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JKISSI : Specific textiles and materials are sometimes deemed more acceptable to wear in certain seasons.  The durable textile corduroy is one of my favorites by far compared to other materials. Corduroy is made up of twisted woven fibers aligned in a parallel pattern. I can even admit that I went as far as wearing corduroy pants rolled up during this summer just to fulfill my pre-fall corduroy crave.  The comfortable and soft fabric believed to be first produced in England shares a similar preppy connotation as madras, the previous  fabric that we touched on. The only obvious difference apart from texture is that madras is much more appropriate in warmer climates. For a long time corduroy was just known to be used on pants, but now it’s being used on everything from blazers to hats as the perfect fall/winter fabric.

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JKISSI – Vintage WOOLRICH Hunting Plaid jacket |  Topman Black Shirt |  Uniqlo Tan Skinny Corduroys | Clarks Desert Boots

Fit Description – The woolrich jacket was purchased on my usual  thrifting sprees. It still holds up as a great wool jacket could definitely keep you warm on fall/winter days. I have been a fan of plaids and black/red is a color palette that always compliment each other nicely. The uniqlo  corduroys fit great and quality seems like it would hold up for a good amount of time. The new black beads I have are definitely my favorite right now, with a combination of different finishes such as matte and glossy.

I was forced to dig in our archives for one of my favorite post to date. It seemed my nephew was already on his way as far as having a great corduroy piece to play around with. To purchase a similar blazer the good people at J.crew released a perfect substitute to go with this fall and winter.  Corduroy provides the perfect versatility that can be worn in a more casual setting to even a more formal setting.  The rich fabric is now produced by many designers and retailers to now include a more slimmer cut from previous designs.  I was ultimately going to pass on doing a list of where to purchase different cords, but I felt it would eventually become beneficial to everyone including myself.


1. Jcrew Corduroy workwear sportcoat – $158.00

2. Our Legacy Corduroy blazer – $358.00

3. BR Cotton corduroy two-button blazer – $198.00

4.  * Jcrew washed cord sportcoat – $98.00 *

(The best deal to go with if you are looking for a great sportscoat concerning price point /  quality)

5. Levis Cord Trucker – $89.50


1. RUGBY Corduroy jean – $89.50

2. Jcrew Classic fit cord- trouser – $49.50-69.50

3. RUGBY Slim pant Corduroy – $79.50

4. UNIQLO skinny stretch cords – $39.50


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  • Marella

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    love u guys swagg…keep it up.. !!

  • Brittany

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    I love your writing style and how you dissect an outfit down to its fabric. Plus, you have amazing taste. I’m so glad I found this blog.

  • Trent

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Where did the guy get those karma/spiritual beads from?

    They are a great accessory to use in place of a watch.


  • friendinfashion

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Your nephew is gorgeous! Fabulously constructed outfit & great write up as always.

  • Attila

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Aint posted on here in a while, but great stuff all around. Peeped the video, dope shit, never really imagined you to sound so idk normal lol.

  • Tiffany

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Great blog. Cords are great for fall time

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Mice man, keep it up. I don’t understand why I hated corduroy so much as a kid.

  • Rhamier A

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Great post as usual man. This is one of the few sites men can run to for fashion, and i feel like you guys need to be bigger than you are. You guys should be at fashion shows the same way other bloggers are like Rumi from Fashion Toast for example….btw Josh man, where did you get those beads? My life wont be complete until i can get me some of those!

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Your nephew is too cool.

  • Jeff

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Great post and great fit as well josh. I need to invest in some cords.

  • DJPrep

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Another great post man. Loving the fact that your showing support to Rugby my dude! Lol. I was actually planning on picking up a pair the corduroy jeans in new tan next time I work.
    The vintage slim fit corduroy’s have an awesome fit, but the colors I think kill them. I wish they made them in one normal color. You could definitely make something work with them no doubt tho.

    Keep up the good work man.

  • Kenny

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    WOW!! That Woolrich jacket is SUCH a PROBLEM!!!

  • willy cheesesteak

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    I’ve already said it on SF but seriously, that jacket is bananas.

    Btw, because of this post I think I’m gonna head over to Uniqlo right now to check out those cords. The navy is tempting me.

  • James D. Williams

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    I have to admit that I check this site way too often you guys do fantastic work here , please keep it up were just watching a explosion ready to happen!

