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Trav: I am loving this new popularity and variety in men bags. These days men can get away with a lot more. I personally have come along way from the typical backpack. I’m now usually never seen without a messenger bag strap around my shoulder but sometimes more space is needed and that’s where duffel/weekender bags come in. For those who carry quite a few things on a daily basis and need that extra space, a duffel is one of the best ways to go. The weekender is the best bet for those quick overnight trips but they can also be used as an everyday bag, that’s what makes them so unique.  Most menswear brands have at least one of these bags as a part of their accessories so finding a large variety to pick and choose from is a fairly easy task.

Travis Gumbs, Street Etiquette, Brooklyn Circus, Weekender

Fit Details: GAP cardigan, Banana Rep shirt, Uniqlo plaid tie, acid wash jeans from UO, BKc denim duffel and Clarks Desert Boots. The GAP cardigan is actually pretty old, picture it with sleeves, you’ve probably seen me in it previously on the blog. I took it to the tailor and had him cut the sleeves off, a very tedious task with it being knitwear and all. At first he said it could not be done but I begged and he succumbed. He said  it took him forever but it turned out great. I love it.


Below is the very well made BKc denim duffel bag. I love the raw feel of the denim and the solid, thickens of the leather. Anyone that knows me know that I am big fan of anything denim. There seems to be quite a few denim bags on the market, this BKc one is honestly one of the best I’ve come across. It’s not too heavy and unbearable and not too light and flimsy. Keep a close eye on the guys over at BKc as they unveil a couple well anticipated surprises for the upcoming season.

The Brooklyn Circus bag, Pendleton

Just a quick list below of some of the bags that caught my eye.  Personally i prefer bags with a shoulder strap, they just seem more practical. Most bags have them but I’ve seen a couple without it. It’s always good to be able to use both hands without laying the bag on the floor. Aside from denim, I also love wool and that Pendleton bag below is one of the dopest I’ve seen. Filson also uses the wool nicely.

duffle collage...

1. Pendleton Rob Roy Weekender Bag

2. Mulholland Flourish Small Hippo Duffel

3. Saddleback Leather Co. Duffel/Overnight Leather Bag

4. Filson Small Wool Duffel Bag

5. Billykirk X Opening Ceremony Medium Carryall


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  • Neef

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    That is a very dapper look Trav. The cardigan is extremely dope. The Brooklyn Circus bag compliments the entire fit man. Great look

  • Nat

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    I would have to concur with your opinion on the BKc duffel bag! I myself have the same bag but with the darker brown straps, and I must say one of the best purchases I’ve made so far this year. That is a well crafted bag should last a lifetime. Also, where did you purchase your wrist beads from? Topman? Thanks

  • sürh

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    yo man. sick post. lovin the BKc bag. got my eyes on the Saddleback Leather Co. Duffel/Overnight Leather Bag!

  • mat ahoy

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    i’s go for the pendleton one as well. wicked find. i’d got a real leather tan weekend bag from topman which cost me £50 in the sale, it’s not so soft so if always abit stiff when trying to pack and carrying, it’s been collection dust for a few months now!

  • L.A.S

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    Can’t talk duffles without shouting out Billy Kirk, good looks on that…for those of us with a lower price point, their collabo with Urban Outfitters deserves a spot on this list…

    http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&navAction=jump&id=16726457&search=true&isProduct=true&parentid=SEARCH RESULTS&color=001

  • Jeff

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    Great post. Keep up the good work guys. That duffle bag you got looks great too Trav.

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    #3 and #4 are such good picks.
    great outfit. your tailor did a great job turning the sweater into a vest. good tailors arent easy to find, but when you do find one they’re like a secret weapon.

  • David

        posted on October 5 , 2009 :

    Good stuff man the fit is crazy…I like how the cardigan came out and the way it sets now without the sleeves. It is very satorial, anyway you hit a major point with that duffle. It seems that it is almost necessity to have if you are a well dressed man to have some sort of duffle or briefcase. And I like the way how nowadays that many young designers are drifting away, but on the same note remaing to the traditional roots of bag making. I saw thaat bag a few weeks ago on the BKC website and when I found it was to be made form denim I said to myself now that could interesting. I had never run across a nice bag, let alone any bag made of denim. It is executed just perfect I did not think that the bag would have such a bold but suddle stand out to it. It does exactly what a bag should do for any outfit and it brings more attention to your fit and also stands out alone man it is definitely a peice to kill the game with and you sir are doing that exact thing right now. Nice fit man!

  • Menon

        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    Please tell me were you got those bracelets?! Please!!!!

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    The idea of a denim bag is new to me but it looks awesome! great fit there too.

  • Missiah

        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    great post here Trav good to see you back


        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    Very well needed post here Trav I need to invest in a nice duffle bag myself. I was going to get into that pendleton bag before I recommended it the whole world! lol It’s always great to know if you will be packing a lot of stuff in your bag you can still do it in a good style.

    LAS : good link out right there like you said for the average college students who cant drop bank on certain bags Billykirk doing a great job.

