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JKISSI : It’s a pleasure to be apart of DC’s premier fashion blogger Kid GQ’s 10 essentials feature on his website. This feature is widely known on Men.Style’s website where they require different individuals  in the industry from Mark Ronson to Andre 3000 of Outkast to handpick their 10 essentials. I was unaware of how difficult this was until it was layed before me to do the same and in addition a brief description of why I picked these items.  The idea is to round up a few fashion bloggers every month to give you their 10 essentials.  I’m trying hard to not  let any big secrets out of the bag but all I could recommend you to do is follow this feature. Who knows what the future holds for us, maybe we will get the opportunity to do this feature on Men.Style’s website, but until then check mine out below.

Joshua Kissi, Street Etiquette, street fashion blog

Outfit information : Uniqlo Corduroy shirt – Levis jean jacket – Uniqlo T-000 pants – J.Crew bucks

KID GQ, Jkissi, Joshua Kissi, Ronsir Zyls, Shuron Ronsir Zyl's

It was very interesting to see what I came up with for my 10 essentials. The usual items showed up on the list I think the majority of people would agree with in this day and age. When tackling this feature I thought to myself “ What 10 things would I have to have in my life?” That brought a million things to my mind instantaneously. The elimination process was the hardest part, such as narrowing down items that came in 11th and  12th on the list. I would like to try something different on this particular post.  I want you to comment like you would regularly, but in addition I encourage you to name your own 10 essential must haves.  If you choose to provide hyperlinks to the items that would be fantastic. Let’s get into it.

The Phone - Blackberry 8900 – This beautiful device is the only phone that can co-aside with my daily errands. Its sleek design attracted me at first, but its function provides me with everything I could ask for. You can catch me on long rides on the subway from the Bronx to any other borough sorting through oncoming emails and responding back. One of the best features is the ability for me to start numerous Street Etiquette post on my blackberry then email the draft to myself. Now that’s dedication.

The Bag –   Filson Leather  Field Satchel – Filson  I don’t know if this can attest to the most organized person in the world, but before I go to bed I like to pack everything I need in my bag that I will need for the next day.  I can’t leave my house empty handed and surely all of the items won’t fit in my pocket. Usually bags that are slim, sleek and not too bulky become my daily bag.

The CameraCanon Rebel XTI – This camera is apart of the reason why I even have a site, mixed with some feelings of curiosity of course.  I have always had a vision to capture interesting things that I saw daily in my life.  Photography has changed my life from how I view subjects on the street to capturing photos of myself for Street Etiquette. I know photography is special  just by the fact that I know particular  still images can evoke emotions out of people. The canon rebel xti has been fantastic to me, but I’m looking to upgrade soon to another monster Canon product.

The Shoes - 3Sixteen X Quoddy Trail Deck Chukka – These buttery suede hand sewn pair of shoes caught my eyes ever since Andrew of 3sixteen showed me a sneak peek earlier this year. I urged them to release the shoe quickly not solely for me, but I knew people would love the shoe.  Qouddy is known for their high quality shoes that  are hand sewn in Maine. The perfect pair of shoes for this fall it’s golden shade that are perfect to wear with any jacket, and some nice raw indigo jeans.  Quoddy has been popping up with collaborations with many different brands , but this particular seems unique when it come to design, and color.

The Wrist OrnamentBilly Kirk Double Wrap Strap – From Street Etiquette’s most antitipcated post on acesssories you could of guessed that this would be a essential to me.  The leather maker brothers Billy Kirk provide a plethora of wrist ornaments to purchase. These two brothers take pride in developing leather goods for the public, while doing this with class.   When it comes to the details of a outfit accessories really brings the whole picture together.

The EyewearShuron Ronsir Zyls – My new found favorite style of eye wear to date. The search was well worth it after stumbling across this classic brand who has been producing glasses since 1865. The feeling has to be special knowing that your Grandfather could of possibly worn the same style of glasses produced by the same brand.  Shuron has been thriving for nearly three centuries with millions of glasses sold, very few companies can say the same.  After prescription there is really no way of preventing me from wearing these glasses. I stand by my own saying of classic style prevails over anything else.



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  • Chris

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    Well done….as usual!

