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JKISSI : Yes , my little nephew 5 year old Jeremiah is next up in line.  I never really noticed how conscious he was about his dressing until his mother told me he insists that his sleeves are rolled up and such.  Jeremiah goes to a catholic school here in NYC, where with catholic schools come uniforms , and he feels he needs to distinguish himself from the rest. I just need to air out that I , Joshua Kissi,  in no way had any influence on the poses or clothes Jeremiah chose to wear.  People may not believe me at all , but it is the truth of the matter here. From the Corduroy blazer , pink oxford, rolled up chinos, red socks accompanied by boat shoes speaks which volumes to a adult , I had no play. What I admire is he is still in fact  a kid, his nose gets runny, he loves to swoosh around with his favorite spider man toy making loud noises, while still expressing himself to the max when it comes to dressing. I thought to myself at Jeremiah’s age I was quite rebellious on the choice of  clothes my Mom chose for me.   I would always label her choices  as “not cool” because it lacked bagginess or looked too preppy to wear.  This just took my brain in a spin to the future of when I have kids of my very own, and how that would turn out.



I wish I knew the brands he was wearing to state her , but based on where his mom shops I would say it consists of Crew Cuts , Gapkids, and Childrens place.



I thought to myself I remember Scott Schuman ( The Sartorialist ) featuring kids on his blog, but mostly in European countries. He stated some interesting points about snapping pictures of his own children and children in general. He gives the inspiration and idea of his well known blog to his two daughters. “Children dress to express, not impress” that quote right there just spoke to me concerning my nephew. The idea of impressing people in fashion by dressing a certain way  is what most adults strive to do.  In contrast kids could care less about impressing, they are really about expressing their goofy and funny personalities in the way they dress. More on the Sartorialist Jr here.

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  • Eno

        posted on May 17 , 2009 :

    This right here is real in the feel. I’m so glad that todays style is one that has trickled down to the youth and is one that is as appealing to the eye as is to the fit. I feel the same way when I see my little brother who is 17, I honestly feel he dresses better than most guys my age. Shout out to Jeremiah, let’s hope it continues. Dope Post Sir Kissi.


  • dayinthelyf

        posted on May 17 , 2009 :

    He got his start young. My two younger brother’s are more into pokemon and playstation and stuff but idc because I was like that too at their age(9/11). I can only advise them and set an example for them.

  • Matt Fox

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    Wow. Great style must run in your family!

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    and he already knows how to make eyes at the camera too! kids these days are so well dressed!! it gives me hope for the future of american men!
    i didnt start getting myself together until AFTER college (when i had a bit more of an available income). even though i had been into fashion since i was about his age!


        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    Eno , yeah man its crazy man I’m really inspired by it man. I hope it continues man you already know me E I will do everythign in my power to keep it going , but it seems like that wont even be needed hes pretty much “in” it all on his own. I’ll say occasional guidance cant hurt at all.

    P.S I heard you got your Canon going calling out of work and all that aahaha :D i feel you man

    Reggie , yeah man I know what you mean man yeah he did especially from his Dad who is quite dapper himself so its like the same I would do with my son. Its not like he just sits home obsessed with clothes the kid is five years old , he still is a kid I was trying to reflect that in the post by talking about runny noses and all that. Still very much a kid.

  • Ashe Mischief

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    Oh my goodness! He’s beautiful and so precious. I love how children can develop this own sense of style external of their parents influences… and what the outcome is. It never ceases to amaze me.

  • Rae of Stuff Fly People Like

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    HA! Little Man is FLY!

  • MellNY

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    He’s gorgeous
    And his little shoes are amazing

  • Joseph A

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    he must’ve been taking notes from you


        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    Matt Foxx , thanks man and again appreciate the feature on the site I’ll show him all this stuff lol

    Preta-Poter, Yeah its a real solid saying and belief that European men dress better than American. I started to really care probably sophmore summer of high school to really transition into something else, its crazy how time has passed and what has changed though lol.

    Ashe Mischief , it really is i didnt mention it by he usually gets in trouble sometimes for rolling up his pants , but he insist sometimes he has too , i think i need to interview my nephew lol people may think I’m joking here. nice blog btw going through it , some well needed information.

    Rae, lol you already know

    Melny , word the boat shoes really did it , I still dont know what brand they are though lol hmm..

    Joseph A, lol yeah he looks up to me , but also his Dad who is also a dapper dresser mostly sporting suits and stuff. I’ll guide him through the road, but not the point where he doesnt have his own say-so in things you know… Interesting to see what happens down the line , I’ll keep him around the blog once in a while in post.

