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JKISSI : This post is probably one of the most anticipated post concerning accessories, especially the ones I and Trav wear. The topic of accessories are so broad that we decided to fraction this topic up largely focusing on wrist ornaments in this volume. It never occurred to me how needed accessories are, until recently I found myself stumbling all over my room looking for specific beads that I own.   We are all aware about how accessories can appear so in dept when it comes to our female counterparts.  When it comes to males it seems the term “accessories” gets thrown around much more lightly , maybe because people feel it holds some sort of femininity. I feel like the majority of guys need to dapple around with accessories , and I’m not talking about the “live-strong” bands even though those are alright. Just the addition of simple beads depending on the coloring can make a big difference in your own outfit.  In terms of variety there is a vast amount of hand accessories for men if you are looking for some to wear.  We receive constant emails daily about the accessories we wear showing that people are interested, but are just unaware as where to purchase them.

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kanye west style, black preppy style, black fashion guys, fashionable black guys, street etiquette,jkissi, beads, men fashion with beads

Fit Details – Trav Uniqlo – Topman jeans – Keds shoes

Fit Details - JKISSI Vintage Levis – J.Crew chinos – Sebago boat shoes

* looks like im sleeping actually not! lol *

We featured some of our friends in NYC to participate on this post to display how accessories are suppose to be worn. We want to thank everyone who took part in this post.

kanye west style, black preppy style, black fashion guys, fashionable black guys, street etiquette, Kadeem J., beads, men fashion with beads

My good friend and fellow Bronx resident photographer Kadeem J. probably had the most interesting introspective when talking about his own accessories. You may look at all of the ornaments on his hand and think it’s just full of random stuff, but each seemed to have its own sort of meaning.  He explained to me further on how some of them were given to him by good friends , and others made by himself from old leather shoe laces which I thought that was very creative.

kanye west style, black preppy style, black fashion guys, fashionable black guys, street etiquette, Lateboots, Sham shirley, men fashion with beads

The cool Sham of Lateboots took part in the accessories post without even being notified in advance. Very nice ensemble here with a nice touch by including the scarf. This shows that just a simple nice watch can go a long way

kanye west style, black preppy style, black fashion guys, fashionable black guys, Brooklyn Circus, The Brooklyn Circus, beads, men fashion with beads

Bevin from The Brooklyn Circus made an appearance for the accessories post. I would call him one of the best at using his visual skills to bring forth some new ways to wear various accessories. He told us where each ornament was by and from, it was real interesting to know the actual brands of each of them. I must say the silk scarf used as a hand accessory was a very good idea, I would’ve never thought of it to be honest.


kanye west style, black preppy style, black fashion guys, fashionable black guys, street etiquette, Kadeem J., beads, men fashion with beads

The wrist accessories I and Trav are wearing are pictured above from these great companies. I ultimately chose the tan double strap bracelet because  if you wear it enough the color begins to wear in giving it a beautiful color at the end. The Billy Kirk bracelet looks even better in person than it looks above especially the burgundy color that Trav has with gold brass braces. To purchase them click on the links below. The wooden beads we always wear are from Topman.

1. 3sixteen ‘Tan’ Double Wrap bracelet

2. Billy Kirk ‘Black’ Double Wrap cuff


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  • willy cheesesteak

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    Good stuff, really liking Sham’s wristwear, the red chinos, and Trav’s denim(it almost looks silver!).

    Are those the urban slim fit chinos by the way?

  • jfkjean

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    Great post dudes! I always found accessories like this funky (in a good way) but until I got those Topman beads recently, and even seeing the awesome ensemble Kadeem J. has on, it makes you wanna get more. I’ve never been a jewelry guy so this is more my speed. I plan on getting those African inspired tribal necklaces that sit low enough to hit the top of your chest with your shirt twice unbuttoned (I know, very detailed lol) and I like to add a cocktail ring to add a visual curveball lol…..

