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JKISSI : Topman’s site also has a blog , where it keeps all the antsy people up to date with their on going campaigns.  The brand ranked #1 in Racked 2008 : 5 most delayed store openings.  Hopefully this Spring 2009 , we will get to finally see all of the hype finally come to a still when it opens. To get back on topic Topman compared New York City’s Soho to London’s SoHo, also dabbling in different categories such as eating places, music , and street style which speaks for itself. The city I want to visit real bad is London , I have some family over there also so I guess it would work out perfectly. Shout out to Brey,Witts and all the U.K family, soon I’ll cross the pond. I wont tell you guys who the winner is concerning the city battle you go see for yourselves.


New York City’s SoHo


London’s SoHo

Best places to catch some food

topman3NYC Style Vs London

Which city do you like better?


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  • Rezilution

        posted on December 30 , 2008 :

    wow, very dope I’m from europe so I have to side with london on this one.
    Even though NYC embodies a lot of style and such.

  • Trav

        posted on December 30 , 2008 :

    that pic of London’s Soho is crazy

    I will always be bias to NY until i actually get to check out London’s soho…. in time


        posted on December 30 , 2008 :

    Yeah man , london’s soho looks crazy man, as far as architect and design. NYC’s soho is alright lol maybe we go there too much.

  • Styleguy

        posted on December 30 , 2008 :

    wow man , who are those guys draped in gucci in the last section of street style? that doesnt embody new york style I hope. All of their gear is worth about $5,000 but they look like $50 lol


        posted on December 30 , 2008 :

    Yeah man thats what is NYC people have different styles , they dont soley represent all style here just some guys that want to express themselves by wearing high end brands in abundance.

  • goke

        posted on December 31 , 2008 :

    good read as usual…hopefully i could visit london next summer

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