  • duzz

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    check this article out your might enjoy it…
    i think its interesting, this whole concept of young children having a unique eye for fashion at such a young age and what they they presume as being”cool” at that moment in time . i mean it shows you the times we are in, whereby a whole generations style,swagger, and intellect are all shaped and somewhat determined by the proliferation of mass media and the Internets. these are kids who have been born with the internet and all these new technologies and surely its had a profound impact on their lives. its quite interesting u should also check out a this young girl the name of her blog is style rookie. shes quite ingenious in her outfits. anyways keep up the good work, im proud of you bro keep doing big things and ur lil nephew is quite a good dresser.
    oh heres the girls blog

  • Jeff

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    Tihs little guy could really dress! , please dont let him shy away from this lol

  • Ballad Type

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    Nice , I love how you brought in the Sartorialist and his children in this post something I was totally unaware about until now. Good post man keep it up !! love it

  • sQuincy

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    what did it for me is the pose in the 1st pic.
    proudly had his hand in the jacket pocket! *claps, lol
    and the red socks with the boat shoes.
    let’s hope little Jerem. keeps it up, the potential is amazing.


        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    Duzz, great contribution there what is funny is that I ran across that feature a while ago when it was first posted , but it didnt pop into my mind to recite back to it as I was doing this post. To me its a very interesting topic on how kids develop their sense of style , with some help from their parents of course , but once they hit the teenage years it will be them 100% and with early starts such as this who knows what will happen lol.
    I peeped her blog real good for her age I cant even deny it lol wow.

    Jeff, lol I will try like i said above to guide dude in the right direction if anything not force him to stuff i like though, let him feel free ya know

    Ballad Type , Yeah man the Sartorialist really is inspiration for a lot of the fashion blogs today so when I remembered he did a piece on his children and photography , I had to correlate the two. thanks man we really appreciate it just keeps us going man.

    Squincy, It may be hard to believe , but he just watches from other people probably even me at times and just emulates, especially hand in pocket , making eyes to the photo like ie smiling with your eyes. Yeah i hope the same man I’ll keep you guys updated with his journey lol.

  • xAZD

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    that is so cute! he could be a crewcuts model :P

  • Curtis B.

        posted on May 19 , 2009 :

    Lil Mans swag is on hundredmilliontrillion right now. We need to be taking some notes.

  • ReZ

        posted on May 19 , 2009 :

    loving this!

  • Onochie

        posted on May 19 , 2009 :

    This is some redonk type shit. He should be a model for the Crew Cuts line.

  • Ryan

        posted on May 19 , 2009 :

    Ohhweee, thats great. I am really feeling it. Although, he should button down that collar – the look is really nice. That swagger in the bottom left shot is almost as impressive as the outfit.


        posted on May 19 , 2009 :

    xAZD, I agree with you if anyone know any contacts for crewcuts or any little children labels contact me that would be greatly appreciated. Nice blog I just checked it out did you or any of your friends attend FIT?

    Curtis B. Lol word man , people need to write a responsive essay to this i guess lol

    Onochie, Yeah man like I said above anyone have any contacts to them let me know.

    Ryan, Thanks for the comment funny I’m still reading through HYR Issue 12 right now real real interesting stuff in there man. Yeah man next time with the buttons I guess. Will cover issue 12

  • ReZ

        posted on May 20 , 2009 :

    Ryan hes a kid man lol

  • Meji

        posted on May 21 , 2009 :

    Lil man is fashion grinding.

  • Asia Fiasco

        posted on May 25 , 2009 :

    To be honest this post really brought a smile to my face today. It’s so refreshing and overwhelming to see this young man take such pride in his appearance and do it with such elegance and grace. I’m excited to see what he will become when he gets older ahh man!!.. sooo in light of this i had to make a post about him on my blog which you could check Ahhh he’s soooo cute!!

    Asia F.

  • dapper kid

        posted on May 27 , 2009 :

    Wow…just wow! I hope my nephew dresses as nice as this once he’s a tad older. The colour combination is so cool.


        posted on May 28 , 2009 :

    Rez , lol no worries

    Meji, yeah man I guess somewhere in the family DNA some people have this trait lol

    Asia Fiasco, Glad you feel like that, I think only some people are born into this kind of mind state to really push the envelope as far as doing it at this age. Not a lot of kids want to even get involved with dressing “good” , but there is nothing wrong with that ust people have different preferences naturally. I’m pretty proud of him myself I will update you guys on his little progress as time goes on.

    Dapper kid, Yeah man I hope the same for the sake of fashionable people my son pick ups from me lol. Even though my nephew does look up to me and his dad when it comes to style I ultimately want him to come into his “own shell” which is very important. Thanks for checking out blog too love yours.

  • The Ca$h

        posted on May 28 , 2009 :

    lol…this is cute
    Tell him i said…What’s UP

  • Merily

        posted on May 31 , 2009 :

    He’s the most adorable thing! I love the face shot of him :)

  • Nancy Magoo

        posted on June 2 , 2009 :

    he is absolutely inspiring!

  • SwanDiamondRose

        posted on June 2 , 2009 :

    wow, he is sharp!

  • coco

        posted on October 29 , 2009 :

    He is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! So dapper!

  • V

        posted on November 10 , 2009 :

    Love Love Love This Picture of Jeremiah.
    Found his picture via an article from The Fader.
    I attributed the picture on my blog back to this blog, hope it’s ok – if it’s not, I’ll take it off ASAP!

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  • Bridgit brobbey

        posted on July 30 , 2010 :


    I love his style. He look little model and little businessboy. he look so fabulous

  • LORIERay25

        posted on September 5 , 2010 :

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