  • sQuincy

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    it’s not easy to find accessories
    believe me.. one it’s are really hard to locate good ones
    two.. they may not look good in store or where ever you see them.
    and three.. you have to keep in mind, that is the item you are shopping for.
    sometimes you see them when your not looking for them and totally forget
    to go back and pick it up. it’s a total timing thing! far from a easy task
    but they have the ability to totally enhance what your wearing.
    they add this personal flavor to your outfit.
    this is a really good post..
    i like the use of people outside of SE to get your point across
    the pictures are totally on point. i like the photography here.
    and of course the outfits are always dope!
    Trav great pants man.. you always killing the pants my brother.
    the first shot they have a certain shine to ‘em.
    Josh once again very nice execution, totally smoothed out.
    the flow is very well pulled off. it’s alot i can say about your fit.
    everything looks good together.
    usually not a topman customer, but you guys gonna have me take a second look!
    good work as usual.
    – ps. that translator widget on the bottom of your page is insane.
    looking at SE in an other language tripped me out!

  • cam

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    in LA trendy folk use stringy yarn to make “unique” hippie wristbands

    -i wear a dark brown leather wristband with my intials on it
    gift from granpa & and my red ludwig band
    –i really digg the 3sixteen band, shams watch, and kadeems bands and necklaces.

    where could i get a necklace sim to kadeem’s ( long and w/wooden rustic beads)?

  • Tiara89

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    I agree Josh. I think that when it comes to men, accessories can be the most overlooked and under appreciated pieces to ones fit. It can definitely bring more depth to your appearance. I really like Kadeem’s neck pieces. Oh and congrats on your new Hypebeast blog!

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    Well done guys! Title and intro says it all.

  • Nimo Thande

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    I believe this might be my favorite post.

    I recently began making my own jewelry and it wasn’t until I saw you, Trav, and even Kadeem’s looks that I knew exactly what I wanted to make.
    I find myself very much inspired by the way you New York City guys dress (it’s so refreshing!).

    Keep it up!

    Nimo Thande

  • prince shepard

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    This post is very informative, and every bodies outfit is banging! The beads thing reminds me of how Buddhists use to wear prayer beads–for a minute I thought thats what they were LOL!

  • Jonathan

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    Great post. I also would like more info on the neck piece.

  • Kev

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    This was a great post and for some reason people dont look at accessories. Im a fan of accessories i think they make whatpeople have on look better. But can you give me some info on where i can find black wrist beeds from ? Im on a hunt for them and not even side stands in the street have em

  • Jeff

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    Another great post, well done fellas. Im really liking the 3S bracelet, was thinking about getting one myself.

  • illy

        posted on August 4 , 2009 :

    Very dope post. Accessories in casual fits is basically unseen…at least by me. I guess NY has something over Socal fashion wise in that sense. It’s always crazy when I read SE just to see how different fashion where you’re from varries from fashion where I live… In any case, I think if people were more aware of how much they could add to an outfit, they would be more inclined or inspired to try it out for themselves… great use of photography to express your point. Amazing work family.

  • camp

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    Great post. Love the photos. However I believe the title aught to read Accessories are a Neccesity instead of “is.”

  • Ryan

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    DOPE POST… diggin everything

  • Joseph A

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    great post, im actually starting to build my “wrist game” up also with a few beads i got from H&M

    what else would you suggest to keep building

  • Duzz

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    WOAH….great post joshua…you got some very cool people featured on this….im a fan of kadeems stuff on lookbook and im a regular on the lateboots site sham is great….anyways to the post….for sometime now ive been wearing beads and bracelets…but thing is i always seem to loose them…the ones i wear now are from Kenya my home country…theyr a bit bright so i dont wear em on a reg….but….im very inspired by everything you’ve posted on here….they all seem cool….i just might invest in some soon newer ones….btw great outfits…your very brave for wearing pink pants….i commend you….Kadeems beaded chain is off the hook…!!!
    on a side note….my friend from here in toronto was recently in NYC…and visited topshop/man and overheard some workplace gossip and they mentioned you….lool…


        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    Willy Cheesesteak : Thanks man , yeah sham part is very clean liked it alot , yup these are the urban slim fit chinos fit great and all that man!

    Jfkjean : Yeah man topman every so often gets new beads and stuff I like most of them though , I feel you on the African tribal ones my parents got a few that they sell in Ghana. Some of them are really good now that I think of it lol never thought of wearing any of them because I guess they have always been around.

    Squincy : your kind of right , but since we’re in NYC its not that hard! A lot of vintage shops carry a whole box of stuff from wrist bracelets to rings and necklaces. Yeah the timing is the thing though people can always buy the one you like a lot , and when you come back it could be gone ! lol Yeah the translator added for our international users some of them are not too fluent in English so we decided to make it easier for them to enjoy the site like anyone else.

