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JKISSI :  It has been quite some time since we last did a daily snaps edition. The “spring arrives” the title explains it all we are finally past the cold weather. New York City was flooded with people from morning to the late night. With all seriousness and very little exaggeration this past winter felt like it spanned a whole year. Just the simple prediction of a hot weekend had people all over the city hitting the pavement. Finally it’s safe to say throw the gloves,scarves and everything associated with the cold back in your closets. All of these photos were shot on my 1 hour break from Topman that obviously went over a bit lol , creativity cannot be timed. 


( Topman shirt, Uniqlo jeans , Bostonian Wingtips )









Equipment : Canon Rebel XTI

Lens : 50 mm 1.8


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  • Trav

        posted on April 28 , 2009 :

    damn Josh, you jus killed it…last pic is real dope

  • Daniel

        posted on April 29 , 2009 :

    great photos man.. nice!

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on April 29 , 2009 :

    Real nice photos josh. youre able to capture a lot through the 50mm you even have the option of aperture 1.8 at your disposal.

  • Shutter

        posted on April 29 , 2009 :

    crisp shooting loving the color accent shots, your skills have definately improved dude. any editing done or raw?


        posted on April 29 , 2009 :

    Trav , good looks man you kill it too

    Daniel , Thanks man means a lot coming from a professional photographer inspires me to keep trying to get better at this.

    Reggie, Yeah man thanks wit te 50 1.8 your area of game is so limited so it really does challenge you to be more creative and work hard at particular shots. I’ts not like you can zoom in and zoom out on subjects.

    Shutter, sup musa thanks man appreciate it your one of the first dudes who I spoke to photography about some years ago , glad we still shooting man.

  • FredX

        posted on April 29 , 2009 :

    wow dope outfit man.. you take crazy pictures!

  • Andrew from Toronto

        posted on April 30 , 2009 :

    Josh, is that you I see in the 10 deep lookbook?!

  • SwanDiamondRose

        posted on April 30 , 2009 :

    nice blog. saw you on TFS then found you again on IFB… um, I’m SDR for short. hehe. i love that you shoot street style from the bronx. i’m coming back for more. and adding you to my blogroll. add me if you like!


        posted on April 30 , 2009 :

    Andrew, yup thats me man.. 10 deep are cool people pleasure doing that lookbook with them. Will be posted on the blog in a few.

    SwanDiamondRose , thanks for visiting the blog I went to yours and it looks great a lot of content for female viewers im sure we could work something out with blogroll :D

  • Kiwan

        posted on May 2 , 2009 :

    on the fashion tip, both y’all is murder. Y’all swag is untouchable and that’s tough for me to say because I’ma big headed dude and I hardly ever have love for anyone else’s fits. I’ve been following you guys for a while now and I must say, every posted fit is an ace. I frequent Lookbook.nu, Superfuture and the dude’s the WDYWT threads can’t even step to y’all. Haha, I don’t want to come off on your johnson (even though it’s sounding like that now, haha) but y’all should def consider posting your fits on the reg. I always like to be impressed.

    Keep it up, fammo. – K

  • sQuincy

        posted on May 2 , 2009 :

    very dope post!
    one thing tho!? – you forgot to mention the tom ford frames.. and red tie.
    anyways very nice “snaps”
    i must say you guys do very good work
    i always say “blogging is an art form” more people should take the time out
    and make sure there posts on point.

  • Somatirius

        posted on May 2 , 2009 :

    Wow , the pictures pretty much look like theyre suppose to be in a magazine spread man. Major props on that I always wanted to take courses in photography , but never had the guts enough to really take it. The fit is on point like a sharpened pencil man .. loving the polka dots with red tie.. great combo.


        posted on May 2 , 2009 :

    Kiwan, Thanks for the props man really appreciate it my brother. Like it really inspires us to keep doing this thing man when we read comments like that. The same way people say “Oh you guys inspire me man” its a two way street reading some of the comments just pushes us to just keep going knowing people will feel the same way we feel about what we put on the blog man. lol man no one looking at it lik edamn this kid is on our johnson right now.. props are due where they due point blank man if you feel that way, its really a great compliment though man. I would do the same man.

    Squincy, Yup sorry TomFord glassesm, the red tie from some ebay store called Gentlemen’s or something of that sort real good price for tie though like $15 or so. The thing is squncy we really try to stand alone from other blogs think about it there are a lot of blogs in general some doing unique and special things others following a cycle. I always type in post that presentation in general is vital to me , so when I post that is like mini’presentations they have to actaully mean something and matter , to me especially. The blogging world is a tough one we really appreciate our viewers. We’d like for you guys to spread the word about the site that would be pretty amazing.

    Somatirius thanks man I try like I said above real limited space working wqith a 50 mm lens man , for people that dont know its actually at a fixed focus meaning you cant zoom in or zoom out on subjects. So players playing basketball would be tough to catch in a good shit, ut i think i got some decent ones.

    Please spread the word to your friends and peers about the site guys. Appreciate it!

  • ReZ

        posted on May 4 , 2009 :

    Red crimson tie with polka dots is amazing man .. I try to tell my friends about this blog most of them love it. Keep spreading the word

  • Meji

        posted on May 4 , 2009 :

    Lol man I can’t wear that shit but I aint got fashion sense only money sense. You doing it big though homie loving the pics.

  • Prêt-à-Porter P

        posted on May 11 , 2009 :

    cool glasses.

  • chasna

        posted on May 18 , 2009 :

    yea what kind of glasses are those

  • John

        posted on May 24 , 2009 :

    hello man, i love this style. I put a link of your pictures on my blog http://www.befashionlike.com.
    see you soon



        posted on May 24 , 2009 :

    Rez, thanks man appreciate it man we are constantly trying to push out the site name.

    Mei , you a funny guy man.

    Pretaporter, thankss

    Chasna , it saidit above tf , tom ford

    John , appreciate it man nice site there thanks for the link up.

  • vinny

        posted on July 11 , 2010 :

    Just looking through the archives. Noticed those last shots had a few pro bike riders in it. Pretty funny to come across that here.