can !

    Jeff : LOL! Thanks my brother good work over at Swipelife you guys already aware I’m a big fan.

    Snappy : That’s a great look I tried to find some of your line , but was unable to find any links on your site. Give me a direct link here for everyone including myself can look at them, keep up the good work on the blog very interesting.

    Mikey_mike : We apologize about the wait lol we know it’s a week long thing where you check the site multiple times a day looking for the new post. Expect it every monday at least like I said in previous post we’re trying to work something out where we can post at least two times a week. Like anything that will take time let’s see..

    Teresa : Thank you

    Kyx : Thanks man looking forward to meeting you guys at the Pop Up Flea the date is steady approaching should be a great event and get even better as time goes on. Hill side products are definitely something people need to look into exactly why I did this post in the first place mixed with a need to just research about the pocket square.

    Najee D : Lol that’s funny I have been wearing their denim chambray scarf they released almost everyday it just goes with everything I put on, or so I like to think so lol. ‘

    If you havent see them here’s a link to it

    Demilade : Yeah your right and also just casual just running out to get lunch in the fall type vibe I think it can be done with a casual touch up to an extent.

  • ReZ

        posted on November 14 , 2009 :

    great outfit here!

  • TeoV

        posted on November 14 , 2009 :

    good ! your blog it’s always an inspiring read :-)

    ps : josh , you’re on complex top 100 style trends , check it out :

  • Dapper932

        posted on November 14 , 2009 :

    This is a very good post I think I’m pretty much addicted to this site , you guys please keep doing what your doing please don’t let this site turn into some money making haven with ads everywhere! Do it smart!

  • Chief

        posted on November 15 , 2009 :

    Brutal shirt/jacket combo. Really love this look man I want to be just like you

  • Jord

        posted on November 15 , 2009 :

    Great post! I love the guys outfit altogether, especially the accessories and the texture of that guys scarf.

    That guy is so smartly dressed, such attention to detail.

    I’m new to this fashion blogging, think it’s a great outlet to discuss ideas/trends. Just starting a mens based blog, if you or anyone else who see’s this could check it out and give me any advice, it’d be much appreciated (:

  • David

        posted on November 16 , 2009 :

    I wouldn’t say that I think that Taz has bad style I’m saying that often times I guess it is good to experiment that is kind of where I was going with this post. And, thinking of how things are changing in the fashion industry I think that any guy that shops with his girlfriend, which is like almost 90% of the men in the world, that do need these sort of blogs because in a way they lack confidence not only in their fashion choices it is just that they are so homophobic that they do not want to be categorized as gay. Which 9 times out of 10, they lack male reassurance in themselves and it comes out in the most obvious way. With that statement there I could develop a whole new conversation, and just because I know you have an idea of what I am talking about I will leave it there. Plus, still on the topic of a blog like yours I received a comment that really tickled me, from someone who is new to blogging (fashion blogging).

    That is a category in which, I would not like to label my blog under, but in a way it is. And, it is funny to me because he asked me for some advice on it and I thought to myself that how can I give someone advice on a topic of blogging that I do not incorporate myself with. I know you have read some of my posts and it is kind of funny how so many people categorize my blog as a fashion blog. I do love fashion and the art of dress because, no matter how people slice it, life is an art in any aspect of it. And, that is sort of what I try to depict in my blog as well as my life, and I am going to try to expand through my brand/company/movement of Selected Few. Only if a person has been an avid follower of me as I have been to you and Trav can you say you have a certain vision of how we think and even then a person’s view of us is still too narrow. I know you and Trav would agree to this paragraph to a point which may be a little jumbled or not. I cannot stress enough that my thoughts are always one or more steps ahead/away from many people in the industry we are currently indulged in right now. I think you would completely agree with that statement as well. Ha..Ha..

  • DeVon

        posted on November 16 , 2009 :

    Without question the pocket square is the most quintessential accessory for a man. I particularly love how pocket squares are capable of upgrading even the most casual look. The only problem though is that once you start wearing them you almost feel naked when you don’t rock one. Nice post.

  • only cure

        posted on November 17 , 2009 :

    I’m starting to get more and more interested in trousers, boots, oxfords, cords and ties etc. and your blog really inspires me to approach fashion in a different light rather than the typical streetwear, denim, and vans. I definitely need to step my game up on pocket squares and skinny trousers.

