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JKISSI : For the past few days me and Trav had the pleasure with working with BKc and their up coming project “Changing of the guards”. It is a up coming book/magazine of their 3rd year anniversary covering their journey from 2006 to now showing all the people behind the scenes and some more. The Brooklyn Circus was always a standout to me as far as boutiques go in NYC, they actually show their customers that they’re special for being there, unlike other boutiques in NYC that will go unnamed. Trav and I were shot for the style section of the book , which is influenced by Brooklyn. For the people who don’t know Brooklyn is one of the standout boroughs from any other as far as fashion goes. Of Course Manhattan leads the way in the fashion world , but right next to it is Brooklyn which contains different types people expressing their view of fashion in a more diverse way  than the other boroughs.   We had a great time shooting with photographer Daniel Krieger for the shoot which took place in the train station. He was a very cool and relaxed guy who let you do what you do, but throw in pointers to make your photos stand out more.  You guys will get to see the pictures and book as soon we get our hands on them , so just hold tight for a little bit.

BKc : The Book is a collection of visual thoughts, how we at The Brooklyn Circus see fashion as it happens on the streets, on the runways and in history. It’s a visual biography of how we got to where we are at and the discipline it will take to see our 100 year plan come to life. Our work is based on paying homage to the past and creating work that will become part of history. Learning as much from the elders and being prepared when they are ready to put us in position to defend the cause.We also wanted to extend the glory to many of the faces that are never seen on the blog. Starting with our very stylish base of young and old readers (ie street snap you posed for). How they continue to inspire us and we return the favor by inspiring them. A quick view into the artist, printers, mentors and visual talent that continue to contribute to The Brooklyn Circus (photos and interviews). It’s pretty much an edited, yet printed version of the blog (behind the scenes, updates and more). Our plan is to create a look book then a magazine then a coffee table book to be handed down to the generation that follows.

Ouigi, the ring leader behind the store.

Just some of the Bkc family there’s more check out their site

The Brooklyn Circus


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  • Fredz

        posted on December 25 , 2008 :

    wow , dope props to BkC and SE collab!

  • Rae of Stuff Fly People Like

        posted on December 26 , 2008 :


    Can’t wait for this book to Drop!