    Cam : Nice , never heard of that one taking different yarn and making it bracelet even as simple as it sounds I definitely want to try that out! lol. Yeah man the 3sixteen dual leather band is very nice man. At first when you get it like any natural leather product its color is real pale, and obviously hasn’t been worn in yet. Once you start to wear it a lot you see the color changing day by day real good should check it out.

    Tiara89 : Yup yup, I noticed that before like wow its a real limited market that applies to men when it comes to accessories, but recently you could find more and more places especially online where you can buy stuff its great. Thanks on the hypebeast blog thing just a step further.

    Reggie : Thanks man glad you liked post

    Nimo Thande : Yeah a lot of people’s favorite post might be this one lol I knew it was anticipated by a lot of our readers all a matter of time. We all give each other some sort of inspiration glad you feel that way, maybe we could work some things out keep up the good work.

    * guys check out his site for some more accessories for men *

    Prince Shepard : lol thanks aha at buddhist , but yeah they have similar prayer beads also someone once asked me if I was wearing prayer beads.

    Jonathan : Thanks i’ll ask Kadeem about that one I’m sure its vintage though

    Kev : Yeah it definitely was that was the point to bring it to people attention that they do matter when it comes to your oufit, if you don’t like to wear them no one is forcing kind of thing. Hmm I’ll keep my eyes out for those or something similar if i see them I’ll let you know man. BTW I know topman has some black ones I had in the capsule NY post on one of my hands.

    Jeff : Thanks man , you should purchase it man, very nice !

    Illy : Wow appreciate the good words illy , makes the hard work worthwhile when you feel there is setbacks such as messing up the title!!! lol , but yeah NYC is it’s own planet sometime not to even boast the city because I live here but it really amazes me sometimes even though I have been here all my life lol .

    Camp : Thank you for this my brother!!!! overlooked mistake and I know its all in appreciation.

    Ryan : Thanks man

    Joseph A : Thats a great start man go on different sites especially the ones listed here and see what you can find is the only thing I could say. The pictures above explain it perfectly on how different people wear their stuff and what they wear.

    Duzz : Thanks man those are all cool people from sham to kadeem , they got stuff to offer the world I hope they continue to do good work in their crafts. I know what you mean about the african accessories because like I said above my parents have some of those ornaments really cool stuff. LOL @ your friend in topman we’re always having fun in that place at any given time, until the managers come : ( lol.


        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    Oh yeah I forgot for those of you that are unaware we were added to the Hypebeast blog team recently check it out the introduction post if you can! Update coming on there as well

    the content will be very different from here , it will be all the things we cant really put up here because content direction

  • Dana

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    You’ve found people with seriously great style. It’s quite difficult for a guy to pull of accessories, especially a large amount without looking OTT or bling.
    Great post, will be following you!

  • Duha A

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    Totally digging the accesories and word to the whole post. I think an outfit just is not complete without the final touches (being accesories). I will def. start making some of my own braclets out of leather now. Cant wait to see your blogs on hypebeast. :D

  • Neef

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    Absolutely the best post on street etiquette for 2009!!!!

  • FTTS

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    I absolutely love this post. Hands down, no questions about it. :D

    Each outfit in is topped off with a beautiful assemble of accessories. Kudos to the gents for working the accessories, its rare to see a male figure with an accessory other than a chain or watch. If I could have a piece from anyone’s outfit photographed above, I would def. grab hold of JKISSI’s J.Crew Chinos, Sham’s watch & all of Kadeem’s bracelets.

    Vintage & Clean fits in the proper manner. <3.

  • goke

        posted on August 5 , 2009 :

    Defiantly my favorite post of the year …looking forward for the other parts

    That NYC Shopping guide is probably another highly anticipated post???

  • boogy

        posted on August 6 , 2009 :

    whats up josh

    wondering if the wooden beads are still in topman. the site’s shop doesnt seem to have it


    btw – good post

  • Coldsun

        posted on August 7 , 2009 :

    Hot post…
    Accessories are so Necessary…
    I like you homeboy tat also…
    No joke, i feel naked if i walk out of the house without anything on my wrist… I kinda fucks up my day on the low… lol… I always rock 2 rubber bands on my left arm (they remind me of some tough times) and some other random Cuff on my right hand… Usually leather, brown or black… I like em so much that my watch game isn’t where it should be, because i like cuffs so much… My homegirl calls them my Wristacuffs, I call em Cuffs or Wrist Wrappery (I think Camron says it in a song lol)

