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JKISSI : It has been a year, or so since I have been on the search for the perfect pair of eye glasses for myself.  There are so many different styles from modern eyewear to retro, which can make the search even more challenging to accomplish. In a few select looks on the site you can see me wearing a pair of glasses which I eventually grew tired of. There is a lot to consider when buying your own pair of eye glasses, depending on your personal taste and appearance it can vary. After receiving many recommendations from friends on twitter, I embarked on my own silent journey to find the best eyewear for myself. I wasn’t  necessarily looking for the best glasses money could buy, but something classic and that’s exactly what I found. My days of being forced to sit in the very front row of classes in school are now finally over (lol) thanks to the Shuron Ronsir Zyl.

Browline glasses, Jkissi, Ronsir zyl, Shuron Ronsir Zyl, Malcolm x glasses, Street Etiquette, Joshua Kissi

Fit Details – Shuron Ronsir Zyl – Uniqlo – A.P.C NC – Clarks

The classic American eye wear company Shuron has been manufacturing glasses to the public ever since 1865 . This alone attracted me to the brand even more knowing that quality products played a important role in their longevity. The specific style that caught my eye were the Browline glasses which aren’t made by a lot of companies today, but Shuron still produces them.  Brow line glasses were invented in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach, then vice-president of Shuron Ltd. The Ronsirs are one of the more significant frame designs of the 20th century, totalling up half of the sales sold during the 1950s. The company Shuron provided me with great customer service answering all of my sometimes tedious questions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for great quality eye wear from a company that has been producing glasses for decades now.

Browline glasses, Jkissi, Ronsir zyl, Shuron, Shuron Ronsir Zyl, Malcolm x glasses, Street Etiquette, Jkissi

It’s great that we can still grab what was considered a trend in the 1950s and still wear it today. This style of glasses probably looks a bit familiar to some with recognizable people such as Malcolm X to JFK wearing Browline style frames.   This will not be the last time you will  see me wearing a pair of Shuron glasses.

Special thanks to Chris Watchhorn and It’s Bongo Boy for helping me capture the first two pictures.


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  • willy cheesesteak

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Great choice in the frames. Lookin mad smart, Josh, lol.

  • friendinfashion

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    These look great! really suit you. Congrats on the purchase.

  • JoeG

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Whats the skinny on the belt? Have the exact pair of Clarks and always have a hard time finding a belt to match them…

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    when i saw those glasses i was thinking, hmm… who wears those besides j. depp, then boom when you said it, it hit me, malcom x. not something we see so often, but they suit you and i think that makes them classic for you. your style is always fantastic. and it’s cool that you looked into the history of the brand too.

  • CreativeSilence

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Dope frames. Was shooting an event the other night and saw a brother rocking a pair. I should have taken a pic. Adding those to the list of my fall accessories. Keep up the good work my dude!


        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Willycheesesteak : Thanks William , LOL! I look like I scored a 2400 on the SAT’s , I know the older people are like 2400 ? I thought it was 1600 yeah I’m that old lol.

    Friendinfashion : Thanks I’m glad it worked out that way really needed a pair of new frames to start the F/W, and ladies if you are looking for a nice female blog site visit this one !

    Joe G
    : The belt is from Topman, I would recommend there or uniqlo , or just go with the best route in my opinion and purchase a tanner belt or billykirk from good leather makers. BTW nice site didn’t know you ran one, there is some very good content on there.

    Pret-a-Porter- P : Yeah ! that’s true I was walking the streets today , and I saw no one wearing them or anything similar to it. I remember Matt Damon in the movie The Good Shepard wore them, we can say that only movies depicting previous time periods is where you would see them! lol

    CreativeSilence: Interesting that you say that, because like I stated above I haven’t seen anyone with them at all in person. I would definitely recommend them for you to purchase , you will not go wrong. Let’s start the movement! lol BTW love your site especially from a photography point of view I’m always on there checking out your new post. Keep it up over there also, and thanks.