  • coldxfish

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    really well thought out outfit JKissi ! very professional yet street savy all bundled up into one; great look continue progressing as a blog man !

  • Joseph A

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    co-sign with chris and coldxfish

    about time we got another update, good read

  • Jeff

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    Great picks Josh. I have the 3sixteen X Quoddy Trail Deck Chukkas in black and they are great shoes.

  • Jon B

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    Great post I don’t think I could of lived if you guys didn’t post another post! lol

    2.rain jacket
    4.nudie slim jims
    5. Macbook pro
    6.metrocard ( lol need to get places )
    7.visvim gbt
    8.supreme varsity jacket
    9.headporter bag
    10.van authentics

  • Tari..

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    ah, new post!!! ..
    i like the shuron brow line glasses best ..
    i wanna get those!!

  • Tae

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    Good Stuff! I need to do something like this on http://www.taevonpalmer.com again great post!

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    great feature. and he has a clever site, making it look a lot like mens.style.com. i always like these lush looking luggage tan/browns you pick out.
    my 10:
    1. trench coat
    2. tuxedo
    3. dior homme jeans
    4. long black scarf
    5. kenneth cole new york jet stream bag
    6. sunglasses
    7. black driving shoes
    8. black boots
    9. sony core mp3 player
    10. bluebell icecream

  • Kadeem J.

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    Great post bro. Everything you have on your list would be my ten essentials as well lol. I would just add. 1)fadar, gq, and details magazine. 2)a pair of leather boots. 3)my black fedora.

  • friendinfashion

        posted on September 7 , 2009 :

    That’s a great list! Top post :)

  • kiD GQ

        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    Great working with someone with such impeccable style and such an amazing work ethic. Completely loved his 10 Essentials, just cant wait to see how other bloggers’ will hold up to his list. New blogger every month.


        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    Chris : Thanks appreciate it you know we’re big fans of Billykirk and everything you guys do. Support from us always.

    Coldxfish : Thanks man, been wanting a corduroy shirt for a while now and Uniqlo my favorite basics retailer came out with some for a good price of $19.50. I was going to talk more about my outfit something I think that could happen in a lot more of my pictures.

    Joseph A : Thanks man yeah we been slacking on updates apologize about that everyone! back to the regular scheduled program our apologies!

    Jeff : Good look on that purchase man, definitely something I would wear the quality is great, also you don’t see a lot of shoes made in that specific design

    Jon B : Thanks man good list there I see you mix streetwear with jap high street stuff and I’m not even mad at that it’s a good look on some people. I literally loled at the Metrocard I should of included that in my list I need to get around the city and we all know the metrocard is essential! I need to get my hand on a macbook though tired of windows , all these years of disappoint lol.

    Tari : Yes a new post ! finally right? lol but yeah the browline glasses are a serious essential foir me , they are a pair of glasse i see myself wearing from now into the deep future, the defintion of classic in my opinion.

    Tae : Yeah kid gq came up with the great idea as a feature , props to him

    Pret-a-Porter- P : Yes, I agree with you on that. I like your 10 essentials real interesting lol, yeah it’s interesting I had a suit on my list, but took it got battled out by the other picks second guessing it now lol. DH jeans are a good pick especially the made in japan ones very nice ,but pricey of course but worth it as far as I know.
    I agree with your whole list especially ice creame even though I haven’t eaten it in some years, weird right? lol

    Kadeem j : thanks man yeah with those 3 that makes it a ginuwine Kadeem list of essentials lol ! , Need to work on something when you come back to NYC my brother

    Friendinfashion : Thank you , I feel the same way about it


        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    kID GQ : It was great doing everything from stratch to the point where we actually got this off the ground. Thank you for admiring my hard work ethic all those convos we had on BBM on how the presentation should be and all. This is a great idea and I can’t wait until next month’s blogger. Thank you.

  • Rolly (TheSouthSider)

        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    You really brought the essence of high fashion down to the streets! Gotta say the inclusion of blue vest to the whole motif looked dapper and very joshua kissi!

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    im not into denim like that, the ones i have are made in italy. all i really care about is that they fit me better than any women’s jeans ive ever owned. LOL!! i either wear DHs or jeans that cost less than 70.
    once you have bluebell icecream, there’s no turning back. but my watches are more important than that, just because i feel lost without them.