  • sQuincy

        posted on August 7 , 2009 :

    well.. it’s a total task for me.
    i shop all the time,
    i haven’t found to many of those yet.
    as far as wrist wear goes!
    – btw, congrats on the Hypebeast blog feature.
    nicee! i’ll definitely keep up with you guys

  • Lucas

        posted on August 7 , 2009 :

    Finally. I always wondered if you guys would to a post on accessories and here it is. Great posting as ever. I think it’s one of the hardest thinks to do finding the right piece of accessoir to the rest of a fit or in general. Most of the times when I’m looking for some I’m don’t find anything. But I think that’s what makes it so fun. walking around in a store or on the street and somethings pops out to you and it just makes click and you think “ay that’s exactly what I wanted”. Great feeling

  • Jon B

        posted on August 7 , 2009 :

    My faorite post from you guys ever, if youguys top this I don’t know what I would do with myself!!

  • Anthony

        posted on August 7 , 2009 :

    Great read. As an accessory wearer myself i’ve always found it interesting to each piece will bring you. A gold medallion that i wear from China always brings questions of my heritage while my black rubber bands bring up questions of their meaning and significance. Non the less great read and will be following you guys a bit more closely.

  • Matt Itsbongoboy

        posted on August 8 , 2009 : sticker spotted!


        posted on August 8 , 2009 :

    Dana : Yeah I think these people were perfect for this post it’s not until I finished everything and looked at it and said “wow” lol sometimes I like to do that! lol yeah for the fellas its more harder, but good when we do so.

    Duha A : Hey thanks a lot , yup its not complete I can’t leave my house without something on my wrist it has become more of addiction now to me. Yup would be a great idea to create your own , good thing is your not spending any money , plus its personal because it was made by you. Go ahead!

    Neef : Lol thats a big title to fulfill thanks man it is a very good post for SE in 2009 , way more to come though !

    FTTS : Yup your right I like what you said about males most are ust content with a watch and chain , don’t even want to go into the core of things. Thanks lol I’ll donate them to you ! lol convincing the other people to donate theirs will be difficult though ! lol Thanks for checkin blog

    Goke : Thanks my brother yeah the NYC Shopping List is work in itself so much to do, but yeah It wouldn’t consist of just one singular post more like a series of post and the NYC shopping list would eventually fill up , but we haven’t contacted any stores about goign in taking pictures of the store and review it from our favorites, we’ll see though!

    Boogy : Yeah man if they’re not on the site If I remember correct our store still has them in stock , if you are not in the NYC area I could probably pick them up for you and mail it out , why just stop at one pair get a whole bunch to keep you set for the Fall / Winter my brother. Thanks again .

    : LOL @ how it messes up your day like I said above I feel the same exact way my arms feel naked out there with nothing on them. Yeah Kadeem’s tattoo is sick I had something in mind similar but on a different location real tough artwork right there. Yeah leather cuffs do the job well also man, I use to do the rubberband thing a while back and I remember Trav also use to do it.

    Squincy : I know what you mean you check out all the vintage spots around soho/les/bk ? I saw some really sick stuff now that I remember might go back and get some lol

    Lucas : Hey Lucas yeah we had to do it , it was coming for a while now just finally got a idea on how to present it and everything. It came out good though If I must say so myself, but yeah man finding tha tright “accessory” is like YES!

    Jon B : Thanks Jon you already know we’re going to top this man lol always look to shock and surpass your last best anything is how I feel about a lot of things! Stay focued on the blog we got some things coming that people will flip over!

    Anthony : Yeah man that would be a interesting accessory piece a gold medallion from China , that sounds sick. I think If I saw someone walking around with that I would ask where they got it from lol , thanks man appreciate the good words fans of slamxhype myself , more to come

    MattItsbongo : Cool, I guess lol its in BK

  • heeb646

        posted on August 9 , 2009 :

    Its amazing how small accessories can really sharpen an outfit. Great outfits guys.

  • Niidawg3

        posted on August 9 , 2009 :

    Great post guys. Accessories are very underrated and you do a good job of bringing them to the fore. They serve as a great complement to the well-dressed man or woman.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep checking in from time to time to bless the page.



        posted on August 10 , 2009 :

    Heeb646 : Yeah it really is , it is definitely a overlooked aspect when it comes to ones style. Now it’s a addiction for me I NEED to have something on me now.