  • sQuincy

        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    finding a bag is not an easy task..
    i must say!
    i’ve came across a couple i know i could use.
    but just wasn’t feeling it enough to purchase it.
    i needed something functional,
    that could hold my 15″ laptop, a couple magazines, my sketchbook, and maybe whatever i’m reading.
    even my DSLR from time to time. pencils and things, that wasn’t like luggage, or 2 big
    like an everyday bag, something with a coated canvas shell.
    then i realized i should just get a couple different bags,
    and be more precise about what i was gonna carry that day.
    i came across a very unique company, and feel in-love with the products.
    QWSTION bags are incredible.. right up my alley. a little more modern than classic.
    i’ve ordered one already (office bag) can’t wait for the arrival, and debating to pick up the sports bag.
    - this is super clean post Trav.
    i totally like what you did with your cardigan, it’s the perfect touch with your fit.
    you guys always faithful, with the ever classic clarks..
    and that BKc denim duffle looks very well made.
    i like the materials used to execute that bag, a little similar to the HYR collective bag they recently did.
    like you.. i enjoy that detachable shoulder strap, it’s a must.
    especially if you need your hands free to take a quick flick, or check your cell phone.
    Good work Trav.

  • Kenny

        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    i’m diggin the cardigan. Always a proud supporter of BKc but my initial love for that particular bag is not fully intact. It may be because the bag i’m currently carrying is not to be (expletive) with! =) Josh knows what i’m talking about. (and although i don’t use it, my bag also has a strap…mouth watering yet Josh?? lolol) Anyway, a man on the go or running errands should have a bag of some sort. If you live in NYC you cant tell me you sit on the train with your hands folded…HA! Let’s say, notebook, GQ, DETAILS, pens, sweater, etc…

  • joseph a

        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    i swear all SE photo shoots are professionally done, good read

    and how much did you spend on that BKc bag, i wanted to get one of their black leather duffel bags from last season but they don’t appear to sell it online and i’m not in NY very often these days

  • Steven Wilson Sr

        posted on October 7 , 2009 :

    Very informative post I like how you guys take simple items and make post about them elaborating to the maximum.

    Great bags I purchased the Pendleton Rob Roy weekender bag , its a great look and something you wont see people carrying everyday. I cant wait until I receive it until then I’ll make due with my old beat up bag from ussan

  • Snoblak

        posted on October 7 , 2009 :

    Good to know it’s possible to alter knitwear the way you did. I am loving the Mulholand in orange. Bag no.4 reminds me of a leather carry-on I bought at a Moroccan vendor at marche-aux-puces when I was living in Paris. I have noticed guys are now packing as much “baggage” as us ladies. Now I’ll no longer get the “can I pop this in your purse” phrase whenever I go out with certain folks. ;-)

  • Rhamier

        posted on October 7 , 2009 :

    Another post well done. I was just talking to my brother about these types of bags, and how as the days go on, its becoming more common and acceptable for men to carry them. I remember when Pharrell got bashed for carrying his croc Birkin, now everyone carries a duffle. BTW i have that same tie lol i was wearing it while reading this post

  • Esprit

        posted on October 7 , 2009 :

    Nice look Trav – the weekender/duffle is timeless, it can never go out of style. I copped a special edition Ralph Lauren duffle while I was abroad that looks very similar to this denim duffle but with the polo logo on the side and darker tan straps. Great to hold your essentials when you’re travelling and timeless preppy chic. I previously didn’t know Ralph Lauren did weekenders and I haven’t come across any since. Have you seen any Polo duffles before? It would be great to see some featured on the blog.

  • Upscale Swagger

        posted on October 7 , 2009 :

    love the cardigan!

  • Marella

        posted on October 8 , 2009 :

    love this look trav.. lovin the BKc bag.. & the whole outfit

  • Kadeem J.

        posted on October 8 , 2009 :

    I know it’s all about the duffle bag…but the photo overall is sick!!
    good job on the post bro

  • friendinfashion

        posted on October 8 , 2009 :

    Very nice! Love how you’ve dressed up the acid wash with shirt tie. Cardi accessories complete the look – very well put together! :) Good selection of bags as well!

  • Chris

        posted on October 9 , 2009 :

    the duffle nice but I live in Brroklyn and if i was carrying that duffle I would be a target to get robbed so I cant rock out with the duffle


        posted on October 9 , 2009 :

    Chris : Ironically that’s made from the Brooklyn Circus , god forbid anyone has to go through a robbery for carrying a duffle bag.

  • Esprit

        posted on October 9 , 2009 :

    @Chris – why would you be a target to get robbed?

  • Trav

        posted on October 9 , 2009 :

    Neef: Thanks man! really appreciate it

    Nat: Yeh man the bag is really good quality. Ane yeh the beads are from topman and the bracelet is Billykirk

    sürh; Thanks man! Got my eyes on that bag toooo!!! lol

    mat ahoy: Thats actually a really good price for a leather bag. Maybe you should try wearing it more often and seeing if it softens up. Topman has never been famous for their bags. Th a grey flannel topman bag with leather accents that i think is soooo dope but the quality of the leather feels really cheap. Bummer!