  • willy cheesesteak

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Argh, just came back and they didn’t have navy so I settled for tan joints you have on. I’m tempted to get the black ones too along with the grey. But Goddamn do they run small. I’m usually a 31 but had to size up to 32…the 31 felt like leggings on me.

  • Dave Labels

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    Not for nothing, while I do think you posses the ability to construct an outfit, I think your trying to hard. I have looked through your past pictures, and I honestly think that progression to a more adult look has been made, yet there doesn’t seem to be anything that shows who you really are. Picking and combining many articles of clothing, while a difficult aspect to learn in itself, show’s in your outfits posted, but i don’t get a feeling of who you are. You have an eye, but I hope that you have a personality, instead of a look of being spectator/journalist.

    I do not want this to come across as being “hateful” or “salty” in anyway. Constructive criticism is a fantastic thing if you can understand where people come from. Would love to get a reply and speak more on this. I enjoy your blog and like what your going for.

    Best regards;

    Dave Labels

  • David

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    I must admit that this would arise seeing as corduroy, the material, has had its hiatus and is coming back to the masses again. I never really saw a lot of corduroy lately, I guess that is why I wasn’t surprised to see its comeback. Anyway, I am not a real big fan of the material and I have just been realizing to a point how much I actually like it. It is funny to me that I am changing my views on it, I guess because when it had its falling out I never really had that much respect for it as a kid so I had no clue. It has dawned on me recently that without that material I would only be resorting to flannel garments. HA No matter, I am fine with that as well, but it is something about that corduroy that makes me want some. I hope that flannel is the next material that you cover in these Fall Etiquette posts…Hopefully. Nice fit again bruh, it is nicely accented by the brown button down and brown Clark’s.

  • Max

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

    I love that little kids’ attitude.

  • Neef

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    Corduroy is a great fall and winter material, i plan on getting to uniqlo and topman as soon sa i get back up tp jersey… SoHo here i come!!!! lol o and great use of color Josh that plaid jacket is fire

  • thebespokebrandofyou

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    I totally want to get a pair of black corduroy pants for the fall/winter (I was thinking levis). It’ll add some much needed texture into my looks.

    Btw, where did you get those awesome black beads? I’ve been looking for more jewelry and those would fit my style perfectly.

  • KZ

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    How do you get your sleeves to stay up? It boggles the mind haha. I can’t even wear bracelets when I wear a jacket.

  • Trav

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    Great post! I’m also a fan of corduroy, its such a nice fall item, its comfortable and gives your outfits a nice different look

  • sk

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    love your attention to detail… and i love your nephew’s red socks!

  • Tecknicolor

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    Man…..I’m so feeling that hunting jacket, it’s just enough color without being too much. It’s not just the black shirt that helps the look though; You accessorized it with the scarf too. I can’t even explain how much I love scarves. Nice

  • Keith

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    Your nephew is one cool cat.


        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    Marella : Thank you

    Brittany : Wow , thanks I always think of myself as not the best writer but I’m always trying to go back and skim for mistakes and how to present everything better. Lol It’s pretty funny but something I have to do. nice little site you got there a more local and dissected sartorialist , keep up the good work.

    Trent : The beads I’m wearing there are from Topman, only the matte one was bought off the streets of nyc, I tried to get more, but those guys charge entirely too much for one.

    Friendinfashion : Thank you , i’ll be sure to tell him lol

    Attila : Glad to see you back , LOL! Yeah I sound pretty normal man people were saying we have thick NYC accents I don’t hear it too much but I do know I use my hands a lot when I’m communicating , its kind of funny to sit here and watch.

    Tiffany : Thanks!

    Reggie : I think that’s why we’re all presented a second chance especially when your younger and more mature in every sense. I used to like corduroys when I was younger so I guess it kind of grew with me, but now its like whoa so many cuts/colors and variations you are kind of sucked in to purchase one

    Rhamier A : Thanks your right , but were not into the overnight success more of a longevity approach to everything. I think as long as we keep doing things right and never touch you.

    Pre-ta-Porter : Thanks I know you remember Jeremiah

    Jeff : Thanks you def need to , its well worth it your right on the St.Johns univ dorm just make your way to purchase cords , must say very good

    DJ Prep : Thank you , we’re big fans of Rugby if you look in our early archives we have supported rugby , they have some very good choices for people and the price point isnt as low as uniqlo but I’m pretty sure the quality is the same or even more better than Uniqlos I couldn’t personally vouch for them because never tried on.