  • Jon B

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Wow, this is funny becaue I was looking for a new pair of glasses, I will be surely ordering from these guys. It’s funny that they have been prodcuing glasses since 1865 but I have never heard of them , it looks great on you, i like the new hairstyle also ! lol

  • Danny Wong

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    I love the glasses too. Comment about the pictures though… put a smile on! and look up. You kind of look like you are engrossed in deep thought or just thinking about what to eat in the next few minutes..

  • Nicole Guarascio

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    These remind me of Rayban’s clubmaster. Which I own. And Love.

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    hm? They have all the styles of frames you could ask for but I gotta make sure they fit my face. Idk if you remember but I actually wear glasses for my near-sightedness(!) It would be great to have stylish frames and be able to see somewhat properly

  • JimmyC

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Nice choice my friend. They look very good on you.

  • demilade

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    this post is very interesting i like the frames they are what i would wear nice josh

  • Señor Combs

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Yo those chestnut wally’s is full e-f-f-e-c-t!

  • coco

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    sup with that bulge? lol i will always leave inappropriate comments here :P ….btw liking the new cut

  • Jeff

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Here’s my comment to every post LOL. Congrats on finding the right pair of glasses man, they look good. Looking very snazzy in the pictures as well. ahaha.

  • Florent

        posted on August 19 , 2009 :

    Nice choice… Classic is safe, and tasty! I might go for such glasses; but it s gonna be for show! I just had eye surgery!

    ANyway, love your blog!

    Florent –

  • Selected Few

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    I was considering getting myself a pair of browline frames for my perscription glasses. Though, as for now I have a nice pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction glasses and they aren’t bad, but I am looking for something with a little more class.

  • newgrass

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    Yeah those are great. I’ve been thinking about a pair of Clubmasters, but I love the story/history behind the company and might have to go with a pair of the Escapades. Thanks for the heads up. Where’d you purchase from?

  • Indy

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    Wow…what a great blog! You have amazing talent and style!

  • Lame Basics

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    great post Josh
    those shurons look good
    i need new frames maybe i will check out next time im in the city

  • FACE

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    What’s funny is I was looking at these exact frames a year and half ago but decided to go w/ some Design Por::Denmark decided to stick w/ a more modern frame back then

  • Joseph A

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    good read as always, i see you switched up from those thick buddy holly type frames you had before

    and whats up with the hair? you growing out or getting lazy with the waves?

  • Coldsun

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    Those are hot..
    I need a new pair of glasses myself…
    My contacts are killing me

  • Nathan

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    Dude, you killed it man love the site keep it coming!

  • bodil

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    really very good. your entire outfit is perfect, from the shoes to the frames.

  • wboothe

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    Dope frames.

    Not sure if they’ll fit my round face, though.

  • c.scottz

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    classic simple clean. lovee the hookup dude

  • Esther

        posted on August 20 , 2009 :

    Wow , Josh you just simply seem to amaze me . btw loving your new hairstyle . I seen you in the city yesterday & wanted to say hello but my cab driver was being a loser lol


        posted on August 21 , 2009 :

    Jon B : Yeah I guess this is the perfect time because a lot of people are saying they need some new specs take on. Oh yes they have been manufacturing glasses for a long time now , it’s funny a lot of people simply just know about the brand. The older generation may be able to remember the brand or identify. I recommend them to you take a pick at their frames.

    Danny Wong : Thanks , lol if you been viewing this site for a while now you know I never really smile in pictures lol, it wasn’t my best choice in pictures but I got my two good friends to take it for me. Didn’t want to bug them too much about re-taking pictures and such so I setteld made the best of it. It’s not that bad to me lol. Always in deep thought thinking of the next move lol

    Nicole Guarascio : Yeah similar to Clubmaster’s but these guys are actually behind the overall design of these glasses , then other companies started to move on it. I saw that you just started a blog let me give you some pointer to keep it going strong and not discourage. For the first couple of posts , don’t worry about people leaving comments on it, just keep the content consistent and keep posting. At the sametime try to spread the word about the site friends/family who ever that will read. I could go on, and on but email me if you have any questions or anything glad to help, or anyone for that matter.