  • Tiara

        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    1. Canon G10
    2. Compaq Laptop (until I finally get my hands on a MacBook Pro)
    3. A Sketch Book (To jot down notes when inspired)
    4. A well tailored blazer
    5. A pair of Calvin Klein jeans (cant go wrong with Calvin)
    6. A pair of Air Max 90s (on a dress down day) or A pair of pumps (dress up day)
    7. MCM Messenger Bag
    8. Bus Pass (As Jon B mentioned above, need to get places)
    9. A Melody Ehsani statement piece (google her)
    10. A Smile– never leave home without it ; )

    Well thats my 10. Sorry I couldnt hyperlink any of it.

  • random asian dude

        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    hey i have those 3sixteen x quoddy chukkas but they are RAPING my heel … how are you guys wearing them? i want to rock them without socks but its killing me … so do you guys have advice on how to break them in quicker or something?

  • Nathaniel Edwards

        posted on September 8 , 2009 :

    I enjoyed the list, and indeed my own essentials parallel yours. I am sure anyone with an eye towards fashion and a busy schedule share your sentiments. So,

    1) Blackberry Storm (9530)
    2) MacBook [Pro]
    3) Tanner traditional belt
    4) Barbour Beaufort in Olive
    5) dark, quality jeans (mine are Earnest Sewn)
    6) oxfords (blue, white, gray, red, lavender); I get mine made custom for the fit and price
    7) Wingtips, by Grenson 8) Tanner Basic Cardholder in London Tan
    9) Saddleback Leather Company briefcase
    10) Arrow lace boot mocassins

    *Your blog likes to insist that providing links as you asked for is spam…

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on September 9 , 2009 :

    Hey Josh, those chocolate t000 look good enough to eat man. You gave me a few ideas for winter footwear too; good list there. I got some q’s about the ronsir zyl though, im going to press my parent’s about getting them before i think about anything else. I’ll email, message, or w/e


        posted on September 9 , 2009 :

    Rolly : Thank you I know you have been viewing the site for some time now, greatly appreciate it and keep it up with your site it’s looking good, people check it out.

    Pre-t-aporter – Hey that’s interesting I thought it was because you were into denim becaue many know that dior jeans are a good pair of jeans that you could buy. Real hard to wear in when talking about fades, but great jeans none the less. Lol I only have my wrist ornaments I usually look at my phone for the time lol , sometimes I admit I do wear a watch depends though!

    Tiara : Nice picks! , everything I hear about the Canon G10 is just that it’s a impressive camera to have, not quite a SLR, but close. Phil Lochness over at Award tour has the Canon G9 and it pretty much blew me out the water when I saw the features he could do with it lol, I definitely thought it was some regular point and shoot. It looks like everyone wants the macbook! lol I’m trying to gather some funds to get my hands on one they should give a discount to us bloggers a good idea by William yan lol.
    I like how you had two different shoes to cater to your styles when you want to dress up, or on more regular days when kicking it around with sneakers. I like how you included the sketchbook in your list to write down things you are inspired by, I never told anyone , but I do the same in my blackberry wheather if its a color combination or just something interesting I think I will need to remember. I go straight to my notes and write it down I’m glad I’m not the only person that does that lol

    Random Asian Dude : Hey, I think from how they were made with quality material they should start to wear in and become more softer with the more wear and pressure you put on them. I doubt they are going to continue hurting your heel, btw good purchase on that , my advice would just be to wear them with some thicker socks to avoid bruising your heel and do a lot of walking and foot movement basically just wear them hard lol

    Nathaniel Edward : Very nice list, yes our essentials do resemble each other , you have some great quality items there.
    Grenson footwear is always good been looking to purchase a pair never got around to doing so though. Macbook pro is the way to go, lol too bad on still on this horrible Dell, but I can’t complain one bit it does it’s job . I’m very curious to know where you get your oxfords customized at ??

    * Sorry for that didn’t know the spam filter conflicted with that *

    Reggie : Lol yeah that’s a very good chocolate brown for the fall/winter can’t wait to really get into it, thanks man yeah let me know just email me and I’ll get back to you or call me.