    I know RRL has some sick ones though woo!

  • joseph a

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    can’t say i’m a huge fan or the corduroy’s but since you brought up the topic, when are we going to get an entry on blazers? i just copped a slim fitting blazer from RL rugby and was wondering what SE’s view on the subject was

  • Style Salvage Steve

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    I remember hating corduroy when I was young. I refused to wear so many pairs of trousers/jackets/shirts which were made of the fabric. Thankfully those dark days are behind me and I’ve grown out of that phase and can’t get enough of corduroy at the moment. Uniqlo’s range of autumnal cord shirts are rocking my world right now, I’m about to complete the set…

    PS: Jeremiah is certainly one to watch!


        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    The only thing I would do is put the collar down a bit great jacket though

    Kenny : Thanks Kenny it was a great steal people underestimating what you can find for a very low price , I think I’m pretty much addicted to it now! lol

    Willy Cheesesteak
    : Thanks Will like I said on SF the jacket was not altered in any sort of way, it reads 38 M on the back and fit perfectly. I’m curious to know if this is how all Woolrich jackets fit or because its vintage it had a more slimmer fit , I’ll soon find out though let people know.

    BTW the time you went to Uniqlo I was at work you should have stopped by down the street. The cords do run a bit slimmer than normal I’m usually a 31 too and I got it , I’m hoping it stretches out a bit

    James D.Williams : Feel free to check the site anytime you want lol and thanks for the props we hope to cope with the explosion , all good things

    Dave Labels : I’m not thinking of your opinion in a hate comment , you honestly typed what you thought and that’s what the comments section for. The only problem with the internet is you are unable to really know a person when it comes to personality , attitude or anything pertaining. The only thing you have to rely on are images and text which can bring you to a conclusion but it’s not always accurate. This is not me being a journalist/spectator I’m actually taking part in what I feel “I like” before this site I would still do my research and do things I thought was interesting. I think your getting the wrong perception here, some of our readers know me in real life so its much easier for them to grasp here, or even knew me before we started the site , or just have a mutual understanding for what we’re doing. I would take this solely as your personal opinion . I’m all for these type of debates

    I think this would give you a more clear picture to what I’m saying. We recently did a video interview with our good friend and photographer TONE its short but it hits some key points


    Max : Thanks man he’s up and coming I’d say

    Neef : Great you need to come back up here before these people buy all of them! Uniqlo has the best fit/quality/price point if I had to average them all out. Topman has the fit but the quality is questionable to be honest lol , if you come say whats up we can chop it up for a little bit.

    : Yes black cords would be perfect for the fall/winter , I just browsed your site you have some cool material on there. I think you should go more in-depth on the post where your brother is trying to better his style would be a great post to see what hes comfortable with and such. The black beads majority from topman.com or the store if you have one by you.

    KZ : Lol all it takes is loosening of the first button and I pushed up the sleeves lol !

    Sk : Thank you , you have a great blog for the females you ladies should check it out.

    Tecknicolor : Yea its a great jacket definitely stands out amongst the rest when on the street lol , but its a great looking jacket its not too hard to find either maybe this specific one , but a wool hunting mackinaw in red/black should be fairly easy.

    Keith : I tell him that all the time , it’s funny that little kids know what is labeled as “cool” or not. This is a whole topic in itself.

    Joseph A : I don’t know to be honest blazers are great , nothing much to stress about a good blazer in your wardrobe , another versatile piece that everyone should have I think. Doesn’t even matter about the material just a nice fitting blazer is needed! I’m looking for a few myself

    Style Salvage Steve
    : I used to live it for some odd reason the feeling of the material and all. Corduroy is something everyone needs to dip into even if they had previous hard feelings for it lol , oh yes uniqlo is doing a good job with providing some quality cords

    Yeah he is! lol

  • sQuincy

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    i don’t own a pair of corduroy anything,
    i didn’t like it as a kid, when my mother forced me to wear corduroy
    made me feel like a little old man.
    i’ve never looked into it since..
    i might, however give it a second chance.
    your post is a very convincing point,
    - your outfit is a very well put together look.
    the fit on your cords is great, uni-qlo always good for key classic pieces
    your execution is always on point.
    this actually looks like an ad. for the plaid jacket
    i really like the black beads.
    always in clarks (it’s like a why not!? thing with you guys)
    good job my brother.

