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JKISSI : The classic black and white was ideally the original picture of the worlds eye.  Black and white photography has always been intriguing to me. In general colored photographs may catch ones eye in terms of highlighting the design, but black and white requires so much more. The saying that every pictures tells a story is true, but when accompanied by black and white photography it gives that particular story some dramatic backdrop. This application on pictures can be misinterpreted, there are very important elements you see reoccur in the best monochromatic photographs.  I have to be in the mood to photograph black and white images, it takes much more thinking as I look through the lens at my surroundings.  It does not help that my favorite colors are black,white and gray by telling from our website layout it could take you far.



This was ideally suppose to be our new About Us portrait, but we chose not use it.


Here are some images that explain my B/W affection.


Sammy Davis Jr. reading up on photography


Muhammad Ali picture courtesey of Peter Angelo Simmons




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  • Ashe Mischief

        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    Black & White photography always has, and always will be one of my greatest passions and loves. There’s something so much more powerful about it than color, when “done right.”

  • Meji

        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    I like that first picture yo. Cool stuff.


        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    Ashe Mischief, I agree with you especially when talking about doing it “right” not every color picture could look good in black and white. It has to have certain elements to really make it a real powerful black/white picture!

    Meji, thanks man appreciate it you already know man.

  • Cate

        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    I really love the first two pictures, but specially the first one. It so simple, yet so elegant and rich.
    Sometimes nothing can look more amazing than a black and white photo.
    Great blog you have here!


  • dayinthelyf

        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    Hmmm…I rarely use my monochrome setting. I guess I’ll know when exactly to use it.

  • purple

        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    I’m speechless towards that bob Marley picture, My god. But wow at this post ode to BW photography

  • Men's rag

        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    All these photos posted are so inspirational, I’m loving the Muhammad Ali And Sammy Davis jr., Very nice.


        posted on June 10 , 2009 :

    Cate, Thanks I think thats my most favorite picture I took of myself through the mirror reflection. It really personifys what kind of mood I was cpaturing being able to put it in black and white. Thanks keep checking out the site!

    Reggie, You should really try it , not even bar yourself to take it only in black/white you can do color but when editing or any post processing just put it in black/white that way. You never know what kind of pictures you could get man.

    Purple, Yeah Gabe that Bob Marley one is pretty serious just depicts his joy of performing onstage, definitely one of my favorites thus far.

    Men’s Rag, Thanks man yes the Muhammad Ali and Sammy Davis Jr definitely speaks to you , the monochrome theme was perfect!. Blog looking good as always lol

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on June 11 , 2009 :

    that last one is absolutely amazing, definitely worth 1000 words!

  • inaya

        posted on June 11 , 2009 :

    Looking sharp, J. :)

  • Rez

        posted on June 11 , 2009 :

    nice I love how black and white photography just changes everything as far as the feeling of the pictures!
    so classic

  • Jake

        posted on June 11 , 2009 :

    Very dope post write up guys loving the site!! keep it up

  • dapper kid

        posted on June 11 , 2009 :

    That first Muhammad Ali shot is so beautiful, and I love that last shot! I really do agree, although black and white sounds as if it should be simpler with the obvious absence of colour, there is so much more of an art with black and white. It truly is about the light, which I suppose is the very core of photography to begin with.

  • Stacy

        posted on June 11 , 2009 :

    i adore the third and last pictures

    and i agree, black and white photographs have a “je ne sais quoi” aspect about them that is beautiful


        posted on June 12 , 2009 :

    Pretaporter p , yes i agree with you I think that has to be one of my top favorite pictures of all time that I have seen. It really depicts the kind of fashion and style going on at that time even by kids!

    Inaya, Thanks! you always have sweet things to say, haven’t seen you in a while good to see you.

    Rez, it really does man!

    Jake, appreciate the props man we will try to continue to bring you the goodness.

    Dapperkid,yes you hit it right on the head man , as far as taking pictures in black&white the lighting really does matter and can provide different effects to a picture. The Ali one is definitely one that is flawless all in itself. Love your blog btw really great reads on there!

    Stacy, lol I agree with you Stacy i read “je ne sais quoi” like I speak French fluently it was kind of funny, but it really does add that kind of effect lol. cool blog.

  • sQuincy

        posted on June 12 , 2009 :

    black and white photography can be amazing!! like you guys are saying “if it’s done right.”
    it almost creates a trap! like makes you gaze into the photo and try and figure
    surrounding and mind state of both the photographer and or subject(s)
    black and white photography gives off this artistic timelessness.
    that bob marley shot is amazing…
    and the one with the well dress children. almost like some young mobsters
    in front of the car.
    - funny thing you posted this.
    i just copp’d a nikon D80 , i must say, it’s an amazing machine.
    money well invested, i have no plans of being a professional photographer.
    im coming from point and shoot cameras, i usually take with me to events or whatever.
    but i had no idea how addicting using an SLR camera was.
    i’ve turned into a maniac, snapping and snapping, it’s kinda fun
    the auto-mode is ridiculous! but i still wanna mess with the manual settings also
    and im learning the functions and shooting modes.
    it’s a lot to take in.. so i do it a step at a time.
    i’m a total rookie tho, has cool video tuts, thats showing me the basics.
    Good post as usual, it’s very ironic how close to home you guys always hit
    for me on this blog,

  • Dapperdon

        posted on June 12 , 2009 :

    Loving the ali picture! the greatest!

  • BK's connoisseur

        posted on June 12 , 2009 :

    This site really inspires me just found out about it from BKc’s blog … keep doing your thing young brothers.

  • Siimplycharli3

        posted on June 12 , 2009 :

    your pictures are really good….. Im loving that picture with the kids

  • BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet

        posted on June 13 , 2009 :

    Hi there! {waves}

    This black and white photography is absolutely, positively mind-blowing work!

    Please continue to give the world more, more, more!

    I’ll be back here often to check out your artistry on film!

    Feel free to drop in on my spot when you want to talk about deep issues!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  • The Ca$h

        posted on June 15 , 2009 :

    Good Stuff
    You guys should keep up the good work

  • Taevon Palmer

        posted on June 17 , 2009 :

    What type of camera is that my dude?? i need to invest in a better camera!

  • SwanDiamondRose

        posted on June 26 , 2009 :

    Muhammad Ali looks incredible. i love him.

  • kasjg27

        posted on July 6 , 2009 :

    The second picture from top is amazing. I personally would’ve wore a plain t shirt instead of the turtle neck. Also, a darker color solid scarf and leather gloves would be necessary

  • JustJamesDC

        posted on July 21 , 2009 :

    That last picture left me speechless man. Keep up the good work!