  • jfkjean

        posted on September 9 , 2009 :

    Good stuff here man. I can certainly attest to the Blackberry (lord knows I need my emails asap), wingtips (I pretty much wore two pairs to the ground in the last 24 months), ESPECIALLY the pocket square and the camera must always be handy. That fits rocks too man. Tons of neutral tones then sparks it up with the denim vest (just had a Seinfeld moment lol) and I’m surprised I didn’t jump on a pair of suede bucks this summer…….

  • Duzz

        posted on September 9 , 2009 :

    great new post joshua…just a quick Q to begin with are these your top 10 essentials for the fall?…anyways maybe ill share my top 10 fall edition
    1) Jean shop and apc jeans(tailored ofcourse)
    2) Raulph Lauren in shirts(oxfords)
    3)Calvin Klein cardigan
    4) my thrifted emerald green scarf
    5) macbook ofcourse(came with an ipod and a student discount check for it they usually have it for september(back to school) for students if ur interested i got mine last year at this time, and that was the promotion)
    6) zara boots
    7) Gap msger bag 8) Comme des garcon wallet
    9) minnetonka moccasin
    10) blackberry the curve(in need of upgrade it does the job though)

  • Roaming Class

        posted on September 9 , 2009 :

    Great post! something nice to come back with from that little hiatus dont ever do that again lol

  • Jon B

        posted on September 9 , 2009 :

    yeah Tiara! got to have that transportation on board I love that you put smile ! too a lot of people leave home without it

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on September 9 , 2009 :

    Ah, okay I found it in the FAQs. I was going to ask how they size but it looks like I’ll have to measure it.

  • mbaquerizo

        posted on September 10 , 2009 :

    what did you do two years ago when almost none of your ‘essentials’ existed?

  • Jon B

        posted on September 10 , 2009 :

    That’s kind of a stupid question to ask be intelligent now and reach in your brain. He is giving his 10 essentials for the way he has evolved now just look at the 3rd to post down it was a eye catcher with a lot of comments.

  • Blank Blog

        posted on September 10 , 2009 :

    i dig the list. esp. the gingham hanky. love it!

    for my list… I would say:

    1. Slim Clip (as seen on TV)
    2. Any pair of Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes
    3. Maroon Colored Denim
    4. My White and Grey Checkered Blank Label shirt
    5. A Brown Satchel would be nice if I had one
    6. Black Wing-tip slip-ons with tassels
    7. Brown pointy-tip leather shoes
    8. My crappy LG cellphone which keeps track of my life
    9. Business Cards
    10. Reef flipflops because they are simple and comfortable

  • Rolly (TheSouthSider)

        posted on September 10 , 2009 :

    Thanks man! keep this site rocking!

  • Edward Rodim

        posted on September 10 , 2009 :

    good post, just found this blog really like what you guys got here. Real unique and the content is amazing keep it up.

  • Emmanuel O.

        posted on September 12 , 2009 :

    Great post!! This idea has been in my mind for a good amount of time. My 10 items:

    1) The Holy Bible (about $25)
    2) Porsche Cayenne (Basic pack/ $45,000)
    3) Mac book ($1000)
    4) Iphone 3GS 32 GB ($300)
    5) Common Projects Achilles Low ($328)
    6) Sugar Cane x Self Edge 06 Jeans in Raw Denim ($305)
    7) J.Crew Jaspé jersey V-neck tee (All 5/ $36 each) 8) Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Collection Messenger Bag ($1,040)
    9) J.crew The Whitman herringbone sport coat ($265)
    10) Centurion Card (A.K.A. Black Card / about $5,000 Joining fee)

  • Maada

        posted on September 12 , 2009 :

    Well done bredda.

  • emanatlarge

        posted on September 12 , 2009 :

    Nice Post!!! My current 10 items I never leave the house without:

    1) My Labtop (Tosiba L305 -s5955/ $370)
    2) Blackberry Curve 8320 (free)
    3) My Bible (Pass down from Dad)
    4) Bottle of Water ($3 for 24 pack)
    5) The North Face Bag Recon ($90)
    6) Head Porter Wallet Black Beauty Quilting Key Case ($95)
    7) Trojan Magnum Condoms (3 pack = $25)
    8) Levis 501 raw ($45)
    9 ) Hanes White v-neck (3 pack = $16)
    10) Air Jordan Retro 1 Bred ($155 from Flightclub)

  • cam

        posted on September 13 , 2009 :

    the collar popped on the vest woew
    is that a courdroy shirt! epic

    i saw trav on the bkrw vid

  • Devin

        posted on September 13 , 2009 :

    Hey Josh and Tavis,

    Just took a look at the BKRW video and noticed Trav was in there, very cool vid!

