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Street Etiquette : People constantly type in the search engine “what is street Etiquette?”, I would simply explain it as  our whole style , inspiration and influence would perfectly define the term.  Me and Trav have been busy just trying to post quality post on the blog, so its no question we want to spread the word.  The over saturation of blogs today shows that its a hobby that is quite enjoyable if you really connect with your readers, and thats how we feel. We have a good core of readers who check the site, and always comment on majority of post on the site. We will really try to update the site as frequently as possible with quality post. We really want to attract more readers  to the site so its no question we have to step up our game on both sides of the court. People really love the site and check it frequently.  When I get compliments from people who walk in my job, and recognize me that really just inspires me to the fullest. If you love the site and want to see it evolve like we do lets spread the word guys.  Let’s go.





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  • Meji

        posted on May 4 , 2009 :

    I’m definitely following yall man :)