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JKISSI : Today is the birthday of one the most powerful civil rights speakers Martin Luther King. Today is particularly shares a different light than the previous holidays that occurred prior, mostly because our President Elect Barack Obama Inauguration is happening tomorrow. ┬áThe United State’s first African American president putting to lay to rest the under breathe whispers and thoughts of some black people vowing to never see this day. I ┬ádon’t want to go on and on about the importance of today and tomorrow. It is something special.



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  • Tommy

        posted on January 19 , 2009 :

    The year of 2008 will always be remembered by many people for being one of the worst years in America. Many people struggled because of the economic recession, record number of homes and jobs were lost, but the end of 2008 and begainnig of 2009 will also be remembered as the time of change and that was by electing president Barack Obama. Good things are to come as of the year 2009.
    Always stay positive.

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on January 19 , 2009 :

    ^^^happy MLK day Tommy and to the whole street etiquette crew!


        posted on January 19 , 2009 :

    Tommy good words there man , this year is a important one although the start of it felt like we could do no worst. I’m excited about the outcome with electing President elect Barack Obama, just proides me with a modern dream just like MLK continues to do. This is just the proof that upward mobility is possible.

    Happy MLK guys!

  • Jake Robinson

        posted on January 20 , 2009 :

    Happy MLK guys i missed this yesterday I usually check your blog everyday. Keep up the good work.