    Niidawg3: Thanks my brother , yup you are rright on that onegreat complements to the outfit! yeah anytime check out the site and drop a comment.

  • deisgnerman

        posted on August 10 , 2009 :

    love this story-looks great. that photo of the hand q/ the turquoise ring kills.

    we have the same billykirk bracelet too (and i love the guys at 3sixteen)

  • JessieADORE

        posted on August 11 , 2009 :

    You guys have the greatest collection of pants ever. LOL. I have such a love for guy jeans.

  • dmwalking

        posted on August 13 , 2009 :

    wow josh and trav…..congrats on how far you guys have taken the blog. What a beautiful page to come back to. Great updates. I’m loving this specific post.

    I just wanna thank you guys for putting your inspirations up for like minded people around the world to enjoy. Unfortunately, where I’m from, there is not much of a fashion culture….we’re just now starting to get hypebeast fashions from like 07…….with 09 clothes.

    Even though y’all are younger than me, I look up to your fashion sense. Keep doing your thing.

    Grace and peace.

  • Selected Few

        posted on August 14 , 2009 :

    My man this post was right on the money addressing the male spectrum on accessories. I just have realized that I am in love with some watches and just recently to help my desires I have substitued arm and wrist ornaments in to many of my fits while at the same time changing things up in my style from a conservative dresser to a more confident individual.ha I feel any ornament is a GREAT addition to any outfit or uniform; whether it be streetwear or menswear.

  • Geia "Duckie" Anderson

        posted on August 21 , 2009 :

    MAN! i love these accessories, Im a chick & i would still rock these! & the over all site is AWESOME! its very Marquis Phifer’ish. Very Nice! & Sham is always a plus!


  • Ruby

        posted on August 22 , 2009 :

    Ah, def coveting her watch now.

  • The Ca$h

        posted on August 24 , 2009 :

    the little things do matter…lol


        posted on August 24 , 2009 :

    Dope post…my friend over @ The Selected Few put me on to you guys. It’s funny how the little details are the harder things to choose and coordinate, but it’s sooo worth it once you hook it up right


        posted on August 25 , 2009 :

    Designer man : Thanks Richard appreciate it, and yes the ring Bevin is sporting is one of my favorites out of this post, I wish he could tell me where he got it from lol. Both 3sixteen and BillyKirk are great people I agree

    JessieADORE : Thanks ! people like to label my pants as “pink” but everyone knows they’re a light salmon kind of chambray ! lol

    dmwalking : Good words are always appreciated especially from a person who saw what the site used to look like, scratch that you remember when I use to post outfits on HB religously , and now sometimes to having this site. We have pretty much worked hard to get where it is now, and its just the starting of things. I know what you mean If I’m correct you are referencing to Rochester , NY yeah I feel like any place out of Manhattan/somepartsofBK will not really see what we’re trying to do. Oh , well you can only do what you believe in you know. Thanks for the good words man

    Selected Few : Very true the thing that struck me is when you said ” I feel any ornament is a GREAT addition to any outfit or uniform; whether it be streetwear or menswear.” Bingo! Bingo! that’s it right there a lot of people fail to realize that only labeling a certain style with having any sort of wrist ornaments.

    Geia “Duckie” Anderson : Thanks , and yeah the lateboots people are cool people

    Ruby : I kno it looks very nice that’s what caught my eye when i first sa her wrist. Very simple but does the job.

    The Cash : They def do , I pay attention to the details of things before anything personally

    DWEEB : I thank Selected Few for doing this may success come to him , but yes it is difficult, but once you find the right accessorie you are “a ok” , thanks for dropping a comment on the site.

  • Edu

        posted on April 18 , 2011 :

    These accessories are awesome. In Nairobi Kenya, Maasai (youtube and google it!) people make them, durable and stylish, and they go for as little as $1.12 each, but, the catch is, when shopping around for them, walk with a native because the price triples when they see a white/ tourist around :)

  • Conrad

        posted on April 30 , 2011 :

    Does anyone know where I can get a a pair of red chinos?

  • Conrad

        posted on May 1 , 2011 :

    These are no longer available at J. Crew. Any idea where I can get a pair?

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  • Tuhin Mukherjee

        posted on July 29 , 2013 :

    I have got one word to say about the article ,… ” AMAZING”

    Please send me more designs and images for more fashion accessories and styles.