    Reggie : Yeah man I remember that you wore frames also, I really like seriously Reggie .. Get on this! lol , but yeah the quality is up to par, the price point is reasonable it’s not like your purchasing Moscots or something. Especially for a college gentlemen like ourselves it would be perfect, look into the styles and see whats up , if you are interested in multiple frames and unsure about which you want they could probably work something out for you. Contact me , or them and I will set you up.

    Jimmy C : I’m assuming this is Jimmy Crow off of Sufu I have to say that you’re one of my inspirations as to why I wanted to look into some new eyewear. You do it so well, keep it up!

    Demilade :
    Thanks Demi appreciate it , get into it! lol

    Senor Combs : I love the chestnut wallys I don’t care how many times I wear them lol, I wish Clarks would step out the box and make some more nice suede colors, and not just for the UK lol

    : lol with all of your artsitry vision you notice that?!!?! lol :D well I can’t really say lol

    Jeff: Thanks my brother, you should of never made that promise! you know SE is here to stay lol so get ready !

    Florent : Hey, like I told everyone else look into them , very nice in person you don’t see too much people walking around with these style frames anymore. LOL @ it being for show hey I don’t blame you these are great.

    Selected Few : You said a “little more class” you hit the jackpot right here my friend , i know by this time you have searched all over the site and found some good frames. They’re also releasing some more new styles and variations on clasic designs, looks good.

    Thanks for the link/feature on your side just read it , we appreciate it keep up the good work.

    Newgrass : yeah sounds good man , history is always important, I purchased the frames from check it out for yourself.

    Indy : Thank a lot!

    Lame Basics
    : Thanks Amit , yeah you should take a look at Shuron and see

    : That’s funny would you look at buying them again ? sounds like you have some very nice frames right now .

  • Duha A

        posted on August 21 , 2009 :

    They look spectacular! Specs are the most difficult to buy, it took me months until i purchased my Raybans and it was a good purchase i must say. Just checked the site and i really need to get me a pair of these, so Malcolm X…classic. Love the last two photos by the way :D .

  • Milly

        posted on August 21 , 2009 :

    aww, keep your hair like this josh.

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on August 21 , 2009 :

    Sounds good man. Also, those NC have stretched quite a bit eh?

  • Tasha

        posted on August 21 , 2009 :

    Ugh, beat me to it.
    I love Shurons and btw i love this blog.
    I was debating between these and the sidewinders.


        posted on August 22 , 2009 :

    Joseph A : Thick Buddy Holly frames lol those were dope man I liked them a lot , Yeah growing out my hair , been tired of the waves for a while now, just decided to let it go.

    : Thanks man , I can’t do contacts always felt like I would be there forever trying to get the contact lens in my eye, and glasses could be apart of your fashion expression definitely went with it. Look into Shuron frames.

    : Thanks appreciate it , we wont disappoint more to come!

    Bodil : Good words my friend, checked out your blog there is some good information on there keep it up! we really appreciate the shoutout. keep it up

    wboothe : Yeah that’s the thing about certain frames they’re not for everyone, I’m pretty sure I tried on certain frames which I thought looked horrible on me lol , it has a lot to do with the facial structure , I’m sure you could find some good ones in there somewhere though

    C.Scottz : Thanks for taking out time to drop a comment

    Esther : Lol that’s funnyt yeah I work in soho , I was probably on my lunch break or something I’m always open to meet new people who read my site, it’s always a pleasure!

    Duha A
    : Thanks , I really feel like I made the right choice now once i put them on I knew they were a perfect fit for me. Yeah Ray Bans are nice , but everyone has them so they were out of the list for me from the beginning. I’m not knocking anyone who has raybans , but it’s good to just go outside the box.

    : Awww <3 Milly def will for a good while, it's still growing. , curious to see how that goes when it comes

    : Yup, at the bottom the APC’s need to get washed or brought to the tailoea by a good professional like Pablo, not like my other my older pair of apcs.

