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JKISSI : My brother from the Great North located in Montreal, Vince some people may know him as 20hundred on Hypebeast forums or Superfuture has his own personal blog, which I might say is quite impressive. He is also the creative director for OffTheHook an boutique in Montreal.   I think he got the idea of presentation that I also run with, you don’t want to release anything to the masses,or public which is undone or contains mistakes. I’m not saying it has to be perfect or no go , but it has to do it’s job in a good way and not reflect too much on the negative side of things, enough of that though. On his blog Vince blogs his daily life goings and purchases. The guy inspired me to get the Canon XTI back when I was on the fence on what SLR should I purchase and has always been there for advice , if I had any.


Shows you his purchases

He is also skilled with the pencil

Also a fan of Red Wings


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  • king

        posted on January 5 , 2009 :

    got the same messanger and LOVE it…