    Thanks a lot for pointing that out, not many people are aware that The Brothers Bray are indeed the bros of Billy Kirk. I wasn’t even aware that this UO collab was already in store. Thanks!

    Jeff: thanks man, always appreciate the love from another great blogger.

    Prêt-à-Porter P: Thanks man. You are soooo right.. The tailor i go to now is amazing and also very cheap. He is indeed a secret weapon.

    Wow, thanks a lot man..Excellent descriptive comment you gave there. i completely i agree with you, there is a very thin line between a good and bad denim bag…ofcourse the bkc bag is on the good side of that line.

    Menon: lol noooo!!!!! i refuuseeee!!!! lol k/k the beads are from Topman and the bracelet from Billykirk

    dayinthelyf: yeh man its a rising trend. Thanks man and thanks a lot for following us all this time!

    thanks much. yeh i was out in the world for awhile but im back in full effect!!!!

    SQuincy: Thanks man, you always come through with an excellent comment. I’ve heard about QWSTION but never realy looked into them. I always like to know about excellent products. Thanks a lot for the info. And yeh man the strap will always be a must.. lol

    Kenny: mannnnnn i heard about this infamous bag of yours my young fresh brother. Stop playing and throw some pics my way so i can drool over it as well ..lol

    joseph a: Thanks man we try to make the pics look as professional as our amateur hands let us. I was told the Brooklyn Circus online store should be up and running for the upcoming season. So get ready

    Steven Wilson Sr: Thanks man we really try to stretch a post out…glad you noticed. Great choice in bag, you picked the best one, hope you like it!

    Snoblak: I like that bag a lot too. Nice blog you got there. And don’t worry if we ever go out you’ll be popping stuff in my bad ;) .

    Rhamier: Thanks my brother. Great minds think alike lol.

    Esprit: Thanks.. that’s a very good find u got..i would love to see some pics of that. there are a couple RL duffels on the polo site and I’ve seen some t vintage ones in the past but i would love to see the one you got. Sounds dope!

    Upscale Swagger: Thanks a lot man.

    Marella: Thanks. I really appreciate it!

    Kadeem J.: thanks my brother, your still the man though.

    friendinfashion: thank you, thank you…nice blog you got there!

  • Missiah

        posted on October 9 , 2009 :

    It’s good to hear that looking forward to more and more fabolous post like this one from you Trav

    Btw I purchased the saddlebackleather bag in black, it kind of broke my pocket but the warranty is wonderful and it seems like a bag I could tag on to for life.

  • David

        posted on October 9 , 2009 :

    For sure man that brand in itself is high quality and youa are definitely getting what you pay for. It would be great for me if theyt had an online store so I can start a nice little BKC collection. Anyway, back to the quality for being a group of young designers those guys have materials and fabrics that you only find in the classics. I see many of their pieces as rivals to the major high-end brands and definitely are no comparison to the people in their same braket as far as retail is concerned. It is good to see the highlights as well in their pieces, like their extreme attention to detail and how it all seems to come together in the end. Nice selection on your behalf.

  • The Ca$h

        posted on October 9 , 2009 :

    Duffell bags will never go out of style
    Keep up the Good Work Trav, you look great.

  • reisezubehor

        posted on October 10 , 2009 :

    They are looking quite extra ordinary. Its trendy and tough. Apart from that the images are really eye catching.

  • Johnny Kilroy

        posted on October 13 , 2009 :

  • Anonymous

        posted on October 14 , 2009 :

    Feeling it! I wish the shoes were Cognac or matched his belt. I need that camera! lol

  • Alex

        posted on October 16 , 2009 :

    Great post. I was able to score a Polo Ralph Lauren Weekender with the purchase of a bottle of cologne. Not a bad bag and the design turns more than a few heads.

  • Blank Label

        posted on October 17 , 2009 :

    i think i am a bigger fan of the outfit than the bag. Given: the bag is amazing. But, the outfit is really awesome.

    the burgundy shirt with the gray cardigan and that killer tie make for an awesome set-up for your top-portion of your body. the outfit you are wearing would go really well with Bag #3 because of the nice tan / chestnut color.

    i love what u and JKISSI are doing. stay up.

  • Ella

        posted on October 18 , 2009 :

    I was sent by Fashion Bomb… yal are dope. Excellent work! I’m sold…

  • Fern

        posted on October 20 , 2009 :

    I love this site, guys! As a woman, I am really into the classic looks of the men’s clothes trend.. but alas I can’t pull it all off. Anyways, great job not just posting on overpriced and unaffordable items.

  • Q

        posted on October 22 , 2009 :

    Where are those pants are they from AA

  • Mens casual jackets

        posted on October 22 , 2009 :

    Ireall ylove that guys style!!like the cardigans and shirt combo!

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  • Stephen

        posted on November 15 , 2009 :

    I’m glad to see that bags are getting some love; a good one can really complete an outfit.

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    I read your posts and i think you’ve got talent in writing

  • Bridgit brobbey

        posted on July 30 , 2010 :

    I love number 3 from the bag. i really like this bag. i love to go to travel. I love go to Ghana,Africa. I will take duffle bag(number 3). I will wear safari style with duffle bag.

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