    Trust you both are doing well. Talk to you guys soon!

    All the best from Florida,



        posted on September 14 , 2009 :

    JFK Jean : Yeah james from hanging out with you I see that blackberry is glued to your palm ! lol , At the very beginning of the summer I decided to purchase a pair of bucks the creame ones really caught my eye because I knew if I wore them enough it would bring a nice “worn” feel/look to them, still waiting on that to happen lol. Thank you man,

    Duzz : Yup this was originally just to be my top 10 essentials for the fall , but I started to put in things that were obviously going to be used passed the fall season so I went with the same theme , but twist it up a little bit. Wow #10 is a great choice Jean Shop definitely has some good stuff to choose from I have been to the NYC store and was really impressed. I like your list it isn’t too expensive and still gets everything you need for a reasonable price. I see the CDG wallet and GAP bag on one line lol I told you it would be difficult to just 10 items, great list and thanks for commenting.

    Roaming Class : We seriously apologize about that 2 week hiatus never again will that happen , if anything we’re working on multiple updates a week!

    Reggie : Yeah man, just let me know if you come across any problems you can even email them very nice guys.

    mbaquerizo : Well technically 2 years ago a lot of the stuff I listed still existed, and like Jon B pointed out with the style evolution I would have picked what was appropiate for me at the time. Since it is not 2 years ago these items is what I have to have around. nt thanks for visiting the site.

    Jon B : Thank you

  • sQuincy

        posted on September 16 , 2009 :

    1. Macbook Pro (ima Mac)
    2. iphone 3g headphones
    3. Moleskine Sketch Pad
    4. mechanical/Graphite woodless pencils
    5. Nikon D80
    6. my barber (lord knows..)
    7-10. (stuff i need to stop stacking on and go pick up!)
    - good quality heather grey crew neck sweat shirt (premium cotton)
    - grey black doir homme (made in japan)
    - LL bean “bean boots”

  • netzwerkkabel

        posted on September 18 , 2009 :

    I wish I have all 10 stuff with me.I personally like the camera in all 10.The second on the phone.The camera is great and has very nice features with it. I like to get it first.Thanks for this cool article.


        posted on September 20 , 2009 :

    Blank blog : Thanks I have to have atleast one pocket sq to do something with
    I like your list very honest and real you put items you know you could have easily and would want it to be in your life forever. The item that stood out to me was the brown satchel that you said you wanted I could recommend a good company that would give you lifetime warranty really hold up


    Rolly : Thanks here too man, no problem will do!!

    Edward Rodim : I’m glad you found the blog

    Emmanuel O
    : See you got expensive taste my brother as long happy with it who cares! lol , Nice pick with CP Achilles I have the highs the black suede/leather one of the best shoes I have bought even though they’re pretty beat but still love them. I see you ave the bible there I could def agree with you on that I bet you will be one of the few people to put that up there. interesting.

    Maada : Thanks alot !

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  • Robinson

        posted on February 20 , 2010 :


    Just found your site…

    There are not enough sites like this that actually provide in-depth looks at materials and the like, combined with such great looks. Most just provide pictures of what they want to buy and stuff…Not substantial enough.

    Anyways, here are the essentials.

  • Josh

        posted on March 31 , 2010 :

    Killer post. When I clicked on ‘TO VIEW FULL FEATURE ‘ at the end I got taken to a broken link page. Can you post the corrected link? awesome

  • werner

        posted on August 4 , 2010 :

    Shuron glasses : a big deal in germany !
    Found in germany by http://schoene-brillen.blogspot.com/
    there is a great dealer in Bonn, Rheinland: Optik Zorn
    Ask for the owner, Mr. Zorn.
    Wonderful old vintageglasses and new shurons