  • Lochnes Monsta

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    i copped some courduroy pants at urban outfitters. Quite cheap too, price AND quality. The zipper broke maybe the day after I got it, and i have a bad habbit of throwing out reciepts, smh. They’re definitely the most comfortale pants i own. hands down, and go well with many shirts and shoes i own.

    BTW everyone check out my video review of the SE interview they did with TONE.


  • C. Benjamin

        posted on October 15 , 2009 :

    Great post on corduroy! I’m looking to cop some cords for the fall and winter myself. They are the best of both worlds: dress them up or down. I just want to say that just saw the video on Hypebeast of you guys and its awesome to see you all getting some recognition on such a popular site. You have inspired me to start my own fashion site (www.dapperdemeanor.tumblr.com) that not only shows looks, but also breaks things down because things are fresh and timeless for a reason and people should know why rather than just copy a look. Congrats on the feature and continue the awesome work.

    p.s. Do you have a post on turtlenecks? They are another one of those things that we all probably hated as a kid but are making a comeback. I copped an American Apparel t-neck and that joint is the truth.

  • blackactionhero

        posted on October 15 , 2009 :

    What it is baby . . . You know how we do . I love cords and actually own quite a few blazers and jeans . Instead of tricking loot on new cords can you tell me where I can get my big early 2000′s hip hop cut corduroy jeans tailored in the Bronx . I’m in the fordham area . I need a tailor,a good one . Keep up the good work , I’m rocking my cords with a pair of tan Bacco Bucci’s with a belt to match .

  • Jack

        posted on October 15 , 2009 :

    what up!

    jack from hb

    just saw the video link on the main page. the vid quality is doooope. you still using that canon cam?

    anyway, good to see you doin big things and the website/outfits are looking great.

  • Nina Serafina

        posted on October 16 , 2009 :

    You may have just made me fall in love with corduroy.


        posted on October 16 , 2009 :

    Squincy : You know what’s funny a lot of people I spoke to about corduroy all referred back to their bad relationship with corduroy, I truly feel like I’m one of the few people who actually had a good experience of corduroy when I was younger. I think there are a lot of products from our past where we shun it and never look back but sometimes you need to give things a chance again never know, but if you hate it lol just let it go ofcourse lol

    Lochnes Monsta
    : thanks for putting the video on your site , yeah that sounds unfortunate to get a great pair of pants and to lose it like that, to be honest a lot of brands products are just poorly made, I wouldnt want to name brand names here lol but everyone knows what I’m talking about.

    C.Benjamin : Thanks , yup that’s one of the best things about cords , I dont want to give off the idea that were schooling people about these post we do , its more of letting people know and most relate in any case so I really like when people are able to connect like yourself because that’s one of the basis of the internet. Thanks for posting up the video!

    Black Action Hero : Thanks , we covered our tailor Pablo in previous post, to be honest I don’t know any good tailors around Fordham Road lol I wouldn’t even chance it if given the opportunity well here is the address for our tailor in LES though

    Neighborhood: Lower East Side
    90 Stanton St
    New York, NY 10002
    (212) 353-9753

    Jack : Hey Jack been a while man , hows erverything with the video/film , the video quality and shots were all taken by TONE the photographer, yes i do still have the Canon XL2 that is also a great camera, messing with glider cam and akk curuious to see what happens with it.

    Thanks man appreciate it, this is funny I have been following your blog and I didnt know it was yours lol

    Nina Serafina : Nice! I bet they’re a array of many pieces for woman your options are limitless!

  • Missiah

        posted on October 16 , 2009 :

    great post love the cords!

  • Cold Fish

        posted on October 16 , 2009 :

    your nephew looked killer with those [red] socks lol ! That Plaid jacket really did it [for me] because everything else was turned down [color-wise] Brown pants x brown socks x brown [desert] boots. I believe in having people focus on one thing N this outfit [def] made me peep that jacket first. I [also] notice you add little accessories to the ‘fit for people to catch haha

  • SwanDiamondRose

        posted on October 17 , 2009 :

    nice vintage hunting jacket! it’s perfect. your nephew is the coolest. by far. he just wins.

    i’m a big corduroy fan. the best is worn in corduroy. i rework it often. i swear nothing feels like old corduroy.