    How do the trousers at Topman fit? the cheap ($40) ones.

    Keep it up, brother.

  • Ralph G

        posted on November 17 , 2009 :

    I have to admit going threw old post and all I like the hair you sport here , it’s different and something you wont see everyone wearing. Great post i have to get more into pocket squares because I ideally have no problem with them just finding the right one is a bit difficult but this post helped tremendously

  • Jerry St Aubin

        posted on November 19 , 2009 :

    Great Post bro consistency is sometimes hard to uphold but you and trav always deliver stronger and open more eyes with each post. The pocket square really is capturing it offers individuality to any oxford shirt capable of utlizing it. It Can Pretty Much Spice Any Outfit, Possiblities Are Endless With This Acessory. Great Post. Also Love The Fit.


        posted on November 19 , 2009 :

    Rez : Thanks man

    Teov : Thanks Teov especially coming from you , we’ve been on the same forum since 2005 or so It was great to see you develop into your own style even though you are from Italy and you were on a predominately American fashion forum full of teens acting immature .. fun days lol. Great look on the complex link I’m very appreciative to even have my picture up there. Great people at complex

    Dapper932 : It’s funny you bring that up because recently we decided on not putting ads up on Street Etiquette even though we have a few brands that were interested in doing so. We’ll keep the site the way it is the same clean aesthetic and like we’re doign right now just focus on building our readership and making the site better the money is not the primary focus here it will come as a asset for your good work, I like to think at least.

    Cheif : Thanks man appreciate it , lol funny take note

    Jord : Thanks a lot yeah that’s actually me pictured above lol , it’s ok though. Yes the fashion blog thing is pretty out there by now especially by female style bloggers. The men’s style blog is still in developing stages I like to think it is a great place to express any kind of ideas you would like to communicate with your readers. The only thing I would advise is you don’t have to necessarily know your direction from the jump ( we didn’t ) of things but keep working to a place to make your site appear unique among the masses. Keep thinking on how you could make your blog better to readers man, peace good luck.

    David : Yup , that first paragraph hits it right on the head concerning males just being a little bit too scared to go shopping by themselves. I see it everyday since working in the retail environment with guys coming in with their girlfriends and being indecisive on what to purchase.

    Yeah I know what you mean in a way you can’t really fight that label off.

    Devon : Very good point Devon that applies to those of us who love wearing them without a problem , to the people a little unsure it may be a different story. btw great link there

    Only Cure : Thanks man that’s what we thought one of the aspects of our site would be and it looks like its definitely working, like I said ‘one’ of the aspects lol we hope to inspire different things in people to approach different styles , we’re all growing accordingly !

    Topman trousers as far as I’m concerned fit pretty alright for the price go on in there and try them on lol, I have to say the skinny navy blue trousers I have are one of the best fitting trousers I ever purchased lol.

    Ralph G : Thanks for the good words man hopefully this post helped directed into the right way of buying some, try it out .

    Jerry St. Aubin : Thanks Jerry , it takes a lot to keep pushing on stronger post but it’s a interesting challenge because it puts you in a position to excel in the long run just by keeping that thought in your head I guess.
    Your right on that man get into it!

  • Italian Leather Jackets

        posted on November 23 , 2009 :

    Wow u got great style man. I really like your top combination. However for the bottoms, would it make a person look shorter if you rolled up the jeans like that?

  • TeoV

        posted on November 23 , 2009 :


    thanks josh , I really think your style is classy , a great mix of classic with modern pieces . that’s why the 80% of that forum (except the oldest members) wouldn’t appreciate it :-)

  • The Ca$h

        posted on November 27 , 2009 :

    This is great idea
    I always use paper towels
    These would be a bit more professional.

  • Richard

        posted on February 27 , 2010 :

    Here we see a difference between those of us raised in the (ancient) SE of the US and other folks. When wearing a jacket, I have one (full) handkerchief in a back pants pocket…that’s for anything I may need. I have another, always of finest, white cotton, with fully hand-stitched, rolled or turned edges, hand folded by me to any one of four different sets of “peaks” in my breast pocket. The sole purpose of the latter is to be grasped by one peak and snapped out with a gentle flourish to offer to a damsel in distress. It must always be pristinely white for this purpose.

    Folks need to learn – keep teaching.

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