    Tasha : Thanks much, yeah that’s a good battle right there between sidewinders and Ronsor Zyl’s , theyre both classic design I dont think you can go wrong here.

    Really appreciate all the comments!

  • king

        posted on August 23 , 2009 :

    Nice find. the Freeways in Demi Amber and Brown Smoke might go up for honorable mention next to my Moscot Nebbs…keep it up dude.

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on August 23 , 2009 :

    yeah looks like they lost that taper. On the other hand i’m looking into APC PS for my next pair though im not done w/ my slim jims. Have you had any experience w/ them? people say theres more room in the thighs and I find that w/ most skinny fit jeans the thighs are too tight for me. The APC PS seems to be what I’m looking for w/ sacrificing the natural taper my legs have for a straight tube-leg fit.


        posted on August 23 , 2009 :

    King : Yeah the Amber and Smoke ones definitely caught my eye , you see everyone with ebony type wayfarers/freeways frame design glasses. That would definitely change up the game.

    Dayinthelyf : Yeah plus I haven’t washed it or soaked so it’s a bit loose right now, I’ll soak it first and see what happens or dry clean I don’t’ know yet. Yeah Travis has the APC PS maybe he can weigh in on that.

  • Snappy

        posted on August 23 , 2009 :

    Love the post and blog. Good stuff…

  • The Ca$h

        posted on August 24 , 2009 :

    Believe It or Not
    I have a pair of glasses similar to those

  • Roaming Class

        posted on August 25 , 2009 :

    like the new hair dude!


        posted on August 25 , 2009 :

    Snappy : Thanks appreciate the blog love , keep up the good work on yours checked it out done very well.

    The Cash : I believe you man, these aren’t newly designed frames so I’m not surprised at all , what brand is yours from? just curious

    Roaming Class : Thanks man it was a risk, but I did it and I’m pretty content with it. Appreciate all the compliments on the hair , still growing it out more! ;d

  • The Ca$h

        posted on August 25 , 2009 :

    Okay, Kiss
    This is off topic
    I’m The Ca$h Right, so who’s The Cash…lol
    Let him know that’s my real name…please

  • damien

        posted on August 26 , 2009 :


    I’m probably will be the the only one to say this particular style might not work for you. I would of chose something a little more bolder. Maybe all black frame. Not to say these aren’t a good look. I actually would’ve said go clubmaster because the frame is a bit more defined. From the photo’s they seem to blend in a bit. I do like the hair longer though. You guys always bring it nonetheless! Piece

  • Beowulf

        posted on August 28 , 2009 :

    Yo Josh,

    Started reading this blog in the last 6 months or so, and I’ve gotten a ton of style inspiration from you. I need a pair of glasses so I’ll definitely have to take a look at this site if I don’t go with the classic Ray Bans. I’m curious:

    A lot of the time you mention wearing “TM Skinny Jeans”. I’m guessing that stands for tailor made, but if there are any brands in particular that you use, what are they? I can never find pants that fit me right and I’ve been searching for some red ones like those you wore for the BKc photoshoot. Any chance you could share that secret?

  • heeb646

        posted on August 28 , 2009 :

    those glasses def look like what Clark Kent would wear, its hot tho, diff. I see the curls are comming back haha.

  • jfkjean

        posted on August 29 , 2009 :

    I had a pair like that from Bvlgari a few years ago but I quickly realized that I couldn’t get with those frames so I sold it lol. But those look very good on you. Fits your face very well. You made a good choice there.

  • only cure

        posted on September 2 , 2009 :

    dude i saw you today at uniqlo!


        posted on September 2 , 2009 :

    The Ca$H : lol funny

    Damien : Hey, there is nothign wrong with varying opinions at all , I just feel bold frames I have done before and would do again , but for now Shuron Ronsir Zyl are my choice of eyewear. Yeah Club Masters are nice not a big fan of Ray Ban though I like to go outside the box to search for something else I won’t see on every person who walks by lol. Thanks for the comment and good words !