  • Blank Label

        posted on October 17 , 2009 :

    cords are definitely an awesome way to mix up your outfit when your denim needs to take a rest. i’ve got an awesome pair of light grey cords from Urban Outfitters (skinny fit) that i absolutely love. i’ve been looking for a pair of tan cords to wear as well, and I thank you for the UNIQLO recommendation.

    i hope i can make it back to NY sometime to snag a pair!

    great add-on with your nephew at the end. he’s got great style.

  • Ali

        posted on October 17 , 2009 :

    Hi guys, great blog! I read it daily. I had a question. Is there a nice casual sweatpant you can recommend, not one of those Nike or Addidas ones, but a nice pair to wear to the library or grocery store?

  • Eddie

        posted on October 18 , 2009 :

    Hey JKISSI, I saw you today at Topman in Soho and I wanted to walk up and say something, but was too afraid you’d be like o_0 “who is this?” lol

  • Cleveland Cutie

        posted on October 18 , 2009 :

    Your site is great and your little nephew is too cute! Just read about you on the Fashion Bomb blog and Claire’s got your back! Thanks for the posts on great men’s fashion! (C:

  • Style Noir

        posted on October 18 , 2009 :

    Awesome post, awesome blog.

    Would love to see a full-length image of your nephew in that ensemble!

  • Jay

        posted on October 19 , 2009 :

    I love this blog and this post has made me consider finally buying a pair of corduroys for this fall season. I would love to see you guys do a write up on Affordable Winter Coats for the upcoming season.


        posted on October 19 , 2009 :

    Missiah : Thank you

    Cold Fish
    : Yes the plaid really jumps at you if done too much , but I remember having a conversation with my good friend about putting together plaids and stripes and making it look good. It might be a task to some but I think some people could do it up very nicely all depends.

    : Yes , worked in corduroy feels great even after all the years I’m curious to see what my pieces look like.

    Blank Label : You are definitely right on that Danny its the perfect thing to combo up with some other material pieces. Yeah I don’t know much about Urban Outfitters quality as far as cords care to chime in on that if thats not a problem lol , Trav in his last post had UO pants which looked alright but who knows

    If you come to NYC let me know !

    Ali : Thanks Ali , yeah I remember seeing a great guide on valetmag about sweatpants some nice heather gray sweatpants would great right now also , theyre all reasonably priced for everyone


    Eddie : Whats going on , cool man lol I have no problem meeting new people who read the site you can can ask anyone on here ive met in person it’s always good words and vibe. With the internet you have to learn how to adjust certain things but I never had a problem with meeting new people.

    Cleveland Cutie : Thanks lol I’ll be sure to relay that message to him , Claire is a good person really thank her for the mention

    Style Noir
    Thanks for stopping by we actually did a whole post on him linked in the article.

    Jay : Yeah I think your going to like them for sure, and about affordable winter coats we’ll see what we have in stored for the future

  • jolie

        posted on October 20 , 2009 :

    i love the variations in textures you have going on!

  • jolie

        posted on October 20 , 2009 :

    AND, as everyone else, love the black beads. i’ve been wearing my brown owns again but have been in search of black ones. must have!

  • David

        posted on October 20 , 2009 :

    Wow, you usually respond to me by now I guess you missed the plot points I made in that comment or may be it was not enough to elaborate on…? Who knows..? Still feeling that fit though, for what that is worth. LOL

  • Blank Label

        posted on October 20 , 2009 :

    the quality of the UO cords are alright. I am not a cords expert, but i dont think much about their comfort when wearing them (i suppose that means they’re not terrible). I just love how they look!
    I’ll definitely give you a heads up when I’m in town. I should be making a trip down later in November.

  • Craig

        posted on October 21 , 2009 :

    another great post, first time I have commented however I have to admit to checking the site several times a week hoping for a new post

    Keep up the good work.

  • goke

        posted on October 22 , 2009 :


    S.E. is everywhere.. “next generation of fashion”….feel great to be an early adopter

    Is there possibility NYC…will get an ASOS store???