    Beowulf : Thanks for viewing this site for 6 months man you got tosee the initial growth of the site then , it’ good to see something blossom from nothing to something beautiful. Yeah TM means Topman I apologize for that should of been more specific , it’s not Tailor made or anything like that. The red pants pictured in the BKc shoot are the Uniqlo T-000 pants , I’m pretty sure they still have them for a good price of $29.50 call in and order if you’re not around the Tri state area

    Uniqlo phone number : (917)237-8800 good luck !

    Heeb646 : Lol at the comparison thanks though heeb , yeah curls made a reapperance again you definitely remember that lol this time a bit different as far as direction though!

    JFK Jean : Oh wow that’s a bold move right there lol I would tried to make it work , I don’t know maybe I’m just speaking without experience or how they look on me. Thank man appreciate that

    Only Cure : Yeah I went on my lunch break lol was looking for some steals , you should of say whatup man knew you from HB for a while now, I don’t mind at all in general though good to meet people off the internet, some people may find it annoying , but for me it’s really cool.

    Sorry for the lack of updates guys will get back on it! Great updates coming !

  • KingSeven

        posted on September 6 , 2009 :

    I love these glasses & in the process of getting some

  • Menon

        posted on October 6 , 2009 :

    Where did you get those bead bracelets??

  • Giford Nana

        posted on October 15 , 2009 :

    Yo Kissi u Ghanaian?
    In any case u fresh…
    Wallabees, Desert boots and Desert Treks, are my favorite feet warmers when i am on a semi formal look…
    They are so comfy but if necessity rises u can still run in them ….
    U just made me feel like it is about time i let go of all the sneakers and get back on my “boarding school” fresh look..
    Keep it up, i def got ur blocks on my bookmarks in safari..

  • Giford Nana

        posted on October 15 , 2009 :

    i meant *blog* not blocks lol

  • Shawn Plep

        posted on February 3 , 2010 :

    Nice pics – the Ronsir looks good on you. Myself, I rock the Revelation and have a couple of pairs of Sidewinders, and have owned some vintage Ronsirs myself. Shuron makes some of the best (and most stylish) glasses – so I’m glad to see others such as yourself are validating that by blogging and posting pics.

  • Sigi

        posted on February 18 , 2010 :

    In Germany you get these glasses at OPTIK ZORN in Bonn.
    They have all types, the Shuron Ronsir, Sidewinder, Freeway ….
    Shuron by
    Bonner Strasse 13
    53173 Bonn

  • Bridgit brobbey

        posted on July 30 , 2010 :

    I really like this glasses. I dont wear eye glasses for read. I’m curious that the eyeglasses is clear… Right???? I love to wear glasses.

  • werner

        posted on August 4 , 2010 :

    found in germany together with some other great glasses:

  • Ron

        posted on May 7 , 2011 :

    I recently bought two pairs of Shuron Ronsir ZYL frames(Black Briar,Tortoise) and the frames are gorgeous. I have received many compliments and I am getting much play from the honeys. Shuron is a sick website with many retro frames. This is the same company that provided frames for Malcolm X, Col Sanders, Hoover’s G-Men, and most of the country in the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s. I even have a picture from ’69 with my late grandfather wearing a pair of Ronsir frames. Pleased with my purchase and hope to do more business with Shuron in the future.

  • simon L

        posted on June 5 , 2013 :

    hi there, im actually getting the same glasses you have in the pictures.
    i’d greatly appreciated if you could tell me what are the sizes you got on your ronsir
    eye size bridge size and temple size.

    thanks in advance !

  • Bruno

        posted on September 19 , 2013 :

    Hey there,
    Whats the frame/Lens Size of those? 48 wide?

  • Dropd57

        posted on August 5 , 2014 :

    You look good in them. I have a pair of grey briar ZYL and love them. Needing a new script, I just ordered another pair in black after seeing yours.

    The main reason I purchased Shuron ZYL frames in the first place was because they gave me the most real estate for progressive lenses. Being new to needing to wearing glasses 24/7 and new to progressive lenses I was at a lost with smaller frames. Luckily, or not, because I have a big head I felt comfortable wearing the larger frame.