  • Yung Bev

        posted on October 23 , 2009 :

    I will be putting mine on today

  • Adrian

        posted on October 24 , 2009 :

    Hey what’s up. I like what you guys do here, but I can’t help but feel it’s a little pretentious to just show what you guys wear and discuss the looks with such authority. I hate criticizing without offering a better solution, but I’m not sure of how i can help. I mean what I’m saying here and I’m not trying to be disrespectful or anything. If you care to discuss this anymore or anything, I believe you have my email through the comment registration.

    Until later,

  • goke

        posted on October 24 , 2009 :

    Criticizing w/o better solution = hating….what else do you want?


        posted on October 24 , 2009 :


    jolie : Thanks , for a while I have been wearing the brown/beige beads but I knew I wanted to change up the color on them so I went with black , a color that goes with most. I def recommend!

    David : Your right I think corduroy is coming back in a good way where many designers are making more slimmer variations of the material for the more new gen. We all know back then finding something like that wasn’t too common. I think the fact that this post is changing a lot of peoples mind is a good thing , I’m not here to talk about ‘trends’ a lot of people get that misconstrued , I’m discovering myself and what I like through a little bit of research , these are staples I’m going to stick with and consider every season. I think people are getting the picture that we’re some trend discovering guys, were taking classics putting them on blast and seeing if our readers/peers feel the sameway when rediscovering these classic pieces!

    Blank Label : Great, they should feel very soft and the wales should hold up for a while if its good quality , but by the sound of what your telling me it sounds it may be good. Yeah looking forward to that.

    Craig : Thank you , a new post should be up by either today or tomorrow sorry for the lack of post lol just remember we try to give you content driven post at that , takes work and time

    Goke : Thanks goke angel is good people we really thank her for putting that post up , I’m a CL reader! and of her blog lol

    Young Bev : I know you always do it proper, shout out to the whole BKc family

    Adrian : I don’t think there is anything more to discuss , I guess some people like the site and connect with what we’re doing , and others simply don’t and never visit again. But with you saying you liked it but it turns you off that we talk about looks with such authority, that kind of confuses me would you rather see lackluster post or just post of our outfits alone?.. idk it just something we have been doing on SE for a while now thanks for checking out the site though appreciate it.

  • UnoCosa

        posted on October 24 , 2009 :

    awesome … love the red buffalo plaid, xx

  • Mr. Reed

        posted on October 25 , 2009 :

    We need some more post gents!!!!!! Love your work fams, def repping for Brooklyn.

  • Najee D.

        posted on October 26 , 2009 :

    This post makes so much sense to me right now. I’ve oddly always been a fan of courds, but lately I’ve been taking it a step further and seeking only those with some type of (for lack of better term) all over print/embroidery on them. I think I’ve been feeling the “printed pant” way too much lately but I find it parallels my style almost perfectly. I may even stop being lazy and do a post dedicated to them myself lol.

  • Pete

        posted on October 27 , 2009 :

    I started followed you guys on twitter for no reason at all. Than I get on the pc and i was left “Jaw- Dropped.” Im probably not saying anything you heard before, but you guys have unique/distinct taste. Press on the upward way. I’ll visit frequently.

  • marsh

        posted on October 27 , 2009 :

    mmmmh. now it came back to life: I used to like corduroy in my early teen life but rejected it later because of the top-to-toe look I inadvertently put myself into.
    corduroy-wise, there is this one fine camel-coloured cord jacket I have (spring/early autumn layering weight really), and a thicker dark sienna cord skirt for winter (dubbed ‘the personal heater’). they’ve been around for seven winters and have paid their financial worth many times over. I also fancy what a friend’s bf wore a few sundays ago… it was super thick mustard coloured cord jacket, with tortoishell-style elbow patch, made by a certain tailor in clerkenwell. yum yum. I guess I’ll be heading there sometime soon.

  • Clement-CH

        posted on November 3 , 2009 :

    in love with the clarks..

    love this blog

    you got a link on my blog.

    keep it up!

  • The Ca$h

        posted on November 27 , 2009 :

    That fitted coat looks amazing
    I definitely have to go shopping for something similiar

  • wmmk

        posted on December 29 , 2009 :

    Josh, great post. Anyway, did you ever have the Woolrich coat tailored? I have a similar one, but mine is a lot baggier.

  • Martin

        posted on May 17 , 2011 :

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